Monday, September 16, 2019

Dance Life

Last week was the first week that all of the girls' after school activities started.  Lucy has PSR class on Mondays right after school, both girls have dance on Wednesday, and Lucy has her monthly Girl Scout meetings on Thursday evenings.  It was a busy week but I was actually surprised at how well Lucy handled everything and never really seemed to be more tired or grumpy.

This is the first year that both girls are taking dance for the full season (last year, Cece was only in the Tiny Tots class which was an 8 week session that she did 2 back-to-back sessions of) and Lucy is actually taking 2 classes which means comes recital time, we'll be purchasing 3 costumes!  Cece is taking Pre-Dance 3 (which is basically ballet for 3 year olds) and Lucy is taking Tap 1 (she did Pre-Tap 4/5 the last 2 years) as well as Musical Theatre.  Musical Theatre incorporates all aspects of a musical performance so it's dancing, singing, and acting which is right up her alley.  With all that being said, it somehow worked out that I could schedule all 3 of their classes on the same night with one of Lucy's classes and Cece's class being at the same time immediately followed by Lucy's second class.  We're at the dance studio for almost 2 hours but it's worth it to have it all done in one night.

Cece was excited for her new dance outfit

First day of Tiny Tots last year vs. first day of Pre-dance this year

Lucy got off the bus and about 10 minutes later, we were heading out the door for dance--I'm surprised I actually had time to take a picture!

This is Lucy's 4th year at the dance studio but her first year doing 2 classes

 Both girls ready with their appropriate dance shoes at the studio

Peaking in on Cece's class through the one-way window...

and watching Lucy most of the time since I was sitting right across from her room

Olive is also in Lucy's Musical Theatre class which will make for an even better dance season!

They haven't been in the same dance class since they were 3!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Cece's 1st Day of 3 Year Old Preschool

Almost a month after Lucy went back to school, it was finally Cece's turn to go to school!  I anticipate it to be an easy transition back to school for her this year since she's in the same classroom with the same teachers as last year (she's going two mornings/week now instead of just one morning/week like last year) and she's been going to daycare a couple days/week since the beginning of summer.  Last Thursday was technically her first day but it's a shortened day with the parents staying with the kids.  Today is her first full morning there without a parent so I'm excited to see how she does!

First day of school picture

We had to take one outside too since we started doing that with Lucy

She's grown up so much over the last year!  

She immediately walked into her classroom and made a beeline for the dress up and doll area...

and then she hoarded all the toys while looking at books

Every year all the kids in the school make a rainbow out of their handprints

One of Cece's teachers helped her do it 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Labor Day Weekend 2019

We enjoyed every minute of our long Labor Day weekend including some down time at home as well as a few fun adventures outside.  On Saturday morning, I took a class at Shred415 and then taught a class so once I was home, we got ready to head about 50 min east of us to go to Velvet Ice Cream Factory for lunch & ice cream followed by apple picking at Branstool Orchards for honeycrisp apples (my favorite!).  I took the girls to Branstool once last year but Todd had never been.  We've all been apple picking together the last few years at another farm (which we'll go to in a few weeks) and Todd said he actually liked Branstool better.  It wasn't crowded at all (which I'm sure was due in part to the OSU game and it's pretty early to be apple picking), much smaller orchard, less expensive, and they had a great little kids' play area set up this year.  I would have to agree with him on all aspects except I really like the market at the other orchard.  We got home just in time for Todd & I to get ready for our date night at Del Mar in the Short North.  It's a couple weeks late but we were finally getting around to celebrating our 8th anniversary.  The food & drinks were great (except I was slightly disappointed at the brussel sprout dish because it literally had 4 brussel sprouts and seemed more like a salad) as was the service.  We were in and out in a little over an hour which left us time to head back near our house to check out Olentangy River Brewing Company. Todd wasn't super impressed with the beers but was glad we went.  He still maintains one of us favorite newer local craft brewery is Nocterra Brewing Company which happens to be about a half mile from our house!

I had a long week last week (I was up before 4:00 AM two days for work) so I was more than happy to have a pizza & movie night with Todd & the girls on Friday night (they picked Lilo & Stitch)

Ready for game day on Saturday

We took a few obligatory pictures at Velvet...

including this one...

before eating lunch & getting ice cream

She's looking so old now!

