Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On the Go!

This is a few days late but better late than never!  We had one of those go go go weekends where it seemed like we were always doing something.  On top of that, Lucy is also on the go as she's figured out this crawling thing and is finally crawling more than dragging herself which means we need to keep our eyes on her a little more closely. 
Since I have Fridays off, we went to visit my dad downtown at work.  I know he was excited to show Lucy off since I hadn't brought her in for quite awhile.  Lucy loved the attention and was waving and smiling at everyone. 

Eating snacks on Grandpa's desk

She had just learned to pull herself and stand in her crib that morning so instead of taking a morning nap, she decided to keep standing up and then crying.  Needless to say, she was definitely ready for her afternoon nap once we got back from visiting my dad and she had lunch.  After her nap, she was ready to play and one of her favorite things is to stack her toys.

I'd say she's pretty good at stacking!

Lucy skipped her morning nap again on Saturday because we were at a baptism for our friends' baby.  The baptism was at the same church Lucy was baptized at and afterwards we went back to our friends' house for a post-baptism celebration lunch.  There were quite a few other little ones there (and other kids' toys) so Lucy was enjoying herself and Todd and I were able to hang out with our friends.  Lucy was so tired though from no nap and playing for a few hours that she fell asleep within a minute of us driving home.  Since we have her in the bigger car seat now, we had to take her out and put her in her crib.  I don't think she even woke up and when Todd put her down, we saw she was sleeping with her eyes open which was really creepy.  She was also folded in half but didn't seem to mind because she slept great!


Todd & Lucy

This was how she was sleeping in the carseat

and this was how she was sleeping in the crib....Todd didn't even bother taking her shoes off because he didn't want to wake her up

Todd  had to work from home for a couple hours so after he was done, we headed out to run a couple errands and stopped by the library to pick up a book.  We let Lucy play a little bit too in the kid's area. 

Looking at books

and playing with puzzles

We walked to Gooseneck Tavern for dinner and watched a movie after Lucy was in bed.  Our goal this summer is to walk to most of the sit-down restaurants in our area.  We've already hit 3 and there are at least 4-5 more we can go to with Lucy.

Before dinner
I didn't do a good job of taking pictures on Sunday but we went to church (we missed June so we're 6 for 7 in going once a month) and then met one of Todd's friends from OSU and his wife for lunch at the original Max & Erma's in German Village.  Lunch took about an hour and we wanted to hang out with our friends more so we took a stroll around Schiller Park before heading home for Lucy's afternoon nap.
The highlight of Sunday was $1.44 cones at Graeter's so we walked over and met my parents for ice cream.  The line was literally wrapped around the store and out the door but it surprisingly only took 10 minutes or so to order.  We knew Lucy would want some once she saw us eating so we made sure to bring a snack for her....and I gave her a few bites of my ice cream. 
Lucy (which is a terrible picture of her, I have no idea what she's doing) and her grandparents

Finally, a picture of me & Todd!
I'm hoping the weather is nice the next couple weekends so we can head back to Zoombezi Bay a few more times.  Other than that, we really don't have a ton planned in the next few weeks which is a nice break.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekly Recap: July 14-20

I'm getting really bored of walking on the treadmill so I didn't walk quite as much this week and did a few different total body workouts including a Jillian Michaels DVD, a tabata workout, and a circuit workout.  I also went to another class at System of Strength which was called Control.  It was an hour of strength training and was hard!  Personally, I liked the Clocked workout better because it is cardio based but Control was good for me since the only strength training I typically do is either body weight exercises (push ups, squats, etc) or TRX.

I go to the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow for my 8 week follow up after my back surgery and am hoping I get cleared to start running again. 

Monday: Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 (Level 3)
walked 2 mi w/ Lucy

Tuesday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Wednesday: walked 3 mi on treadmill in 38:03

Thursday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Friday: 1 hr Control class at System of Strength
walked 3 mi w/ Lucy

Saturday: walked 2 mi on treadmill in 27:51 & did 12 min Tabata workout

Sunday: walked 2 mi on treadmill in 25:42 & did 20 min circuit workout using Sworkit app

TOTAL: 0 mi

Thursday, July 17, 2014

41 Weeks

Last time I did a postpartum update was at the beginning of February when I was 4 months postpartum.  On Sunday, we celebrated 41 in, I gave birth to Lucy when I was 41 weeks pregnant and she has now been out in the "real" world for 41 weeks.  I'm not sure which 41 weeks went by faster!  It seems like ages ago that I was pregnant and I can't even remember what it was like.
A lot has changed in the 5 months since the last postpartum update!  First of all, Lucy is MUCH bigger and a lot more mobile.  When I left off in February, I was training for the Cap City 1/2 Marathon and was running exclusively on the treadmill most mornings.  I ended up setting a personal record in the half (I never thought I'd be faster so quickly after giving birth) but then ended up herniating a disc and having back surgery. Despite the setback, I'm feeling great and am pleased with how I bounced back after having Lucy.  I believe at 4 months postpartum I was 7 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight and I'm now down 11 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight.

