Friday, November 1, 2019

Halloween 2019

Blogging is going to be taking a backseat so I'll have updates but it might only be a couple times a month.  Life is busy right now and unfortunately, this is the first thing I need to push down on my to do list.

We had a lot of fun these last couple weeks of October!  We made our annual trip to the Circleville Pumpkin Show on a Friday (luckily, Lucy had school off that day and Todd took the day off work) and enjoyed our fill of pumpkin donuts, chili, and pizza!  That same weekend, we also went to Boo at the Zoo so the girls got to wear their costumes for the first time.  Todd's parents came the following week so Todd & his dad could start the basement renovation.  They got a lot done in 4 days!  This week again was focused back on Halloween as we carved pumpkins, had costume day for dance, Cece's preschool Halloween parade, and of course, trick-or-treating!  It was really cold & windy (and we even saw some snow flurries at one point) but the girls were troopers and stayed out longer than I did!

Annual Pumpkin Show picture

Todd & I have gone every year since we've been together: 2008 all the way to 2019

Boo at the Zoo

I actually got in a picture with the girls for once

First of many holiday PJs for the season

Took awhile to scoop out Cece's 41 pound pumpkin! 

Still scooping them out

We were able to stick with the girls' theme this year and have an Elsa pumpkin...

and Descendants pumpkin

Lucy helped poke all the holes for Todd to carve

Elsa turned out great!

And I was really impressed with how well the Descendants pumpkin turned out since Todd had to kinda free hand this one a bit more since the picture we had wasn't actually intended for pumpkin carving

Ready for trick-or-treating!

Family picture

Had to bust out their winter coats

Lucy always loves the ghost & tombstones at our neighbor's house

There really weren't a ton of kids out on our street

Came home after about 45 minutes to warm up & then Lucy went back out for a little bit longer

Pouring out her candy stash

Thrilled for her loot!

Lucy checking out what she got

Another happy kid on Halloween!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Another Pumpkin Patch + Fall Festival

This past Saturday was a busy day for us!  We spent most of the morning & early afternoon at Lehner's Pumpkin Farm for a birthday party and then later in the afternoon & early evening, we had Lucy's Fall Festival at her school.  The girls were wiped out by the evening and luckily slept in on Sunday!

The girls decorated pumpkins and glasses at the beginning of the party so once everyone got there, the kids were able to go out to the farm and play & do any of the fun activities they had available

Taking a ride around the farm

Lucy went down this swing line (kind of like a zipline but sitting in a swing); Cece wasn't tall enough for this

She looks scared but said afterwards she loved it

Going down the slides together

Had to get a quick picture by some pumpkins

Cece's legs weren't long enough so Todd had to push her around the track

Lucy pedaling around the track

"Driving" a truck in the barn

and "riding" a horse

More slides!

The kids all met back up in the building for lunch & cupcakes and while the party was officially over after this, we were still able to go back on the farm and do more activities. I took the girls through the corn maze while Todd waited in line for the hayride; there were trivia questions throughout the maze and the correct answer led you in the right direction

The party was for Lucy's best friend from school's little sister who was turning 3; Cece also knows her from play dates we've had and daycare.  A few of the families stuck around after the party to do the hayride together which was fun for everyone

A couple hours later, we were at Lucy's school for their fall festival

It rained last year for it so they had moved everything inside; this year it seemed so much bigger since they had a bunch of the games, entertainers, and inflatables outside

The girls went down a lot of slides on Saturday!

They love hanging out together

Once the girls did most of the inflatables, we ventured inside to the art room for hair chalk, face painting, and getting their nails painted before stopping to eat

She requested a rainbow on her face and she wanted one of her hands painted all bright pink & the other one painted all light pink

After we ate, we finished the night in the gym playing more games & doing the cake walk (the girls were really bummed they didn't win a cake)

Posing with a few more balloon creations at the entrance of the school before we left

These were all so impressive!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Fall Family Fun

On Saturday, we drove up for our nephew's birthday party and spent a couple hours with family at Catalpa Grove Farm beforehand.  Todd & I have been disappointed with the local pumpkin patch we'd gone to since Lucy was born and hope to start a new tradition of going to Catalpa because it was fantastic!  It was a legit hayride (10-15 min ride) to the pumpkin patch and there were a ton of really great looking pumpkins (all sizes and colors) that you could actually cut off the vine yourself (a must for me when going to a pumpkin patch).  Both girls got a small & large pumpkin and I also picked out a tiny baby pumpkin too.  They had an area with animals to see & pet, a straw maze, a corn maze (my first one ever!), and a cute little market with apple cider slushies and kettle corn.  

The girls posing with Mickey & Minnie who were made out of straw

Lucy liked this miniature pony

Todd & Cece in the cut out

The standard "How Tall This Fall?" picture


Family picture

Audrey & Cece on the hay ride

Lucy & I (look at those blue skies too, it was absolutely gorgeous out and finally felt like fall)

Lucy picked out her small pumpkin first

and she helped Todd cut her big one off the vine 

So many pumpkins!

Uncle Brian & Cece with her 41 pound pumpkin--go big or go home I guess!

Todd & I on the hayride back

The girls and a couple of their pumpkins got a ride from Audrey

Slushy time!

Andrew leading the way in the corn maze

Kettle corn + movie = pure happiness

Andrew's party was during the OSU football game so he had a buckeye birthday cake

One more of the cousins