Saturday, May 18, 2019

Turning 36

With Mother's Day on Sunday & my birthday on Wednesday, I was definitely spoiled this week by Todd and the girls!  Todd & I both took the day off work on Wednesday so I started my 36th birthday off with a workout at Shred415 and then for the first time all school year (and last time since school ends on Thursday), we were all able to walk Lucy to the bus stop as a family.  She doesn't get to ride the bus in the morning very often since we usually have to take her to before care so it was extra special that we were all able to walk down together (the bus stop is on the street next to ours so it actually takes a few minutes to walk there).  

After she was off to kindergarten for the day, I headed off for some relaxation time where I got a pedicure and then ran some errands (yes, sometimes I consider that relaxing when I get to run errands without the girls!).  I came back home and our house smelled like chocolate!  Todd had made the cakes for my all-chocolate birthday cake.  He wanted to wait until Lucy was home from school to make the frosting so the girls could both help.  Towards the end of Lucy's school day, I went to her school and was the Mystery Reader in her classroom.  She was pretty surprised and very excited to see me.  I was able to bring her home after that and it was cute to see all her kindergarten classmates wave and tell her bye as she left the classroom.  I feel like we're raising just a really sweet, kind girl with Lucy.  My parents came over for dinner that evening to enjoy some homemade chicken parmesan (prepared by Todd) and birthday cake (which was super rich but really good and moist).

Waiting for the bus

Picked up my free Starbucks drink and enjoyed reading my book while waiting at the spa

Pedicure done

I came home and Cece was dressed up in Lucy's Dorothy costume---ruby slippers and all!

On our way out of Lucy's classroom after being the Mystery Reader

Cece helping Todd make the frosting for the cake

Lucy mixing it up

 Todd icing the layers

Cece was the official taste tester

Adding some additional details to the top of the cake

Dinner with the family

The finished product

Birthdays are so much fun with these girls

 Helping me blow out my candles

3 layer chocolate cake was on point

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mother's Day Weekend 2019

Todd was in Japan all of last week (and the weekend before) for work so we were so excited to have him back home on Friday night and spend the weekend with him.  Before Todd arrived home on Friday, I took the girls to help me pick out some flowers for our front porch & lamp post (hanging flowers) and then Lucy asked to go to lunch at the North Market to do some people watching (her words!).  Another reason the girls like to go to the North Market is because I usually let them get some ice cream; however, it was packed on Friday so it took us probably 20 min to actually find a table which meant our parking meter was going to expire before we had time to get ice cream and we stopped at Handel's on the way home.  Todd got home just in time for us to meet his family for dinner.  They were in town for the state science fair for our nephew and it was also our niece's birthday so we were happy we were able to spend time with them.  

Since Lucy loves to people watch, we always have to find a seat that's next to the railing so she can watch everyone below

They love the pretzel sticks from Brezel

And I love getting a big pretzel!

It wasn't the warmest day for ice cream outside but surprisingly, there were 3 other people in line when we were there

Todd likes to bring home Japanese treats for us and Lucy's favorite are Tokyo Bananas (it's like a twinkie with a thick pudding-like banana flavored filling)

There was a balloon lady at Mellow Mushroom & the girls were all excited 

Lucy went with Tinkerbell...

and Cece went with a unicorn

Saturday morning started off with Brody's 3rd birthday party (our godson) and the bounce house and donuts were a huge hit with the kids.  Afterwards, Todd went to the state science fair awards ceremony (our nephew did great and won a scholarship!) while I took the girls to the Made Local Marketplace which was at a new location this time.  We had our babysitter come over in the early evening so Todd & I could go to dinner & see Hello, Dolly! at the Ohio Theatre.  Dinner was great and the show was even better (it's one of my favorites). 

Brody's 3 Ring Circus Party

Can't go wrong with donuts!

Lucy taking her turn at hitting the pinata 

Cece's technique wasn't very effective since she was holding the bat upside down & basically pushing the pinata instead of hitting it

At one point, all of the kids were on the swing set

Cece & Brody jumping in the bounce house

Fancy dinner at Jeff Ruby's

I barely put a dent in my buckeye cake but I now have cake leftovers for the next few days

Getting ready to see Hello, Dolly!

Loved the show and music

Sunday was Mother's Day and since it was cold and wet outside, the girls & Todd surprised me with an indoor picnic to take the place of our annual outdoor Mother's Day picnic.  Todd made my favorite salad and even had a glass of wine poured and waiting for me.  Since we were inside, Lucy put on some music and went with some Disney music because it had a song from Mary Poppins on it which she knows is my favorite Disney movie.  The rest of the day was pretty relaxing; it was nice to sit & read on the couch guilt free and Todd even grilled out for dinner too.  All in all, it was low key but perfect.

Cozy indoor picnic with the girls & Todd

Lucy's music selection was on point

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Cold Start to May

We had a jam-packed weekend starting with our local touch-a-truck event on Friday, the start of our favorite outdoor farmers' market & a trip to the library on Saturday, and the Powell Street Market and a princess meet & greet event on Sunday.  May is always one of our busier months as it seems to be a very popular birthday month, mine included, so we always have a few birthday parties on top of  Mother's Day, end of the school year events, Daddy-Daughter dance practice for Lucy's recital, and Memorial Day.  

Despite it raining (not too hard) off & on Friday during the touch-a-truck, we still managed to walk there from our house and the girls LOVED jumping in all the puddles in their rain boots along the way

Cece driving the fire engine

Sitting on the trolley

Lucy ringing the trolley bell

Of course they loved the library bookmobile

The school bus was also a big hit especially since there was an owl on board!

Standing in the bucket

"Operating" the bobcat

Cece got a turn too

On Saturday morning, we went to the Worthington Farmers' Market for the first outdoor one of the season and they were having a special "Green on the Green" event which focused on green & healthy alternatives; anyways, the girls were very interested in the opossums they had on display

Such a good picture of the two of them, they really are the best of friends

Girls couldn't pass up a chance to pose in this cut out

My littlest bookworm at the library

On Sunday, we walked to the Powell Street Market and the girls had to stop every few feet to pick dandelions to blow and make wishes on

Nice change to this year's street market is that they actually closed the street for the vendors so the sidewalks weren't overcrowded

Snack break #1

followed quickly by snack break #2 (this girl loves her popcorn)

Our traditional purchase of hand squeezed lemonade and kettle corn is always a hit with the girls

Sunday afternoon we went to the grand opening of a new princess venue (we used this company for Lucy's 3rd birthday when Aurora made an appearance) and the girls were so excited to meet quite a few different princesses including Anna....



and Uma (from the Descendants, Lucy's favorite)

Every 10-15 min they also had the princess interacting with all the kids by either singing or dancing

Lucy & Cece loved dancing with Uma & Poppy (the troll)