Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Yet Another Snowy Weekend

Our weekend started by going to the St. Joan of Arc Fish Fry on Friday night for dinner with my parents.  It's probably the best fish fry in central Ohio since it's all you can eat and the food is pretty tasty.  I'd also guess it's popular by the line out the door too....we got there just a couple minutes after it opened and there were probably already 200 people there.
Lucy enjoyed the rolls and mac & cheese

On Saturday morning, we just hung around the house and then around 11:00 AM, I went to a barre3 class that was free because it was for a new instructor that was training.  We ate lunch right after I got home and then one of Todd's coworkers came over to make beer.  His coworker had been wanting to make some for awhile but wanted to see if he actually enjoyed it before buying some of the equipment so Todd had him over to help him and let him use all of his equipment.  He was probably here for about 3 hours so I played with Lucy and then read/played on my iPad while Lucy was napping. 

After the beer making was finished for the day, Todd, Lucy, and I drove over to the east side of town to have dinner at B Spot Burgers in Gahanna.  We'd been to one of them in Cleveland when I was pregnant and ever since they opened the one here, I've been dying to go.  We got there at about 6:00 PM and only had to wait 10 minutes for a table.  Todd and I each got a burger and then split the rosemary fries and a vanilla milkshake.  The milkshake itself was worth the trip, it was seriously one of the best I'd ever had!  Lucy had a grilled cheese sandwich (which she hardly ate) and some yogurt (which she ate the entire container).  And of course, no trip to Gahanna is complete without a stop at Crafted Drafts for Todd.  He was able to pick out a few different beers to make sampler 6 pack.

Two of Lucy's favorite things: a straw and milk

Thin Lizzy burger with fries and a vanilla shake

My favorite little girl

Way too many beers to pick from

I woke up on Sunday morning to a good few inches of snow and after all was said & done, we got about 5-6 inches.  Our plan for the day was to go to COSI in the late morning so I was up early to go to the grocery store (I was there at 6:30 AM and it was awesome!  There were only 2 other people there shopping) and then made it to Spinning by 8:00 AM.  Once I got home, I made a Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Breakfast Ring and showered while it was in the oven.  Todd & I enjoyed it warm before heading to COSI with Lucy.

We got to COSI a little before 11:00 AM and it was dead compared to how it was on the Saturday morning we went about a month ago.  I'm sure part of it was also due to the snow outside.  There were maybe 15 other little kids playing in little kidspace and Lucy was able to roam around freely and play with whatever she wanted.  She played for almost an hour before we put her in the stroller and wandered down to the Progress exhibit, one of my favorite areas of the museum.  We made it back home a little before 1:00 PM which to me felt a lot later since I'd already done so much that morning.

We didn't really do much else on Sunday or at least anything I can remember that's worth noting.  We just kinda hung around, played with Lucy, got all of our files together for our tax guy, and had Donatos for pizza night.

The Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Breakfast Ring I made

Todd enjoys COSI just as much as Lucy

Playing with the cash register

Grilling up some strawberries

Washing dishes

Getting wet at the water table

 She loved the nozzles that were blowing air

We're hoping she can help us in the yard this summer with her stellar wheelbarrow skills

Trying on glasses

At the entrance to the Progress exhibit

Streets & stores from 1920s (I think)

Streets & stores from 1960s

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lucy at 17 Months

17 Months on February 28, 2015 (since there's no February 29 this year)

Lucy's favorite thing this month is climbing as well as imitating what we do.  She has mastered climbing on the couch, coffee table, and kitchen chairs and is trying every day to get up on our chaise lounge and end table.  I've lost count of the times I've looked over while cooking dinner and she's standing on the coffee table.  Lucy has also been imitating every single thing we do.  She routinely steals our deodorant and tries to put it on (as in, she actually lifts her shirt or dress up and will stick it in her armpit....luckily she hasn't figured out how to get the top off).  She'll also see me blow on her food if it's hot and then she'll do the same thing as well as she'll see Todd & I dip our food into something (fries into ketchup, bread into olive oil, etc.) and then will either give us her food to dip or she'll dip her food into her yogurt.  I also saw some water spilled on the coffee table and wiped it off with my shirt sleeve and since then, she'll go around and wipe off the tables with her shirt. 

