Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Another Cold Weekend

I wish I could say we had some amazing weekend with lots of fun activities and events planned but it was actually quite the opposite.  With a major winter storm predicted for Friday afternoon into early Saturday morning, we didn't want to have our plans canceled so besides Todd's year-end/holiday work party on Saturday night, we pretty much just hung around home.  I also was getting over a pretty bad sinus infection (I felt terrible all week and after some coercing from Todd, I finally went to the doctor on Thursday for some antibiotics) so I was okay with being at home.

I had a mandatory training at work on Friday afternoon so I spent the morning at home with the girls (took Lucy to school & ran to Target with Cece) and then my parents came over for a couple hours to watch them.  Since there was supposed to be freezing rain in the afternoon, which could've caused for some very icy roads, they condensed our 4 hour training into 2 hours...which was amazing.  Plus, Todd was able to come home from work early so he was home by 4:30 PM...which was also amazing. 

Cece was my little shopping buddy at Target

My 2nd attempt at Copycat Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie was much more successful on Friday night! 

The whole batch only makes 8 cookies but they are HUGE

My failed attempt a couple weeks ago on New Year's Eve (they got really flat)

We were under a level 2 snow emergency on Saturday morning so we spent the day at home and the girls played with some new Christmas toys we hadn't opened yet as well as some older toys.  It's nice that they can actually play "together" a little bit now and I know it'll get better once Cece starts talking more.  Lucy is definitely rubbing off on Cece though because Lucy will frequently get on our fireplace to put on a show and I can't tell you how many times Cece has crawled up there now too and will start "singing"....it's hilarious!

The girls having a picnic

Drawing with her new toy

Lucy & I spent some time making masks

Todd's year-end/holiday party was a bit different this year.  Instead of having one huge party with all of Honda R&D (which a lot of people refer to as Honda Prom because some people get really dressed up), they decided to give each division money and let the employees decide what to do for their party.  Todd's division put together a committee and then sent out emails with ideas you could vote on as well as when to hold the party (hence the reason it was in January).  We ended up going to Funny Bone for dinner and a show.  While we were initially disappointed that we weren't going to get to hang out with Todd's friends and their wives (they all work in different divisions), I was excited I didn't have to dress up and we love Funny Bone so it all worked out.  We had a great time and it was nice to get to meet some of Todd's coworkers that I hear about.

Selfie at the Funny Bone

and then Todd's manager's wife volunteered to take a picture of us

Sunday, again, was spent mostly at home although we did run out to go the grocery store and Old Navy.  Hopefully we venture out this weekend for something fun to do because I can only handle so much time at home before I go a little stir crazy!

Legos everywhere!

Cece & Lucy with the Old Navy mannequin dog

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

First Weekend of 2018

If these past couple weeks are any indication of what this winter is going to be like, we're going be in a for a long few months!  It's been extremely cold (Lucy didn't even have school on Friday because of the windchill) and on Monday, kids were off school again because of freezing rain and icy roads.  I heard we're supposed to get a pretty decent snowfall again on Friday too.  Also, I'm pretty sure someone in our family is going to be sick for the next couple months.  I've had a lingering cold which I think turned into a sinus infection for the past couple weeks which just got significantly worse over the weekend and then yesterday, Lucy mentioned she wasn't feeling well.  Ugh, we're never going to catch a break with sickness!

Since Lucy was off on Friday, we had plenty of time to play at home.  One of her Christmas presents this year were shrinky dinks (anyone else remember these as a kid?) and she LOVES making them.  She colored a few of them and then we popped them in the oven and watched them shrink.

Shrinky dinks colored and ready to be put in the oven

Watching them shrink

Cece wanted to check it out too

Showing them off after they came out of the oven

We had a special night on Friday--it was movie night!  Lucy has been talking about having a movie night for months and we were finally able to plan it.  Her requirements were wearing pjs, having snacks, inviting Grandpa over, and watching the movie after Cece was in bed (which meant Lucy got to stay up extra late!)  We watched Sing and it really was a fun night.

