Friday, November 1, 2019

Halloween 2019

Blogging is going to be taking a backseat so I'll have updates but it might only be a couple times a month.  Life is busy right now and unfortunately, this is the first thing I need to push down on my to do list.

We had a lot of fun these last couple weeks of October!  We made our annual trip to the Circleville Pumpkin Show on a Friday (luckily, Lucy had school off that day and Todd took the day off work) and enjoyed our fill of pumpkin donuts, chili, and pizza!  That same weekend, we also went to Boo at the Zoo so the girls got to wear their costumes for the first time.  Todd's parents came the following week so Todd & his dad could start the basement renovation.  They got a lot done in 4 days!  This week again was focused back on Halloween as we carved pumpkins, had costume day for dance, Cece's preschool Halloween parade, and of course, trick-or-treating!  It was really cold & windy (and we even saw some snow flurries at one point) but the girls were troopers and stayed out longer than I did!

Annual Pumpkin Show picture

Todd & I have gone every year since we've been together: 2008 all the way to 2019

Boo at the Zoo

I actually got in a picture with the girls for once

First of many holiday PJs for the season

Took awhile to scoop out Cece's 41 pound pumpkin! 

Still scooping them out

We were able to stick with the girls' theme this year and have an Elsa pumpkin...

and Descendants pumpkin

Lucy helped poke all the holes for Todd to carve

Elsa turned out great!

And I was really impressed with how well the Descendants pumpkin turned out since Todd had to kinda free hand this one a bit more since the picture we had wasn't actually intended for pumpkin carving

Ready for trick-or-treating!

Family picture

Had to bust out their winter coats

Lucy always loves the ghost & tombstones at our neighbor's house

There really weren't a ton of kids out on our street

Came home after about 45 minutes to warm up & then Lucy went back out for a little bit longer

Pouring out her candy stash

Thrilled for her loot!

Lucy checking out what she got

Another happy kid on Halloween!

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