Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cecelia at 11 Months

11 months on June 18, 2017

This month has been all about trying to get Cece to move!  She's slowly improving and fingers crossed, let's hope she's crawling or cruising by her 1st birthday.  She can sit and move around in a circle, roll places, and scoot on her belly backwards.  She will go from a seated position onto her belly and will push up but hasn't actually crawled yet.  She can stand and hold on to something but hasn't taken any steps yet.

We started swim lessons with her this month which she loves and we also got her out of the her sleep sack.  She has a thin blanket in her crib and will finally roll over and sleep on her belly.  The only bad thing is she is now routinely getting her legs stuck through the crib and we have to go into her room a few times each week to pull her legs out if she starts crying.  We hopefully can put the bumper back in the crib soon to avoid this from happening.  Just this past weekend too we changed her from the infant car seat carrier to a bigger car seat.  The carrier was getting awkward and was much harder on my back to carry.

Weight: Probably around 16-16.5 lbs (She was 16 lbs at her 10 month follow up appt)

Length: Probably around 29 inches (She was 27.75 in. at her 9 month appt)

Clothes: Wearing anywhere from 6-12 months clothes and she just moved up to size 3 diapers.  She has tiny feet though and is still only wearing a size 2.

Eating:  Still eating anything and everything!  She prefers veggies over fruit and loves meat (meatballs, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, etc.) and gets mad if someone else is eating and she isn't.  Other big news in the eating department is that I'm completely done breastfeeding and have been for almost this whole month.  I was kinda getting over it and knew I had enough milk in the freezer from pumping to last a couple months so she's still drinking breastmilk.  Oh, and we're totally done with bottles--she drinks milk and water from a sippy cup or straw cup. Her eating schedule is still the same...breakfast around 8:00 AM, lunch around 12:00-12:30 PM, snack around 4:30 PM, and dinner around 6:00 PM with breastmilk or water in a sippy cup.  Once she eats dinner, we don't give her a night time bottle since she goes to bed shortly after that.

Sleeping: Sleeping schedule hasn't change at all in the past month.  She takes 2 naps, one around 9:00ish AM and one around 2:00 PM.  She'll nap from anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.  She's usually down for bed between 7:30-8:00 PM and is up around 7:00 AM.

Likes: Eating, her pacifier, finding random crumbs and hairs on the floor, blankets, clapping & waving

Dislikes: when her plate is empty

Milestones: First parade (May 29), started scooting backwards on belly (June 1), first swim lesson (June 3), started saying mama (June 12), first Father's day (June 18)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Father's Day Weekend 2017

I was so excited for this past weekend so the girls & I could spoil Todd for Father's Day.  He works so hard for our family and deserves some time to kick back, relax, and enjoy one of his favorite things--beer!  I could go on and on about how great he is as a husband and father but I'm pretty sure everyone feels that way about their husband (or at least I'd hope so!) so I think I'll skip that.  

We missed the girls' swim lessons a week ago because of Lucy's dance recital but we were back in the pool again on Saturday morning.  I took Cece again while Todd watched Lucy but we plan on swapping this Saturday so I can watch Lucy.  Afterwards, we changed out of our swimsuits and headed to the Worthington Farmers' Market to walk around.  It was our first time going to the outdoor market this season and I'm hoping to make it a few times this summer.  

Getting ready to head into the pool (luckily, Cece's lessons are in the therapy pool which they keep warmer than the regular pool that Lucy's lessons are in)

Swimming with Cece

She loves being in the water

Lucy swimming in her lessons

My favorite vendor at the farmers' market is the booth with sweets and desserts (we might have bought a loaf of chocolate bread....which is actually just cake)

Lucy picked out a red velvet cake pop (which she told me tasted like velvet) and Cece was busy chewing on her pacifier clip

On Saturday evening, I had booked a babysitter through Juggle and while we had never met her before, she had great reviews and Lucy loved her!  We've had a hard time finding days that our high school sitter is free that lines up with our schedule so we decided to try Juggle and it worked out.  Hopefully we can keep it consistent and try to book the same sitter each time since we're going to attempt going back to our monthly date nights.  I had made reservations for Todd & I at Rockmill Tavern in the Brewery District on Saturday evening and it was fantastic!  I don't even think it's been open a year but we've had it on our list of restaurants we've been wanting to try out and although we've been to their brewery before, there were still a few beers by Rockmill that Todd had yet to have.  Todd got a taster tray, of course, and our meals were delicious.  We both got a burger and split a side of fries and a side of brussel sprouts.  After dinner, we still had some time to kill before heading back home to the babysitter so we made a stop at Cap City Diner for dessert.

Rockmill Tavern in the Brewery District

They had 12 beers on the menu and Todd had tried all of them but 3 until he had his taster tray

Selfie after dinner

And then we got to Cap City and I couldn't decide between two desserts so we got both and now I have plenty of leftovers for the week

On Sunday for Father's Day, the girls & I took Todd & my dad out to lunch at Restoration Brew Worx in downtown Delaware.  I planned this place because I knew neither one of them had tried any of their beers before and I had heard the food was good (and it was kid-friendly, a huge plus!).  Again, taster trays were involved and we had a great time.  We keep saying we need to head to Delaware more often to check out some of the other restaurants in that area.

