Friday, August 18, 2017

Back to School

It's hard to believe it's already back to school for most kids in central Ohio & summer break is over.  Lucy started her third year of preschool on Wednesday at a new school.  The previous two years, she had been going to preschool at a local church (she went one day/week when she was two and two days/week when she was three) and this year she was old enough to go to the public school preschool which is a peer model program.  She will be going four days/week in the morning and I know she's going to do great.  She's loved her first couple days already and I'm hoping the excitement for school will last awhile.  What seems really crazy to me though is that next year we could possibly have a kindergartner (with a September birthday, we have to figure out if we want her to go to preschool again or start kindergarten on time) and Cece will be going to preschool one day/week!

On Monday, we had Lucy's open house where she could see her school, meet her teachers, and check out her classroom

First day of school

 And yet another obligatory first day picture

She was dead set on having an animal book bag

My baby is growing up!

And we celebrated her first day of school by heading to Zoombezi Bay in the afternoon for a couple hours (figures that the weather is hot again right when kids are going back to school)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Weekend (+ a Wedding) with Family

After this past weekend, I think that Todd & I have been to at least one wedding a year since we've been together (one year, we had almost 10 weddings and we were in 3 or 4 of them).  Todd's cousin, Jennifer, got married up near Youngstown on Saturday so we were able to spend most of the weekend with his family.  The wedding ceremony took place at St. James Meeting House in Boardman Park with the reception following at Mr. Anthony's.  They only invited less than 100 people to the ceremony because the venue was so small but probably close to 250 people to the reception so it was a big wedding.  Todd was able to see a lot of extended family we only see at family reunions every so few years as well as some of his high school classmates (Todd & Jennifer were in the same high school class).  Oh, and they had a photo booth which was the highlight for Lucy.  We literally walked away with close to 20 photo strips!  I'm pretty sure she photo bombed quite a few people too but who can blame her when they had so many different dress up/costume options. Girl loves to dress up and she loves to dance which she also did plenty of as well.  If she doesn't get into performing arts when she's a little bit older, I would be shocked.  There were times she'd be on the dance floor all by herself just dancing away.  She also met this little boy that she danced with for awhile too.  It was pretty adorable and I was impressed that he was even twirling her.  The reception went until 10:00 PM and I was happy that our girls made it until about 9:30 PM before we decided to head back to my in-laws for the night. Cece was so good and she easily went to other family members she'd never met before.  I wasn't sure how she'd get once it hit her bedtime but she was a champ and never really fussed---she just got really quiet and zoned out.  She feel asleep as soon as we put her in the car (and so did Lucy!)

We spent the night at my in-laws, had a late breakfast with them & my sister-in-law's family, and then made the 3 hour drive back home in the early afternoon.  Once we got home, I felt like we didn't stop until the girls were in bed.  Todd was replacing some boards on the front of our house that have rotted out and I took the girls to the grocery store, did laundry, did some food prepping, and got things ready for the week since Lucy starts school tomorrow!

Jennifer & Brian during the ceremony

Cece was really into watching the ceremony

The newlyweds!

Family photo after the ceremony before we drove over to the reception

Beautiful cake

Apparently having a cookie table is a Youngstown/Pittsburgh tradition at weddings and it was pretty fantastic

The reception before most guests arrived

The DJ introducing the couple

While we waited for dinner, we took our turn in the photo booth

Lucy got one with MaMa & PaPA and then took a TON with her cousins, Andrew & Audrey

Kid-free for a few minutes

Daddy with his girls

Cece dancing with daddy...

since Lucy ditched him for this little boy

They were cute though

Lucy said all she wanted to do was dance with Jennifer so she was really excited when she came over

Audrey holding Cece towards the end of the night (Cece was looking at a photo strip from the photo booth)

After breakfast on Sunday, we walked down the street to Todd's grandparents' old house (Lucy is wearing one of Aunt Stacey's dance costumes from when she was younger)

Lucy & Audrey are inside this old 1932 model B that was Todd's grandfather's while Andrew posed on the outside

Todd & the girls in the rumble seat

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Already August

I'm not sure how it's already August and I cannot believe that Lucy will start school one week from tomorrow!  For the past 2 years, she went to a preschool program at a local church but this year she'll be doing the public school's peer model preschool program which means she's on the normal school district calendar and starts in mid-August instead of mid-September.  I think she's excited but nervous because she's at a new school and won't see the same kids she's been with the past 2 years. I'm just kinda sad that summer is already winding down and Lucy will be going to school 4 mornings/week which means it'll just be me & Cece on Friday mornings when I'm off work.  Despite the weather not being the greatest recently to go to the pool, we did get some nice weekdays last week which I took advantage of and finally got brave enough to take the girls to Zoombezi Bay by myself in the afternoon.  It was fantastic and I wish I had done it sooner.

This past weekend was spent going to swim lessons, the open house at Lucy's dance studio to get tap shoes and her recital DVD, Makeover Takeover at the Shops at Worthington, and riding bikes outside.  Todd also finished tiling the wall in the basement that he's been working on for what seems like forever.

