Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009: A Year in Review

2009 was an amazing year to say the least. Among many things, Todd & I went to 6 weddings of some of our closest friends & family (3 of which I was in) and were lucky enough to travel to St. Thomas, Colorado, and Houston. I also completed my lifelong dream of running the Boston Marathon (now all I need to check off my bucket list is opening my “Mullet Bar” and driving my car so fast I go up on 2 wheels…but more on that another time). Here’s a short review, month-by-month in photos, showing what a great year it truly was.

*Please note the change in Todd's hair throughout the year too


Trip to Newport Aquarium & Haufbrahaus
Wedding #1 in Cleveland: Nate & Erica Polek


Fractured hand after falling while running
Trip to Pittsburgh to visit Sara & for a 20 mile training run


UD roommates at Dana's wedding shower in Dayton


Sexy 7 at Shubs' baby shower

Sexy 7 at Lynn's wedding shower

Easter in Leetonia

Mile 16.8 of the Boston Marathon


Wedding #2 in Columbus: Nathan & Lynn Ison

Sexy 7

My birthday dinner at Hyde Park


Wedding #3 in Columbus: Dan & Kathryn McGinnis

Wedding #4 in St. Thomas: Derek & Emily Paul

Day trip to St. John's


Wedding #5 in Colorado: Nate & Dana Knight

UD Roommates at Dana's Wedding

Rocky Mountains

Wedding #6 in Houston: Brian & Alicia Lewis

Bridal Party


Canoeing & camping


My 1st OSU football game


Circleville Pumpkin Show

Keeneland in Lexington


Trip to the wineries in Geneva, Ohio for Todd's birthday


Christmas dinner

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