Restoration Brew Worx in Delaware

We got there right when it opened at noon so it wasn't crowded yet; I really liked the feel of the restaurant though

My dad & Todd with their taster trays

Grandpa with the girls

Daddy & his girls

Monday, June 19, 2017

Friday Funday

I think we found one of our new favorite spots around town on Friday when I took the girls to the Spray and Play at Veterans Park in Delaware.  I've actually been working quite a bit more than my normal 20 hours/week I'm scheduled for so I was excited to have a full day off with Lucy & Cece. Since the temps were going to be near 90 that day and I'm not quite brave enough to do Zoombezi Bay with both of them by myself yet, we decided to check out this new (to us) park.  It was only about a 15-20 min drive from our house so we got there in the late morning after Cece's nap.  It was packed but since there's so much to do, it didn't seem overwhelmingly crowded.

Lucy wanted to start at the splash pad first so we headed over to that area and she happily played for over a half hour.  Cece splashed around a little bit too but she had more fun people-watching.  Eventually Lucy started to get cold so we headed to the other side of the park where the playground is and she played for awhile there.  The playground was really nice and I loved that it was on artificial turf instead of mulch.  I finally had to drag Lucy off the playground so we could eat lunch (which I had packed) and we lucked out and found an empty table next to the snack shack.  There were two larger shelter houses with rows of picnic tables but they were already pretty full.  Like I said, we lucked out and had our own table to ourselves which was nice because I just sat Cece on top of the table so she could eat instead of having to hold her.

Walking up to the park from the parking lot, the playground is on the left side...

and the splash pad is on the right side

The playground and splash pad are dinosaur-themed

Lucy getting wet in a fountain

Using the dinosaur sprayer

Cece sat and splashed in one of the smaller fountains

Cece  & I spent most of the time watching Lucy

Part of the playground

Lots of slides to go down

Another one on a hill

Here's the snack shack and we snagged that table directly to the right of it

Eating lunch and cooling off in the shade

After eating, Lucy wanted to go back to the splash pad so she played for just a little bit longer before we drove home.  She was curious about what they were selling at the snack shack and it looked like slushies or italian ice.  I know she isn't always a huge fan of snow cones so I let her pick either a slushie from the park or we could stop at Handel's for ice cream on the way home.  She picked ice cream and actually wanted to walk there from our house instead of drive (she told me she was worried she would spill ice cream and would be too messy to get back in the car!) so we stopped at home just to drop the car off and walked the half mile to get ice cream.  Lucy must've been tired though after all the playing and walking because she wanted to sit in Cece's stroller for the walk home and we had to improvise and she sat on the foot rest.

Such a fun day and I can't wait to go back again!

So excited for her blue ice cream (this was one scoop by the way which was HUGE!)

We walked from Handel's to the shelter house at Murphy Park to eat in the shade

My load to push got a bit heavier on the walk back

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hot Weekend

Even though summer doesn't officially start until next week, it sure felt like summer this past weekend!  We even hit 90 degrees on Sunday which is why we spent a few hours at Zoombezi Bay trying to cool off in the water.

We started our weekend with Lucy's dance recital on Saturday morning.  She's been taking ballet (I think it's technically called pre-dance though since she's so little) since September and they've been learning their dance since January I believe.  She dances at Powell Dance Academy and they have so many students & classes that they have 4 recitals over the span of two days to fit everyone in.  Lucy was in the Saturday 10:00 AM recital and she did great!  I was honestly a little worried how she would do with everyone watching her but she said she loved being on stage and she did surprisingly well with the dance.  Todd also made his recital debut as he was part of the daddy daughter dance at the end.  He had to go to 5 practices over the last few weeks to learn it but I'm so glad he took the time and did it because it was really cute when he was on stage with Lucy.

The recital was held downtown at the Lincoln Theatre

Cece & Brody hanging out during intermission (it was a 2 hour recital)

Todd & Lucy during the daddy daughter dance

Miss Amber and a few of her students backstage

Our tiny dancer

Our attempt at a family picture

After the recital, since we were already downtown, we had lunch at the North Market.  Once we got home, Cece went down for a nap (poor girl was pretty exhausted as we had to skip her morning nap because of the recital) and then later that afternoon/early evening, we headed next door for our neighbor's graduation party.

Lunch time

Lucy usually gets ice cream from Jeni's but got a cookie instead

Hanging outside in the shade at the graduation party

Todd & Lucy playing corn hole

After the girls were in bed, Todd made tasty watermelon guava martinis and I watched part of the NCAA track & field championships

Like I said earlier, we spent Sunday at Zoombezi Bay (third weekend in a row!) and ended our weekend grilling out dinner & making s'mores on the fire pit.

I was cracking up as Todd  & Lucy were ahead of me & Cece while walking around Zoombezi Bay because Lucy was dancing the entire way 

Our normal area we hang out in: Tiny Tides

Posing in the huge lifeguard chair on the way out

Todd teaching Lucy how to roast her marshmallow

S'mores = smiles

Looking forward to this coming weekend as Todd & I have a date night (after weeks of trying to find a babysitter, we resorted to using the new Juggle app) as well as celebrating Father's Day!