She also has 8 teeth now which means 4 teeth came through this month.  She has her top four and bottom four. She wasn't sleeping as well during her nap a few days in a row at the beginning of the month (she'd wake up after an hour crying, I'd hold her for a few minutes, and she'd sleep for another hour) and seemed a little "off" and I think it was because of her teeth.

Lucy still isn't talking or saying any words on a consistent basis but she will say a few words here and there.  She's constantly babbling and watching our mouths when we talk so you can tell she's trying to figure it all out.  She will say "mama" (typically when I leave the room and she's running after me), "dada," "no," and "bye bye" as well as make animal noises for a dog, monkey, owl, and lion.

Weight: Probably around 23 lbs (She was 22 lbs 3 oz on December 30, 2014 at her 15 month apt & I happen to notice her playing on our scale in the bathroom and it was right on 23 lbs)

Length: Probably around 32-33 inches (She was 31.75 inches on December 30, 2014 at her 15 month appt)

Clothes: She is still wearing the same size as the last few months...anywhere from 12 month clothes (pjs and some pants) all the way up to 18-24 month if clothes (which is pretty much just shirts from Old Navy).  The majority of her clothes are either 12-18 months or 18 months.  I'm dying to start shopping for spring/summer clothes but I have no idea what size she'll be in a few months so I'm trying to hold off.  Lucy is still in size 3 diapers and size 4/5 shoes (depends on brand). 

Eating: I feel like we've been pretty lucky so far that Lucy isn't that picky about food.  The only things she really doesn't like and will spit out are chicken (basically any chicken that's not ground up like a chicken nugget) and ground beef.  While she definitely prefers fruit over vegetables, she will still eat them.

Sleeping: Lucy takes at least one good nap every day (in the afternoon for about 2 hours) and will occasionally take a morning nap if she's tired (which is very rare nowadays).  She goes to bed at night typically between 7:30-8:00 PM and gets up between 7:00-7:30 AM.

Likes: Climbing, sitting on the couch, stacking or lining up her toys, Elmo, sticker & coloring books

Dislikes: When she climbs onto something and we make her get down

Milestones: Climbed out of crib for the first time (February 8)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekly Recap: February 23-March 1

I did a variety of different workouts & classes this week and the only type of workout that I did twice was when I taught Spin/TRX.  On Wednesday morning, Todd & I got up and did an Insanity workout together which we hadn't done in probably a year or so.  It was nice to have someone to work out with and to be able to spend some extra time with him.  We're hoping to start doing at once/week.

Monday: 45 min Elliptical @ Y

Tuesday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Wednesday: Insanity Pure Cardio w/ Todd

Thursday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX; 1 hr "Break It Up Cycling" @ Y (15 min Spin/15 min strength x 2)

Friday: 1 hr Clocked @ System of Strength

Saturday: walked/jogged 3 mi; 1 hr barre3 class

Sunday: 45 min Spinning @ PAI

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kitchen Backsplash

The good thing about being stuck inside during the winter because of the cold and snow is that it's the perfect time to do home improvement projects.  Let's be honest, once the warm weather hits, I'd much rather be outside at the pool or zoo with Lucy & Todd than inside on DIY projects.  Last weekend, we were able to cross another project off our never ending list when Todd put in a subway tile backsplash for the kitchen.  It turned out great and took him about 3 afternoons (a few hours each day) to complete it and part of that was because he needed it to dry before he could grout.  Funny thing to note was that at one point, I asked Todd how he knew he needed to use spacers in between some of the tiles and he said he watched a video on You Tube.  Good to know that he learned how to do this in a 15 minute video.
Before on the left (it was just light yellow paint); after on the right (we rearranged the stuff on the countertop too so it didn't look as cluttered)

Another view of before....the wall looks white but it's actually a really light yellow (of course, after we had it painted, I wished we had picked a brighter yellow)

Todd loves home improvement projects because it means buying more tools and machines!  He had to buy this saw to cut some of the tile

Putting up the full sheets of tile before putting in the smaller cut pieces

Another small section completed

Putting in a few of the small pieces of tile underneath the microwave

Todd putting on the grout

Backsplash done
The finished look

Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekly Recap: February 16-22

I didn't feel quite as sluggish this week so I felt like I had a good week of workouts despite sleeping on my back weird one night and waking up with a stiff right hip/glute/low back.  I also actually did the workout with the firefighters that I train on Tuesday morning (posted below).