Grandpa & Lucy on movie night (Todd is in the kitchen with his onesie)

Ready to watch the movie with our snacks

Since it's been so cold recently, we wanted to go someplace to let the girls burn off some energy so we made our way over to Recreations Outlet.  Even though it's literally a half mile from our house, it was our first time going.  I'm glad we got there right when they opened because it was PACKED by the time we left a couple hours later.  The girls had a blast and I'm sure we'll be back quite a bit this winter.

Attempting to climb

And Lucy actually is climbing

Love this picture of Lucy

First time Cece didn't cry when sitting in a swing

We got back from Recreations Outlet around lunch time and since we didn't do anything in the afternoon, we wanted to get out of the house again so we decided to go to dinner at The Pint Room.  The food was good (we both got burgers) and it was nice to go out.

Cece was too busy looking at food to look up for a picture

Lucy & I

Sunday was when I started to feel pretty sick again so we didn't really do anything.  Todd & Lucy went to church while I took Cece to the grocery store (Todd & I alternate weeks going to church since Lucy is in the preschool PSR program and we don't feel like dealing with an active 18 month old there).  The only other thing I can remember from Sunday is that while Cece was napping, Lucy finally watched Frozen for the first time!  She's been obsessed with the soundtrack (my dad plays it for her on the way to and from preschool) and she's read a bunch of Frozen books but had never seen the movie.  She's a few years late to the game but she loves it.

She's quite the charmer at the grocery store--she was waving to everyone and some lady even asked me how could we ever say no to her (trust me, it isn't that hard!)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Year's Weekend

After a lot of busy weekends in December and a lot of hustle & bustle, I felt like we finally had a weekend with not a lot of plans.  I also ended up with a bad cold (I swear our family has been sick since Halloween and we just keep passing it back and forth between each other) which I guess was "good" timing since we didn't have anything urgent that we had to do.  You know I'm not feeling well when I skipped a free barre3 class on New Year's Day to sleep in!  Lucy was shocked to walk into our bedroom on January 1 at 8:15 AM to find Todd & I still in bed.

So what did we do over our long holiday weekend?

Well, it snowed Friday night into Saturday morning so we went outside to try to build a snowman on Saturday morning (which was a fail because it wasn't good packing snow), Lucy had a birthday party at Get Air (an indoor trampoline park), and my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew were in town for the OSU basketball game so we celebrated a belated Christmas with them since they were sick when we were up visiting Todd's family last weekend.

On Sunday (New Year's Eve), we went out to run some errands (Target, Kroger, hardware store, etc.) and my parent's brought lunch over and played with the girls and their new Christmas toys for a little bit.  While they were here, Todd & I took that time to take down our Christmas tree and all of the decorations.  It's amazing how much space everything takes up--I feel like our family room is so much bigger now!  We celebrated New Year's Eve in our typical fashion, we made fondue & homemade pretzels, ordered sushi & crab rangoon takeout, and I attempted to make copycat Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Even though they weren't as thick as they were supposed to be and flattened out quite a bit, they were still really good.  I need to work on perfecting that recipe.

I woke up on New Year's Day feeling worse than I did earlier that weekend (although part of that could've been from staying up until midnight on New Year's Eve) and had to teach a Spinning class in the late morning.  The rest of our holiday was spent hanging out at home (it's been really cold outside!) and cooking a yummy New Year's Day dinner.

Lucy couldn't wait to get outside and play in the snow

Cece wasn't really sure what to think about it

Couldn't make a snowman but she did make a bunch of snow angels

Kids at Natalie's birthday party

Jumping off the trampoline into a giant block foam pit

On the balance board

The kids all got superhero masks in their goody bags

Family pic

Cece tearing into a present

Lucy opening one of her presents

Cece was very fascinated by our nephew's presents

Todd got a cool patent picture to hang up in his basement brewery

She loved his nerf gun

Uncle Brian helping Cece open a present

She LOVED her new chair

Showing Uncle Brian her sippy cup holder in the chair

I got this cute new bag from Target

Taking it easy on Sunday afternoon (Lucy was wearing her Elsa costume most of the day)

These homemade pretzels are part of our NYE tradition

Artichoke cheese fondue, pretzels, crab rangoon, sushi, and wine


These cookies are massive (the whole batch only makes 8 giant cookies) but they're supposed to be thicker and more dense

Lucy playing with her new play doh kit on Monday 

We made a brown sugar glazed ham (pictured below), brussel sprouts, cheesy potatoes, and cornbread for New Year's Day dinner

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017: A Year in Review

2017 was a busy year for us with lots of ups & downs.  Despite all the good times, it had its fair share of challenging moments and I'm ready to put 2017 behind us and focus on 2018.