The girls hanging out at the pediatrician's office one afternoon last week; Lucy has a stye/chalazion on her eyelid so we had to go get it checked out and now have to go see an eye doctor next week

Afternoon at Zoombezi Bay

Matching towels and snacks

Took advantage of the tax free weekend and did some damage shopping for the girls on Friday morning; Lucy is trying on her new shoes here

They were both so good while we were shopping that I decided to treat them to lunch at Chick-fil-A

During  their last swim lesson on Saturday morning, Todd swam with Cece while I watched Lucy swim

She wanted me to take a picture of her braids

 Cece was dancing along to Lucy's recital DVD

Lucy was also dancing along to her ballet number

Makeover Takeover in Worthington--pop up shops with local, handmade items

We got a cupcake to split

Lucy met a minion

Since the kids' play area was dead, the girls were able to run (or crawl in Cece's case) around

 Bike ride along our neighborhood bike path

 Lucy is finally getting the hang of her balance bike

Todd is very proud of his wall in his beer-making room; I'm just glad he's getting closer to finishing the room so I can actually see him again on the weekends

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Extra Long Weekend Part 2 (Sat + Sun)

The girls both had swim lessons on Saturday morning (only 1 more week to go!) and then we didn't have any set plans until that evening when Todd & I had a babysitter coming over so we could have a date night.  We knew we wanted to get out of the house to enjoy the sunny day but it didn't seem quite warm enough to head to Zoombezi Bay so Todd suggested the splash pad and playground that I took the girls to in Delaware.  I had been raving about this place so Todd wanted a chance to see what it was all about.  I knew Lucy wouldn't last long in the splash pad because it wasn't hot enough out but she still wanted to wear her swimsuit and attempt it.  She lasted about 15 minutes which was actually longer than I anticipated and then she spent about an hour on the playground.  

Cece mesmerized by the water at the splash pad

Lucy sitting on a fountain

Getting her hands wet

The fountains were either timed or on a sensor because they weren't on all the time so the girls were waiting for this one to spray water...

and it scared Lucy when it did!

The girls headed over to the playground after the splash pad

Cece could've stood here for hours trying to hit the buttons when they made noise

Our little monkey climbing to the top

For our date night, we went to dinner at Palle by Moretti in Grandview which serves different types of meatballs; you get to pick a type of meatball, sauce, and a side.  Todd & I shared too so we had chicken meatballs in gouda sauce on top of fettuccine alfredo and beef meatballs in marinara with cheesy tots on the side.  We also split a chicken parmesan slider.  Everything was really tasty and since we didn't get there until 8:00 PM, we walked right in and ate at the bar.  Service was quick so we still had some time to kill before getting back home and we had noticed the Four String Brewing Co taproom across the street.  We hung out there for enough time for Todd to get a taster tray and then we made one last stop at Local Roots to get some dessert before heading home.

Palle by Moretti

Inside of the restaurant from our seats at the bar

Monthly date night

Fancy cocktail

This was the chicken meatballs in gouda sauce with fettuccine alfredo (and a slice of foccacia)

And the rest of our order which was the cheesy tots, chicken parmesan slider, and 2 beef meatballs in marinara

Outside the Four String taproom (literally this was a hole in the wall)

Taster tray

On Sunday morning, I went to the Sweat Local Expo which was happening right in Powell at Bridgewater Banquet & Conference Center.  They were putting on 30 minute sample classes throughout the morning and early afternoon from various local fitness studios and there was also an expo with booths set up from the local fitness studios who were promoting their services and classes.  I went to two of the sample classes (a barre class by barre3 and a Blast class by T&J No Limit Fitness) and walked around the expo.

Todd has been working really hard on his beer room so he spent a good portion of the afternoon down there while I walked the girls down to the Powell Street Market.  We walked around for awhile, bought a few goodies (like a slice of Puppy Chow cheesecake from The Cheesecake Girl which was really tasty!), and walked the mile back home.  Both girls ended up taking naps when we got back so Todd & I set up the blow up pool I bought on clearance at Target for $3 a couple weeks ago.  Once Lucy was up, she joined us outside to play in the pool while Cece finished her nap.  


They had 2 classes going on at the same was held out here on the veranda...

and the two I went to were just right inside the veranda in the upstairs ballroom

Pretty much obsessed with our hydrangea bushes when they're in full bloom and am constantly keeping fresh ones on our kitchen table

Second Powell Street Market of the year

View of the vendors set up in downtown Powell as we walked down from our house

The Cheesecake Girl!

Lucy & I split the Monster Cookie mini cheesecake bite and I took the Puppy Chow slice home to share with Todd

Found a shady spot to enjoy our treat

Lucy got to spin the wheel at the candy store

Soaking up the sun and reading a bit by the blow up pool waiting for someone to join me after nap time

We're already halfway through this week so the weekend will be here again before we know it!  Again, it seems like another weekend where we don't have much planned so it'll give us a chance to see if there are any fun events around town that we can go to or just have a "quiet" weekend at home.