And since both the girls got "kid" flavors (cotton candy and bubble gum), Todd & I split an Elephant Ear milkshake which was SO good

Ready to go apple picking

Ironically, she went right to this cutout

My little bee

The first of many "How Tall This Fall?" signs you'll see on here over the next month or so

Searching for the perfect apple

Found some good ones and already took a few bites

So tasty

One of the cutest apple pickers I've ever seen...

and here's the other one

Our only family pic we got

Cute little slide they had set up

Both girls loved this tractor

Dressed up and ready to celebrate 8 years out on the town

We started with some really good cocktails at Del Mar (Todd had the green one which had avocado in it...sounds odd but it was so good!) followed by potato bread (definitely recommend), brussel sprouts (good but the size was disappointing), I had the most amazing burger (made with Wagyu beef) and Todd had a beef noodle bowl that he said was good but not outstanding

We ended our night at Olentangy River Brewing Co. with a flight sampler

Sunday was more of our low-key day at home.  We had wanted to do something outside but it randomly rained a few times throughout the day so after church & the grocery store, we hung out at home before heading to a birthday party around dinner time.

Making beer is now a family affair--we helped Todd bottle his first batch of beer from his basement home brewery

The girls really enjoyed being a part of the process!

We went to our friends' house for their daughter's birthday party where she received a face painting kit from her brother so of course he had to paint everyone's faces (I couldn't even take a picture of Lucy's painted face because I was laughing so hard--her entire face was dark purple and all you could see were her eyeballs and mouth)

Again, the weather was throwing us for a loop on Labor Day.  It was the last day Zoombezi Bay was open so we were really hoping to get there but it was really cloudy all morning and only in the 70s so we went to the zoo instead.  As soon as we got home in the early afternoon, there was a break in the clouds and the sun was out for awhile but we were having my parents over for dinner and needed to start getting food ready.  We still had a great time at the zoo because we let the girls pick what they wanted to do which meant doing all the rides and then the highlight was letting them get dippin' dots.  They've been asking ALL SUMMER to get them and were thrilled we finally did.  Todd made ribs again (he did a couple weeks ago and they were so delicious we wanted to do them for my parents) and we had beautiful weather to sit outside and enjoy the company.

We started with camel rides...

then pony rides...

(We did actually see a few animals including the prairie dogs)

train ride...

(met a random sea turtle)

carousel ride (Cece's first time not crying and actually liking it!!)...

and we finished up in Jungle Jack's Landing doing a few rides there (this was Lucy's first time on this ride and while it isn't her favorite, we were really proud that she tried something new)

Before heading home, the girls enjoyed their first dippin' dots experience!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

First Day of 1st Grade

Last Thursday was Lucy's first day of 1st grade!  The summer flew by and she'll now be in school every day for a full day which will be an adjustment for her since she only went 2 or 3 days/week in Kindergarten.  She's a few days into the school year and so far, she's come home everyday with a big smile on her face so I'd say she's loving it!

She had meet the teacher night a couple days before school started so she was able to meet her teacher, check out her classroom, and even meet a few new friends in her class

After going to her 1st grade classroom, saying hi to her Kindergarten teacher, and checking out the library renovation, we headed out to the playground for popsicles

1st grader!

This year will also be an adjustment for Cece (and me) because last year, we were used to having Lucy home on Fridays when I was off work

One more picture outside

And another with little sis

5 years of back to school pictures--while I miss that sweet curly-haired 2 year old, I'm also so proud of Lucy and the girl she's becoming

First day pics from the last few years

One more hug before I took Lucy to Y Club before care at school and Todd took Cece to daycare

Posing outside of school; I was really happy when I found out 2 of Lucy's other friends in 1st grade would also be in Y Club before care this year so she already had some friends to play with on the first day

She seemed so much more confident this year getting off the bus in the afternoon

We decided to start a new tradition of getting ice cream on the first day of school (we already do it on the last day so why not do it on the first day too!)

Pretty much sums up Cece

And on Friday, Lucy's second day of school, she was able to ride the bus in the morning 

Happy to get a wave from her