Friday, July 20, 2018

Cecelia's 2nd Birthday

On Wednesday, we celebrated Cece's 2nd birthday!  As I say on every birthday for the girls, the past year has flown by.  Seriously, how is my baby now a toddler? She's sassy, stubborn, and is usually up to no good but man, am I sucker when she flashes her sweet little smile.  We had her 2 year well visit yesterday and she's perfectly healthy and growing like a weed.  She grew 4 inches in 6 months and jumped from the 50th percentile for height to the 90th percentile!  I had noticed recently that she seems the same height or even taller than other kids who are older than her but didn't really think she was that tall.  Our pediatrician said people will probably mistake her for being older than she actually is right now because she's so tall.

Todd was off work on her birthday so he took the girls to Duck Donuts for breakfast and then to the zoo for a few hours.  Once I got home from work at lunchtime, Lucy & I ran out to pick up some cupcakes for after dinner since we're making a big cake for Cece's party on Saturday.  After Cece was up from her nap, we just played at home, ate dinner, opened presents, and had cupcakes.

The girls watching them make their donuts

Both girls picked sprinkles but Cece also wanted powdered sugar


Train ride at the zoo (by the way, props to Todd for fixing the girls hair that morning--they weren't up yet when I left for work so Todd was in charge of pony tails)

She loves the penguins

Posing with Pepe

Our cupcakes from Gigi's Cupcakes

Birthday girl!

Lucy watching Cece and getting excited for what new toys they'd have to play with

Lucy picked out an American Girl outfit to give to Cece because it was a flamingo bathing suit and Cece's birthday party is flamingo themed

Apparently Cece thought the outfit was for her and she tried to put it on

Cece's become obsessed with Moana since Lucy did a Moana dance camp last month so she was so excited for this talking and singing Moana doll (and as of last night, I believe we've heard the Moana song play no less than 75 times)

Didn't take her long to find the button to push

My aunt & uncle also sent her this adorable Anna costume since that's also her favorite Disney princess

This pretty much sums it up--everyone is looking at the camera except Cece who cannot take her eyes off the cupcake

Singing happy birthday

Trying to blow out her candle

Right to the face

Lucy & her chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake

Happy girl at her 2 year well visit

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Another 90 Degree Weekend

Another busy and hot weekend in the books!  Lucy had her 4th and final camp of the summer last week at American Girl Doll dance camp which, like the Moana dance camp she went to a few weeks ago, ended with a performance for family & friends on Friday.  The girls performed 4 dances: tap, ballet, tumbling/jazz, and a dance with their dolls.  After lunch at home, the girls played in the backyard with the sprinkler, inflatable pool, and water table.

Beginning of their tap number

More tap

Onto ballet

The last dance with their dolls

Running through the sprinkler

Lucy pulling Cece through the sprinkler

Cooling off in the pool

Cece playing with the water table 

It was in the mid-90s on Saturday so we made sure to get to Zoombezi Bay right when they opened to snag some chairs under an umbrella in the shade.  As soon we dropped off our stuff, Lucy decided to finally try a few of the bigger water slides that she's tall enough to do this summer.  I rode the Sound Surfer with her (we were in a raft together going down) and then her & Todd did the Dolphin Dash together (they went on slides next to each other at the same time). She said she loved them but the lines were getting pretty long so we opted to head to Otter Banks so Cece could get in the water instead of waiting in line again.  Once we were home from Zoombezi Bay and Cece was down for her nap, Lucy & I walked to Hoot Studio for the grand opening.  It's a new play cafe that replaced another we used to go to frequently.  The old one closed at the end of last summer so we were excited to see a new one go in especially since it's only a 5-10 minute walk from our house.  Lucy got a balloon animal (she picked a unicorn), some snacks, and was able to check out the play area for awhile.  That evening, we dressed up to head to the Park of Roses for our annual family photo session.  We were pretty sweaty (especially since Todd & I were chasing after Cece for the majority of it) but we've already seen a few sneak peak pictures and so far, I love what I've seen!

The Sound Surfer slide is the orange one on the right

Dolphin Dash

Lunch break in the shade

Hoot Studio

Lucy & her balloon unicorn

In the play area--she was wearing a costume while playing at the train table

Dressed up for our pictures--hard to believe she'll be 5 in 2 months!

Smiling because we were finally done

Walking back to the car

Finally, we wrapped up our weekend on Sunday by walking to downtown Powell for the Powell Street Market and celebrated National Ice Cream Day by going to Graeter's & celebrating Cece's birthday a few days early with my parents.  We have a fun couple weeks coming up including Cece's 2nd birthday tomorrow and her party on Saturday!

Walking to the Powell Street Market; Lucy insisted on carrying her "purse" which had her water bottle in it

Lots of vendors lined up in downtown Powell

Lemonade to cool us off on a muggy day

More vendors

 Cookies & cream for the soon-to-be birthday girl


Lucy got S'mores ice cream

Opening a few presents from Grandma & Grandpa

 Wanting to play with her new toys right away

Happy girl with Grandma & Grandpa

She's not impressed with the paparazzi

Friday, July 13, 2018

2018 Trip to our Cottage in Laporte, PA: Day 4-5

We crammed in as much as we could on our last full day in Laporte last Friday, July 6.  It was slightly overcast (but humid!) in the morning so we headed to the Loyalsock Creek in Worlds End State Park to let the kids roam around and throw rocks in (which was a huge hit!).  We also stopped by the Sullivan County courthouse to check out their taxidermy collection (again, a huge hit with the kids) and then after naps, we went back to Lake Mokoma for a couple hours.  After dinner at the cottage, Uncle Phil, my dad, Todd, the girls, and I walked to the Ice Cream Shanty to get ice cream.

My other workout of the trip involved my TRX (it blends in but it's hanging to the right of the slide) and the bench

William, Jeff, and Lucy checking out the creek

Todd & Cece venturing closer to the water

She laid on this rock for quite awhile dipping her hands in the water and finding small rocks 

Lucy was standing up and throwing rocks in 

Todd tried to teach Lucy how to skip rocks but she just wanted to chuck them in

Holding onto Cece--the current was pretty strong that day

View of the creek a little further down

With the girls

Looking at the taxidermy

Figured I should try to get in a few pictures since I'm usually the one taking pictures

Our attempt at getting all 4 cousins in a picture

Family pic on the swing

Back at the lake for round 2

Cece's attempt at yoga

It really cooled off Friday night once the sun started to set so we had to put on sweatshirts for our walk to get ice cream

Cece showing me what she wanted to get

The Ice Cream Shanty (and Uncle Phil)

Lucy enjoyed her cotton candy ice cream...

and Cece did too!

The girls were very intrigued with this payphone

We got up on Saturday morning, packed, did some laundry, and hung out with everyone before hitting the road to head back home before lunchtime.  We stopped for lunch a couple hours into the drive and made it back home around dinnertime.  While the girls would've loved to have stayed another day/night at the cottage, it was nice to get home on Saturday night and have the following day to unpack and recover before heading back to work on Monday.

Playing with baby Jack one more time before we left

And I read this entire book on the way home...definitely recommend it!