And because I love comparison pictures to see progress, this might be a bit excessive, but I know it's something I'll like to look back on....

Lucy at 1 week vs. 41 weeks (she looks like such a kid now and not like a baby)

41 weeks pregnant, 1 week with Lucy, 41 weeks with Lucy

41 weeks pregnant, 1 week postpartum, 41 weeks postpartum

And one last comparison....the picture on the left was when I was in labor and right before we left for the hospital at like 2:00 AM and the next two pictures are from the other day...I'm wearing the same exact outfit too!
Like I said, I'm really happy with where I'm at physically and hope to maintain my weight (although I should probably stop making so many desserts if I don't want to gain back any weight).  Not sure what the future holds for running since I had back surgery but I'm still working out 6-7 times/week.  Mentally, I'm also in a great place and have found my groove the past couple months with working part-time and being at home with Lucy.  It took some time to figure out how to fit everything in and still have some "me" time but I've found a good balance and am really happy.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Summer Tradition

Another great summer weekend is over (why do the summer months fly by and the winter months slowly drag by?) and we tried to pack in as much as possible with a 9.5 month old in tow.  I went to my second class at System of Strength (love it!) on Saturday morning and after a quick shower, Todd, Lucy, and I walked around our neighborhood garage sale.  Since Todd is our HOA president, he knew almost everyone we ran into and I didn't so finally after 2+ years of living in our house, I finally met some neighbors other than a few on our street.  We also scored a couple toys for Lucy so she was happy.
Once Lucy woke up from her nap and had some lunch, we went to the Ohio Wine Festival at the North Market.  It's been our summer tradition to go to the Wine Festival and then the following weekend, which is this coming weekend, go to the Jazz & Rib Fest.  The only year we've missed the wine festival was last year because I was pregnant.  Anyways, we were "those" people who brought their kid in a stroller to a wine festival but hey, I'm sorry, I'm pretty sure parents need the wine more than non-parents.  Tickets seemed pricier this year at $25/person so instead of each getting a wine glass, we just bought one and split all the samples.  This was the best situation for me since I'm a lightweight and probably didn't need any extra wine beyond what I had. 
Lucy was upset she couldn't have any of my wine

Family photo in the middle of the wine festival

So glad this guy is my husband (and that he has long arms for selfies)
Sunday brought our normal routine of going to the grocery store, baking dessert, and getting stuff done around the house.  Lucy was incredibly nice to us and took almost a 3 hour nap (which worked out well since she was going to miss her afternoon nap because we'd be out) so Todd rearranged the storage in our basement so he can get started on creating his man cave known as The Stag Room.  In the late afternoon, we headed out to pick up my parents from the airport.  They'd been in Alaska for the past two weeks on vacation.  Lucy was excited to see them when they climbed into the car and they couldn't believe how much bigger she looked in such a short period of time.   We were able to hear about their trip at dinner where we ate at Flip Side at Easton. 
After we got home and Lucy got a bath and was off to bed, Todd & I dug into the dessert I had made earlier in the day which was AMAZING!  I made Gooey Ritz Peanut Butter Cup S'mores Bars and I highly recommend them!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekly Recap: July 7-13

I bought a groupon recently to try out a new gym in Dublin, System of Strength.  They opened the first one in Grandview within the past year and I was eager to try it out now that there was one closer to home.  They offer several different classes that focus on cardio and strength.  The Clocked class that I took twice last week was an hour long HIIT class (high intensity interval training) and left me drenched in sweat which I absolutely love.  I had to modify a few exercises since I haven't been cleared to run or do high impact exercises (like the box jumps where I just did step ups) but it was an awesome workout.  I wish I could go 2-3 times/week (the groupon I bought was for 10 classes) but with my work schedule, Todd's work schedule, and someone needing to be home to watch Lucy, I'll be happy if I can make it once/week.
Clocked class at System of Strength in Dublin on Saturday morning (that's me on left, 3rd one from the bottom in the white tank and aqua shorts)

Monday: 1 hr Clocked class @ System of Strength

Tuesday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Friday: walked 3 mi in 38:55

Saturday: 1 hr Clocked class @ System of Strength

Sunday: walked 3 mi in 38:26

TOTAL: 0 mi

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hot Dogs, Baseball, and Chocolate

On Sunday, Todd's parents and his sister's family came to Columbus to visit.  His sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew spent the afternoon at the Columbus Zoo while we spent the day with his parents.  Our first stop was downtown to eat lunch at Dirty Frank's.  We were lucky we only had to wait a few minutes to get seated since the restaurant itself is pretty small.  Our food came pretty quickly and we all enjoyed our feast of hot dogs and fried food.

I had the Razzle Dazzle hot dog with grilled peppers, onions, and cream cheese along with some onion rings

We also split some tator tots and soft pretzels

Afterwards, we took a walk around Columbus Commons to show my in-laws more of the city.  I love this area of town and wish we lived a little bit closer so it would be more convenient to go.

