Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

I was fortunate enough to have a 4 day weekend over Memorial Day and we had a great time visiting with friends & family.  Like I mentioned the other day, we went to Cleveland on Saturday for our friends' daughter's baptism and on Sunday, Todd went back home to help his parents with a project while Lucy & I enjoyed some play time outside with my parents and brother & sister-in-law who were in town from San Francisco for a wedding.  I got out Lucy's water table and we also put out her new sprinkler that Grandma & Grandpa got for her.  She absolutely loved the sprinkler and could've stayed out there longer if it wasn't already way past her nap time.
Cheesing it up for the camera while playing at the water table

Checking out the sprinkler

She loved getting sprayed right in the face with water

And quickly figured out it also doubles as a water fountain

Cookie break with Grandma

Playing with the water table again even though she was getting cold

On Monday for Memorial Day, we walked the half mile or so from our house to downtown Powell to watch the parade.  We learned our lesson last year and made sure we got down there at least 30 minutes before the parade started so we could get a good spot to set up our chairs.  While we waited, Lucy kept us busy by walking up and down the sidewalk to check out everything that was going on and to pet some dogs.  Once the parade started, she sat very still or stood right by us (which I was pleasantly surprised about) while watching the action.  The parade lasted over an hour and it seemed like Lucy really liked it, especially the dogs and miniature horses that went by as well as the flag line from one of the high school bands.
Before the parade
Grandpa, Lucy, and Daddy waiting for the parade to start
The streets were lined 2 or 3 deep with people to watch it

One more family pic while waiting

Lucy was very mesmerized watching as everything went by

She even collected quite a bit of candy although she can't eat the majority of it since it was mostly laffy taffy and jolly ranchers

Hanging out with Grandpa

 She had to get her flag out when the high school flag line marched by
Not sure what she saw but she was excited 

We spent the afternoon at my parents' and had a cookout for dinner before Jeff & Meghan had to catch their flight back to California. 

Jeff & Meghan showing us pictures of their honeymoon to Africa

Soaking up the nice weather by cooking out and having dinner outside

Lucy's first taste of corn on the cob (she's had corn before but didn't have any front teeth last summer to enjoy it on the cob)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Afternoon in Cleveland

On Saturday afternoon, we made the 2 hour drive up north to Cleveland for our good friends' daughter's baptism.  Kendall looked adorable in her christening gown, which was actually made from Emily's wedding dress, and was the perfect baby during the mass & baptism.  Afterwards, everyone was invited back to Emily & Mark's house for a reception.  Lucy had a great time exploring their house & checking out Kendall's nursery while Todd & I were able to catch up with our friends.  The drive up & back were timed perfectly too because Lucy napped on the way up in the afternoon and fell asleep on our drive back that evening.
Right before the baptism

Kendall getting baptized

Lucy & I watching the baptism

She loved this stained glass door

Simple yet elegant cake & table decor

Food table but really, I wanted a picture of the chandelier

Lucy & me with Em & Kenny (Lucy & Em are saying "choo choo")

Family selfie during dinner (with a bonus kiss)

Beautiful backyard set up for dinner

Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekly Recap: May 18-24

I subbed a couple extra class this week (seems like that's been the norm recently) and was excited my sister-in-law came with me yesterday morning to try out my class.  I also went to a Pure Barre class on Friday morning and decided that I definitely like barre3 classes better.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX; taught 1 hr SpinCore

Wednesday: 30 min Spinning @ Y (on my own)

Thursday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Friday: 1 hr Pure Barre; 30 min Spinning @ Y (on my own)

Saturday: 30 min cardio/strength circuit @ home

Sunday: taught 75 min Spin/TRX

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Birthday Weekend

My birthday was last Friday and Todd took the day off work to hang out and celebrate with Lucy and me.  Although Todd's plan for a hot air balloon ride on Saturday morning were cancelled because of the weather (we're hoping to maybe reschedule again in August for our anniversary), Friday ended up being a perfect day.  We took Lucy to the Worthington Touch-A-Truck event, had a picnic in Schiller Park (we picked up sandwiches at Katzinger's and dessert at Kittie's Cakes), I got a pedicure during Lucy's naptime, and then Todd & I had an evening out while Lucy stayed overnight at my parent's place.  We went to Third & Hollywood in Grandview for dinner and then had drinks at Prohibition in Powell.  It was such a great day and I can't complain one bit about how I spent my 32nd birthday.

Lucy behind the wheel of some sort of John Deere equipment (notice the train going by in the background)

Several trains went by while we were there and Lucy was just mesmerized by them

Checking out the fire engine

Future firefighter

She loves school buses too

Posing in front of the bus

Waiting in line
 Gnawing on her pickle

Kittie's Cakes

 I really liked how the inside of Kittie's looked and couldn't resist snapping a quick picture

Picnicking at the park 

Todd & his cheesy fake smile that matched Lucy perfectly

Todd & I split a club sandwich, potato salad, pickles, and chips

And we also split a mini Nutter Fluffer cupcake and Micky-O (oatmeal cookie sandwich with some sort of icing/fluff on the inside)

After we ate, we walked across Schiller Park and found a great playground for Lucy to run around on

 Going down the slide

After we got back home and Lucy was down for her nap, I went and had a much needed pedicure

On my parents' patio after dropping Lucy off for the night 
 Third & Hollywood
Love date night with this guy

One of the best things on the menu are their garlic skillet biscuits
Todd got the ahi tuna and vegetables

I had the Caesar salad with chicken, avocado, and corn


Todd drinking his fancy cocktail
On Saturday evening, my parents came over for cake & ice cream to celebrate my birthday.  Lucy was really excited to help me blow out the candles and devoured her cake & ice cream in record time.

Patiently waiting to blow out the candles


Our niece turned 4 last week so we drove up for her Frozen-themed birthday party on Sunday.  It was hot & humid but that didn't stop the kids from running around outside all afternoon.

Lucy had already taken off her Frozen crown but Todd still had his antlers on

Playing with slime....and she obviously doesn't quite have using scissors mastered yet

Beautiful cake made by my mother-in-law

Best picture I could get of the 3 cousins
Tuckered out after a long afternoon playing