Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Kindergarten, Here We Come!

Lucy's last day of school was yesterday and after 3 years of preschool, she's officially a kindergartener!  It's hard to believe she's big enough to ride the school bus, eat lunch at school, and be in kindergarten.  I know she's definitely ready to go (which her preschool teacher also reiterated on her last day of school which is always reassuring) and she's looking forward to this next new adventure.  On another note, not only will Lucy be moving on in the fall but Cece will also be starting preschool 1 day/week, which is the same program Lucy started at when she was that age.

Last day of preschool EVER!

Big smiles

First day vs. last day of 2 year old preschool

First day vs. last day of 3 year old preschool

First day vs. last day of pre-K

One more comparison of this year

Lucy & her teacher on the last day

I got off of work a little bit early to pick Lucy up and the girls had a special happy meal "picnic" lunch

 And after lunch, we walked to Handel's for some ice cream

The girls split a scoop of cotton candy

 So proud of Lucy and excited for both of them to thrive in school next year

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

More Birthday Celebrations

This past weekend, Todd & I were able to go out for a date night to celebrate my birthday without the girls and on Sunday, we celebrated our niece's 7th birthday at her party.  We have 2 more birthday parties this Saturday as well for some of our friends' kids.  May is always our crazy birthday month!

Our plan on Saturday was to head to the zoo for a few hours in the morning but literally as we were pulling out of our driveway, it started to rain so we had to change our plans and we headed indoors to the mall instead.  The weather was so odd all day--one minute the sun would be out shining and 2 min later, there would be a downpour that would only last a few min before the sun came out again.  Our babysitter came over later in afternoon/early evening so Todd & I could go out.  He had made reservations at The Avenue in Dublin, their new location which just opened a couple weeks ago, and afterwards we went to Vaso, a rooftop lounge, just across the river.  Both were fabulous and I just really love that we finally have some more dining and hangout options closer to where we live.

Playing at the mall

Dressed up for date night (and I can't wait for our hydrangea bushes behind us to bloom in a couple months) 

Outside The Avenue

Todd got filet mignon (we split some sides--sauteed mushrooms & brussel sprouts)

And I had a white cheddar cheeseburger

We definitely didn't feel like we were in Dublin, Ohio while hanging out at the rooftop bar!

Our niece's birthday party was at 12:30 PM on Sunday and required a little less than 3 hour drive there so we were on the road by 9:30 AM and arrived just a few minutes early.  We spent almost 4 hours at the party hanging out with family before making the drive back home.  We'll get to see my in-laws again in a few weeks for Lucy's dance recital and then in July for Cece's 2nd birthday party.

Lucy fell asleep on the way up which shocked me!  She's had a little cold the past few days so it must be wearing her out

Lucy with the birthday girl

Yet another fabulous cake made by my mother-in-law

Tried to get a pic with Cece but she was too busy eating chips & dip


Friday, May 18, 2018

Hitting My Mid-30s

I hit the big 3-5 on Tuesday and am now officially in my mid-30s and just as close to 40 as I am to 30...which is just so crazy to me! My birthday celebration started on Mother's Day when my parents came over and we had cake & ice cream.  On Tuesday, my actual birthday, I had to go into work early for a few hours and Todd took the day off.  I was home from work just when Lucy was heading off to preschool so while Todd & Cece ran some secret errands, I was also out & about, kid-free, and enjoying my morning.  We all picked Lucy up from preschool and after lunch, I sat outside with the girls while they played in the water table.  It was sunny & hot out!  Once Cece went down for her nap, Todd & Lucy started working on making a birthday cake (Peanut Butter Chocolate Layer Cake) and I went out for a pedicure.  Later, I took Lucy to swim lessons while Todd stayed at home with Cece and made dinner.  I felt bad that Todd was in the kitchen all afternoon but the cake and dinner turned out great & I really appreciated all the effort he put in to make my day special.  After dinner, I opened a few presents and we had cake & ice cream.  It really was a perfect day--I got to spend some time relaxing but also spent some time with Todd & the girls and I couldn't have asked for more!

Birthday cake on Mother's Day 

Blowing out the candles

Sitting outside and reading a book while the girls played

Lucy helping Todd with the cake

Adding the Reese's cups on top

And finishing with peanut butter frosting

Pretty toes after my pedicure

Todd made his delicious Chicken Parmesan for dinner (he made extra for leftovers, trust me, we didn't come close to eating all of these!)

Delicious birthday dinner

Lucy was most excited about opening presents and had them waiting for me on the fireplace

We all opened the presents together

I got a pair of earrings from Nickel & Suede, a new fit bit, a gift card to Menchie's, and some homemade crafts from Lucy

Cake & flowers

Family photo (turned out pretty good on the 3rd attempt!)

Blowing out more candles

Top of the cake

Triple layer cake with peanut butter frosting inside

So good!

No complaints from Cece!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mother's Day Weekend 2018

Since the weatherman was calling for rain on Mother's Day, Todd planned our annual picnic for Saturday but somehow the rain held off the entire weekend so we ended up also having a picnic on Sunday.  On Saturday morning, Todd got our lunch ready and packed up everything we needed for our picnic.  Once we were all set, we left home and made a stop at the Worthington Farmers' Market to pick up a loaf of fresh bread and some cheese for our picnic.  From there, we drove to Schiller Park in German Village to have our picnic and let the girls play at the playground.  It ended up being a pretty warm day and the girls were tired from being outside and running around so once we got home in the mid-afternoon, we just stayed at home the rest of the day.

Sunny day at the farmers' market

Best attempt at a family picture (not sure what Cece is doing); Todd actually brought our real camera and tripod to get a decent picture

We spent quite a bit of time chasing Cece around; she was so excited every time a dog walked by or barked and would get up and start heading towards it

This girl loves to eat!

Picked up some cake pops at the farmers' market for dessert

Me & my girls

At the playground

Going down the slide

I was able to start Mother's Day off with a workout at Studio Torch and when I got home, Todd had made chocolate chip pancakes.  It looked beautiful outside and sure enough, the rain disappeared from the weather forecast so we packed up a picnic yet again (Todd made my favorite salad on Saturday and we had plenty of leftovers to take with us on Sunday) and this time headed to the Park of Roses.  I was hoping more flowers would've been blooming but it was still a gorgeous day and the girls had fun at a new park.  Once home, Cece went down for her nap and I made a solo trip to Target (always nice to get out by myself every so often).  We grilled out for dinner and then after, my parents came over to celebrate Mother's Day and have an early birthday celebration.  All in all, we had a great weekend and it was nice to not have to do quite as much work around the house as Todd took care of most of the "heavy lifting."
Love the quotes Studio Torch posts outside the studio every week...and this one is definitely the truth!

Pancakes for breakfast

Second picnic of the weekend

I told the girls all I wanted for Mother's Day was a good picture with them and I think we got a few decent ones!


Lucy swinging on her own

Picking dandelions

On the balance board

Tire swing

Love these sweet sisters

Lucy was really pumped for me to open all my presents--she'd apparently been doing arts & crafts projects and drawing pictures for me for the past few weeks and hiding them in Todd's closet

Art project form school

Love the mug the girls painted for me; I don't drink coffee but I do make mug cakes!

Can't wait to use it!