Monday, September 26, 2016

First Fall Weekend

After going to Leeds Farm last year with Lucy when Todd was in Japan for work, I knew I wanted to make this an annual trip.  I was even more excited to go this year because Todd would be able to come with us and I knew Lucy would have even more fun than last year since she could do more things.  Cece came too (obviously) but she just slept most of the time which was exactly what I was hoping would happen!  Lucy's favorite things were the big slides, the banana bus ride, and eating a pumpkin donut. 

We started in the barn with a smaller slide; this is where she spent most of the time last year

Just soaking it all in

Driving the banana bus

Lucy was in the first car

First photo op

They had baby pigs that were only a week old!

Feeding the goats

Second photo op with daddy...

and another with mommy

Family hay ride

We don't get many pics of just the 2 of us any more

Lucy was excited to sit on the bales of hay, Cece wasn't excited about the bumpy ride

We ventured over to another barn with bigger slides and this was Lucy's absolute favorite thing of the day!  She was so sweaty from climbing up the hay bales to go down the slide and then running back over to the hay bales to do it all over again

So happy!

We just happened to walk by the "race track" when they announced they were having one of their two pig races of the day in just a few minutes so we knew we had to sit and watch

The pig races were followed by a pumpkin donut snack break

On our way over to get a snack, Lucy spotted these tunnel slides so after our donuts, she went down these a bunch of times

Giggling as she slid out of the slide

Trying out the combine slide next

And on our way out, Lucy wanted to stop where they had the pig races to take a picture on the cement pigs

Going to Leeds Farm was definitely the highlight of the weekend but a close second was enjoying Burger & Beer Week that evening with Todd & the kids by getting a $6 burger from Houlihan's in UA

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cecelia at 2 Months

2 months on September 18, 2016

All I can say is thank goodness we have had such a relatively "easy" time with Cece because this month was a bit trickier than we could have imagined because I had to have another back surgery.  So, not only was Todd taking care of me but also both Lucy & Cece for the first week after my surgery.  After that, I was able to help more with Lucy but still couldn't pick up Cece so we've had lots of help from our parents the last few weeks.

Cece continues to be a good eater and sleeper.  She definitely gets fussy at times but it's either because she's gassy, hungry, or tired which we can help her with two out of three of those things.  It seems like Lucy would just cry for no reason and we couldn't soothe her but with Cece, there's a reason she's crying so it's easier to calm her down.  She has also become so much more alert and aware of her surroundings just in the past couple weeks.  She will turn her head to follow noises as well as turn her head to focus on our faces or a toy.  We got out the activity mat for her to "play" on too and she's started batting at some of the toys that hang above her (unintentionally still but at least it's a start!)  We've been bad with doing tummy time, although she doesn't seem to hate it when we do remember to do it, it's just that she usually spits up when we put her on her tummy.

Weight:  We'll find out at her 2 month appointment on October 4

Length:  We'll find out at her 2 month appointment on October 4

**I scheduled Cece's 2 month appointment and Lucy's 3 year appointment at the same time on October 4 so Cece's appointment will be more like her 2.5 month well visit

Clothes: She's wearing 0-3 month or 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.  It's stayed warmer a lot longer than I expected so we're basically rotating through the same onesies/outfits since we didn't have a lot of warm weather clothes in that size from Lucy and we didn't see the need to go out and buy more for Cece

Eating: Breastfeeding has still been a breeze this time around and she easily takes bottles too if I'm not around or if we're out and it's too much to try to nurse (for the most part though, I'm definitely over my fear of nursing in public).  During the day, she'll eat every 2-3 hours and typically every 1-2 hours a few hours before going to bed.  She's been sleeping through the night now since she was 3-4 weeks old so she'll go 9-11 hours overnight without eating.

Sleeping: Cece is still a champ at sleeping although I will admit, she sleeps so much better if she's swaddled or in the car seat so at some point we're going to have to break her of these.  She usually takes 3-4 naps during the day with one long (1.5-2.5 hour) nap later in the afternoon.  Her other naps are anywhere from 30 minutes-1 hour.  During her longer nap, I'll swaddle her and put her in the swing.  Her other naps are either in the car seat while we're on the go, in someone's arms, or again in either the swing or bouncy seat. At night, we are so lucky that she is already sleeping through the night!  We gave up on the crib since she was spitting up and figured she'd be more comfortable in the rock 'n play since it's at a slight incline.  We also swaddle her at night too but she's never fully asleep when we put her down so at least we know she can fall asleep on her own (sometimes with a little help from the pacifier). She'll go down between 8:00-9:00 PM with little to no fuss and will sleep 9-11 hours before waking up.  She hasn't been up before 5:30 AM any day in the past month and typically she isn't up until closer to 7:00 AM.