Caught Lucy "talking" away while we were strolling (I can't believe how light her hair looks in this picture too)

A view of part of the park with the amphitheater in the background

We spent the rest of the afternoon at home and then once the rest of the family came back from the zoo, we had a cookout for dinner.  Most of Todd's family left around 8:00 PM and his mom and nephew stayed.  Since Todd was taking the next few days off work, we had planned for them to stay a couple days with us so Todd & Lucy could spend more time with them.

Lucy loving her free balloon from Kroger


Lucy in her pjs with Mama and Papa

While I was at work on Monday, Todd, Lucy, his mom, and nephew went to Zoombezi Bay.  I swung by there on my way home from work to pick Lucy up so she could get a nap before our big night out. 

That evening, Lucy went to her first baseball game (and first dime-a-dog night!) when we went downtown to see our minor league baseball team, the Columbus Clippers, play.  Unfortunately, it started pouring down rain when we left our house and the game was delayed over an hour.  We were able to enjoy our 10 cent hot dogs along with some fries, and nachos before the game started and then watched a few innings of the game before leaving around 8:45 to come home to get Lucy to bed.

Hilarious cut out photo of Lucy & Andrew

We even bought Lucy her own ticket so she could have her own seat (She's picking cheerios of the seat here)

Checking out the people behind her

Family photo

We eventually had to hold Lucy once she started to get tired and a little fussy but she was a trooper staying up until 9:30 that night....2 hours past her normal bedtime!

On Tuesday, Todd took the family to do a tour of the Anthony Thomas Candy Company.  It just so happens that I work next door to it so I met up with them there once I was off work.  I've actually never been on the tour before but they all seemed to enjoy it.  The best part was the buckeye sample they got at the end. 

Posing with the huge chocolate & peanut butter buckeye...the price tag was $3500!
We came back home for a late lunch and visited for a little bit longer before Todd's mom and Andrew left.  It was nice to have them here for a few days and I know that Lucy loved playing with Andrew.  He must have really tired her out too because she has taken some extra long naps the past couple days!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Fun

Last week, Todd was off work for Honda shutdown.  It's one of my favorite weeks of the year because it means he's home when I get off work and we get to spend more time together.  This year, it was even better because I only work part-time so we were able to do some fun things in the afternoon with Lucy once I was home.
We decided last minute last Sunday to go to the zoo at 5:00 PM just to walk around for a little bit and it was the best idea.  The zoo was hardly crowded and we got there just in time to feed the giraffes in the new Heart of Africa area.
 Lucy & Todd

Lucy & I feeding the giraffe

It was one of the coolest things and definitely worth the $ time, I want to do the camel ride!

We had really great weather for the week and were able to head over to Zoombezi Bay on Monday afternoon for a couple hours once I was home from work.  I swear having the membership for both the zoo & Zoombezi Bay has been well worth the money so far this year since we typically go to at least one of them once a week.

Family photo at the Tiny Tides area

Me & Lucy

Tuesday afternoon wasn't such a fun afternoon for Lucy as we had her 9 month appointment but the good news was she only had to get 1 shot and she did great.  Luckily, we didn't have another bad night like we did after her 6 month shots.  She weighed in at 17 lbs 13 oz (31st percentile) and was 28.5 inches long (81st percentile).  I was shocked she didn't weigh more especially since it seems like she eats a ton and isn't as mobile as other babies her age.

Her new favorite toy was the popsicle stick the pediatrician gave her

Love her chunky thighs

Munching on the stick before her shots

Wednesday afternoon wasn't such a fun afternoon for me because I had to go to the dentist but everything checked out well which is always a relief.  Since we never made it down to Melt for dinner a couple weekends ago, we decided to go Wednesday evening.  We parked a few blocks away and walked around for a little bit before going to dinner.  Since having Lucy, we haven't really been to the Short North at all so it was fun just to see what new shops & restaurants were there now.

Outside of Melt

Neon sign inside

Todd got the Cleveland Cheesesteak (look at all those fries!)

and I got the Backyard BBQ that had pulled pork, an onion ring, and cheese

I guess we didn't really do anything last Thursday since I don't have any pictures or at least we didn't do anything that was worth noting. 

Friday was the 4th of July and we went to a cookout in Upper Arlington at one of my college friend/teammate's parents' house.  She was in town from Atlanta so we were able to spend some time catching up and seeing her adorable 14 month old daughter.  I thought it was going to be chilly outside since it was only supposed to be in the 70s but it ended up being perfect and sunny.

Hanging out on a blanket at the cookout

Eating lunch

Just being her cute self

Hanging out with daddy

After the cookout, we stopped by the fire station that I train at for work and Lucy had her first picture taken with the ladder truck.

Posing at Station 72

Lucy was exhausted after our long afternoon and took a great nap.  She must have been well rested and had some energy to burn because she figured out how to drag/scoot herself over to the bookshelf and pull down the basket with photo books

Totally caught red-handed!

On Saturday, we went to Zoombezi Bay and the zoo for a few hours before spending the rest of the afternoon and evening at home getting ready for Todd's family to visit. 

Splashing around
Todd is off work through tomorrow so his family came down on Sunday afternoon and then his mom and nephew are staying until today.