Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Still Feels like Summer

I'm at the point now that if it's hot out, like it was the past weekend, and the pools are closed for the year, I'd rather see some cooler temps.  I mean, I actually really enjoy warm weather but more so if I can take the girls to the pool or Zoombezi Bay and since that isn't an option, I'm awaiting fall with open arms.  Of course, you know in like 2 months I'll be complaining about how it's so cold and we're stuck inside!  So what did we do the take advantage of our hot weekend?  I took the girls to the zoo on Friday, we went to the Dublin Farmers' Market and ran some errands on Saturday (including a walk to Handel's for a milkshake), and rode bikes to the park on Sunday.  The girls were fighting some sort of cold last week and Todd finally got hit with it on Saturday.  It was like a complete 180--he seemed totally fine and then an hour later he was curled up on the couch with his eyes barely open.  He didn't even make it to half time on Saturday night watching the OSU football game.  Thankfully he took a couple naps on Sunday and was feeling much better by yesterday.

We got to the zoo right when it was opening on Friday morning and it was dead for the first hour or so.  We were able to walk up to most exhibits and attractions without waiting and Lucy was finally able to ride the camel by herself

Feeding the giraffes

Train ride

This one penguin was swimming around like crazy in the water and Lucy kept running back and forth with it

We were the only people on the carousel

Cece will only ride on the bench with me

Dinosaur island boat ride

Cece was terrified and curled up in a ball on my lap the entire time

Beep beep!

Ice cream sandwiches later in the afternoon for snack time

Busted out the matching script Ohio dresses for the girls on Saturday...

and look how little Cece was last year!

Checking out the farmers' market down below while waiting for the elevator

Chicken cut out of Lucy...

and Cece

Cece looking at my new mums for our front porch

After surviving (and behaving) a couple hours of running errands, we had lunch at Chick-fil-A and Lucy asked for a milkshake; well, their ice cream machine was down so once we got home and Cece went down for her nap, Lucy & I walked down to Handel's for a milkshake

The only exciting part of our Sunday was riding bikes to the park to play for a bit

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Apple Picking, Football, and Stair Climb

It officially feels like fall now!  We shifted from 90+ degrees last week to barely breaking 60 degrees on Sunday.  I have a feeling the temps will be up and down quite a bit in the next month so I'm hoping we'll still see some nice warm days before it gets colder every day.  We took advantage of being outside on Friday (especially since it ended up raining the entire weekend) by picking apples at Branstool Orchards and stopping at Velvet Ice Cream afterwards.  Lynn & Brody met us out in Utica (close to an hour drive northeast of us) for a morning of fun.

Kids in the wagon ready to go pick some apples

Cece wasted no time

Lucy quickly joined in too

We went primarily for the honeycrisp apples and they were really good 

Smiles for mom

All 3 kiddos

Couldn't pass up a picture of me with Lucy & Cece since Lynn was there to take it

Posing on our way out

Our next stop was just a mile or so down the street at Velvet Ice Cream

The kids played for a little bit at the playground

Lucy & Cece

Once their restaurant opened, we went in for ice cream and milkshakes

Cece got a vanilla milkshake...

and Lucy got a scoop of Super Friends which was bubble gum flavored (not my top choice but hey, she liked it and ate most of it)

Despite the rain on Saturday, Todd still had plans to meet up with some friends to golf (it was one of his friend's birthday and they had to get him out of the house in order for his wife to throw a surprise party for him) and then go to the party.  Luckily, one of my friends invited us (and some others) over last minute for the OSU game that afternoon.  The girls had a blast playing in the basement with their friends (it's the same kids Lucy plays with when she comes to my monthly book club with me) and I was able to hang out with my friends. 

Matching game day shirts (glad they still fit from last year!)

Cece playing with Doc McStuffins

Lucy was already dressed up and playing with dolls shortly after we got there

The girls eating dinner together

On Sunday morning, I participated again in the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb as part of Upper Arlington Fire Department's team.  Although myself and my coworkers (we work with a lot of local fire departments and most closely with UA) didn't wear the full turnout gear like the firefighters, we did either wear bottles or weight vests.  Last year, I wore a 30 lb weight vest with shorts and a tank top and did the climb with relative ease.  I wanted to challenge myself this year so I wore a 50 lb weight vest, tights, and long sleeves and it was definitely harder than last year.  It's a great event to honor the 343 firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11 and I know the UA firefighters really appreciate our support.

Todd & the girls came to cheer us on

You pick out a badge of one of the first responders who died that day and you climb in honor of them; after you finish, you ring a bell and say their name

Five of my seven coworkers did the climb (I initially had a bottle on but realized it was pretty light so I switched to the weight vest)

UA's team before the climb

Everyone has their gear on and is ready to go

Waving to the girls after our first flight (we did 5 flights of 24 floors so 120 floors total)

We were a sweaty mess afterwards

Cece  & I

Our team again after the climb

Friday, September 7, 2018

Cece's 1st Day of 2 Year Old Preschool

Lucy has been back to school for almost a month now but on Wednesday, Cece had her very first day of school when her 2 year old preschool program started.  I should preface this though and say that although it was technically her first day of school, the first day is what they call child orientation where a parent goes with the child and you both stay for only a half hour.  It gives the child time to meet their teachers and check out their new classroom.  I took the day off work so I could take Cece.  Next Wednesday, she'll go by herself for the full 2.5 hours.  She did great though meeting her teachers (which were the same teachers Lucy had in 3 year old preschool) and walked right into her classroom and started playing with toys and reading books.  

Cece's first official 1st day of school picture

Her excited face

Pic with big sis before she went to Kindergarten

Comparison picture of Lucy vs. Cece at the same age...Cece is quite a bit taller than Lucy was!

Since I took the day off work, Lucy was able to ride the bus in the morning to school for the first time so we all walked over to the bus stop together before I took Cece to preschool

Checking out her new classroom

Playing with dinosaur magnets

She loved this little reading nook with the pillows to sit on