Here's a look back at the highlights:


Cece's 1st attempt at solids

Zoo day in the middle of winter

Date night at Funny Bone

Day trip to the Buckeye Children's Museum in Mansfield

Lunch on the Buckeye Express Diner

Disney on Ice


Date night to see The Little Mermaid at the Ohio Theatre

Swimming at the Y

Valentine's pjs

Valentine's Day


Off to Florida (and Cece's 1st flight)

St. Patrick's Day

Cece sitting poolside in her tent

Building sandcastles

Family pic on the beach

Swimming in the pool

Ice cream with MaMa & PaPa

Last day on vacation


Easter Bunny

Dying Easter eggs

Easter egg hunt

Bathroom remodel (one view of the room)

Bathroom remodel (the other view of the room)
Easter baskets

Family pic on Easter

The whole family on Easter


Spring day at the zoo

Pony ride at the Powell Street Fair

Last of 3 year old preschool

Date night for my birthday

Mother's Day picnic at Inniswood

My 34th birthday

Memorial Day parade

Zoombezi Bay


Swim lessons for Cece

Swim lessons for Lucy

Powell splash pad

Another weekend at Zoombezi Bay

Loves the slide

Daddy daughter dance at Lucy's dance recital

Our little ballerina


Date night at Rockmill Tavern

Veterans' Park splash pad

Father's Day lunch at Restoration Brew Worx with Grandpa...

and Daddy

Zoo camp

Camel ride at the zoo


Off to California!

Cable car ride in San Francisco

4th of July


Oakland Zoo

Cece's 1st baseball game

Cece's 1 year pictures at Inniswood

The soon-to-be birthday girl...

and one more

Cece's 1st birthday!

Happy birthday!

Cece's One in a Melon party

Blowing out her candles...

and devouring her cake

Few day stay with MaMa & PaPa and hanging out with her cousins...

meant Cece was an "only" child for a few days

Date night at Palle by Moretti

Ohio State Fair

Carousel at the Columbus Commons


Another trip to the splash pad

Family bike ride/walk on the neighborhood bike path

Playing at Murphy's Park

Todd's cousin's wedding in Youngstown

Open house for Lucy's new preschool

1st day of pre-K

Our 6th Anniversary

St. Joan of Arc festival


Feeding the giraffes at the zoo

Lucy going down the giant slide at the St. Michael Festival with Grandpa

Kids' coaster at the festival

1st day of tap

Weekend with MaMa & PaPa

9/11 Stair Climb

Apple picking at Lynd's Fruit Farm

Lucy's 4 year pictures


Lucy's chalazion removal surgery

Waking up from anesthesia (and eating animal crackers)

Going to the movies on Lucy's birthday

American Girl store with Grandma & Grandpa on Lucy's birthday

Lucy's 4th birthday

Leeds Farm

Hay barn at the farm


Lucy's 1st time bowling

Lucy's 4th birthday party at The Glass Slipper

Her friends dressed up for the tea party

Birthday cake

Weekend getaway to Pittsburgh

Point State Park in Pittsburgh

Circleville Pumpkin Show

Pumpkin patch

Trick-or-Treat Trail at Deer Haven Park

Halloween at the Worthington Farmers' Market

Trick-or-Treat at the North Market



Todd's birthday

Date night at BrewDog for Todd's birthday

Christmas mini session


Wildlights at the Zoo


Breakfast with Santa

Cutting down our Christmas tree

Annual blogger dinner

Carriage ride at Easton

Decorating a gingerbread house

Holiday open house for tap

Making Christmas cookies

Took Lucy to see Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Musical

Decorating cookies

Christmas with MaMa & PaPa

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas card

Christmas morning

Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa

19th Annual Sexy 7 Gift Exchange

Christmas celebration with Todd's sister, brother-in-law, and our niece & nephew