Monday: 4 mi walk/jog on treadmill

Tuesday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX; 100 Countdown workout w/ firefighters

Wednesday: 45 min cardio @ Y (25 min elliptical & 20 min Spinning)

Thursday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Friday: 75 min High & Tight @ System of Strength; 30 min Spinning @ Y (on my own)

Saturday: 4 mi walk/jog on treadmill

Sunday: 25 min In the Mix Express System of Strength workout on You Tube; 1 hr barre3 class

100 Countdown Workout

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Todd & I celebrated Valentine's Day last Friday, a day early, since our babysitters (Lucy's grandparents) were going to be out of town on Valentine's Day.  We had dinner reservations for 6:00 PM so we dropped Lucy off at Grandma & Grandpa's around 5:30 PM and stayed for a few minutes since they had presents for her.  Her grandparents sure know how to spoil her!  She got presents from MaMa & PaPa last weekend when they were in town and she got more on Friday.  My dad continued his Valentine's Day tradition and made a card for me and one for Lucy.

Lucy's card was really big and my dad even made a flap for her since she loves flap books

 I absolutely love this picture of the 2 of them....both so happy!

Grandma handing Lucy a present

She's smiling and looking at the's a miracle!

She was really excited about her new ball (which you can just barely see on the left side)

And she's off with her ball

But then got distracted by another present
A dog!
Lucy is definitely an animal lover and I've already found her giving her new doggie lots of hugs
One last present to open which was a couple of books

Lucy gave her grandparents some chocolate covered strawberries from Anthony Thomas because she knew how much Grandma really likes them & she wanted to thank her for watching her while mommy is at work

One more photo before heading out to dinner

Todd & I went to Tucci's, in downtown Dublin, for dinner & had some time afterwards to go to the Daily Growler for some tasters before picking Lucy back up around 8:15 PM.  We had never been to Tucci's before and it's been on Todd's must-try list for a few years now.  I was really excited to try their lasagna but once the server told me it was spicy, I opted for the Mediterranean pasta instead.  It was good but nothing outstanding.  I did really enjoy their house salad and Todd loved his ahi tuna stacks.  We ended up stopping at Culver's for dessert after we picked Lucy up and enjoyed our concrete mixers once she was in bed.


Not the best picture but the only one we took

We got three 5 oz taster beers and the one that I ordered, the carrot cake beer, was not good....I swear it tasted like a candle

On Saturday, which was actually Valentine's Day, I met Lynn, one of my really good friends, for a free "Love Your Body" class at Pure Barre.  It was the perfect way to start the day and I'm so glad I have friends that enjoy working out, it definitely makes it more fun!

Cute chalkboard sign inside the studio

Lynn & I post-lift, tone, burn

After class, I rushed home to get ready so we could go meet our friends' newest addition, their baby girl, Anya.  We hung out with them for almost an hour and seriously left just in the nick of time.  It started snowing while we were over there and the roads were getting really slick on our drive home.  Right when we got home, we looked out the windows and it seemed like a blizzard whiteout and lots of snow squalls.  We only ended up getting a couple inches of snow but because of the wind, it looked like we were getting a lot more.  We heard the roads were pretty bad out and Delaware County was under a level 2 snow emergency so Lucy & I stayed put the rest of the day while Todd ventured out to Lowes to buy tile and supplies to do our kitchen back splash.  He also picked us up dinner from Piada.   Not a very exciting Valentine's Day but we were just happy to spend the day together and with Lucy.

Lucy watching the snow fall

Playing with blocks while daddy was out running errands
Todd & I didn't exchange presents but he did surprise me with this Frostop Root Beer that he saw at Kroger when he went to buy gift cards for's the little things that count

Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekly Recap: February 9-15

I was really tired last week so I took it easy on my workouts for the first half of the week. I've been adding in a couple minutes of very easy jogging (5.5 mph) during my walks on the treadmill and while my back feels fine, it just feels off to be jogging.  I really can't explain it any other way but maybe it's just because I really haven't been running now in almost a year.

Monday: walked 4 mi on treadmill (jogged a minute or so every mile)

Tuesday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Friday: 75 min High & Tight @ System of Strength; 45 min Spinning @ Y (on my own)

Saturday: 1 hr Pure Barre w/ Lynn

Sunday: walked 3 mi on treadmill (jogged a couple minutes every mile); 20 min In the Mix Express System of Strength workout on You Tube