Likes: Bath time, eating, being swaddled

Dislikes: Being gassy or hungry, having her big sister sing loudly in her ear

Milestones: Started smiling, first trip to the zoo, survived not being held my mommy for a few weeks after her back surgery

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Day at the Delaware County Fair

Although I was cleared by my orthopedic surgeon last week to start picking up Cecelia, I've known from past experience that sometimes he doesn't give me a long enough recovery time so to be cautious, I wanted to wait to pick her up until I was at least 4 weeks post-surgery to hopefully ensure I won't have a reherniation.  With that being said, my parents have still been coming over every day while Todd is at work to help me with the kids and will until tomorrow.  By Friday, I should finally be on my own and will hopefully get to enjoy my last 2 weeks of maternity leave.  

Last year, my mom took Lucy to the Delaware County Fair while I was at work and she remembered how much she enjoyed it so we decided to spend the day at the fair on Monday.  The weather was perfect, although almost a little too hot at times with the sun out and no clouds in the sky, and we were able to get up close with lots of animals.  Lucy had an awesome time (her favorite thing was watching the people walk their pigs around for the pig judging) and Cece slept the majority of the time we were there so it worked out great.  

The first animal building we went into had chickens, roosters, and rabbits

Lots of roosters!

Petting a cow

Lucy walking with Grandma & Grandpa while I push Cece in the stroller

She wasn't a huge fan of the bumpy gravel road

We stopped to watch the horse judging

Lucy milking a fake cow

This pregnant cow was due last week and was still pregnant on Monday

Lucy posing with a 3 week old calf

Petting a goat with Grandpa

They had a whole section of about 30-40 tractors you could sit on; I had to limit Lucy to just a few otherwise we would've been there all day

Beep beep!

After we saw most of the animals and tractors, we walked over to the midway with the food & rides; Lucy & Grandpa listened to some live music while I walked around with my mom & Cece.  Since it was lunch time, we decided to get some fair food (corn dogs and french fries!) and stopped to eat and sit down for a bit.  Lucy was very captivated by watching the rides while we ate and I was kinda glad that she was too little to ride them so we didn't have to worry about doing that.  After we ate, we walked around for just a little bit longer and then headed back home for the rest of the afternoon. 

View of the midway

Lucy the butterfly

Monday, September 19, 2016

Low-Key Weekend

With the forecast predicting rain all of Saturday, we woke up thinking we were going to be stuck inside all day but we decided to take a chance and head to the zoo anyways.  Luckily, we made a great decision because it never really rained and only ended up sprinkling a little bit in the afternoon after we were already home.  The nice thing was the zoo wasn't crowded at all!  It was probably the least crowded I've seen it in a long time.  With my sciatica and back issues in the past couple months, I hadn't taken the girls to the zoo during my maternity leave at all so this was the first time we'd been since a week before Cece was born which means this was her first trip there.  

First stop was Heart of Africa

The girls

Lucy feeding the giraffe

Getting on the camel with daddy

Riding the camel

Posing for a picture

Next up was the pony ride (Lucy's first time riding one)

Lucy wanted to hold my hand the whole ride

After the pony ride, it was on to the petting zoo

She had to brush each goat

We walked to the other side of the zoo next (we did stop to see some animals too!) and while I fed Cece, Todd & Lucy rode the carousel

We were all pretty tired after a few hours on our feet at the zoo and spent the rest of the day at home.  The Ohio State football game was rain delayed yet again so instead of it starting at 7:30 PM, it didn't start until after 9:00 PM.  I fell asleep on the couch pretty early on into the game and Todd only made it until about halftime since he hasn't been feeling 100% the past couple days. 

On Sunday, we went to the church and Lucy had her first week of PSR class which she likes to call her church school.  She said she learned about God and Jesus so I'm guessing she was actually paying somewhat attention.  In the early afternoon, we went back to church (a different one though!) for Brody's baptism.  Todd & I were so honored when Lynn & Nathan asked us to be Brody's godparents a couple months ago and yesterday was the big day.  We had Lucy & Cecelia with us so it was a bit chaotic (especially since I'm not picking up Cece yet) but I guess it could've been a lot worse and in the end, Brody still got baptized!  We're so lucky to have such great friends and I love that our kids are also friends.

Holding Brody's baptismal candle

Ison Family & Rodrick Family (minus Cece)