Friday, January 29, 2010

Most Women Love Shoes...

....but I love purses!

One of my favorite things about my apartment are the hooks I have hanging up in my bedroom behind my bathroom door. I found them at Ikea and knew they'd be perfect to hang up my purses & bags! It doesn't matter if it's Coach, Vera, or Target, if it's a cute purse, I will buy it (or in the case of Coach, I'll admire it from afar at the store since I can't afford to buy every purse there).

A few of my favorite purses hanging up
BUT, my all-time favorite store for purses & bags is 1154 Lill Studio. I was introduced to this place several years ago when I went to a purse party for my friend. 1154 Lill is a custom handbag boutique where you can design your own bag (or wallet, wrislet, diaper bag, laptop bag, makeup bag, etc.). You pick out the style of the bag you want and then choose the fabric for everything--exterior, interior, inside of pockets, and even the straps. They then send in your order and within a month, your bag will be waiting for you on your doorstep.

I love Lill purses because it's your own design and no one will ever have the same bag as you. Trust me, they have tons of fabric to choose from! There are only 4 Lill stores in the country (Chicago, Boston, Philly, and Kansas City) but in many bigger cities, there may be a Lill rep who will come to your house for a purse party. They will bring out swatches of all the fabrics and sample bags to look at. I've been to several purse parties and even went to the store when I went to Boston last year for the marathon....and made 2 bags, oops. I've already started looking at several bags and designs I like because you can bet that I'll be making another one in Boston this year--that is, if Todd doesn't mind!

On a running note, I snuck in an easy 4 mi (8:20 pace) on the treadmill this morning as it was dark & freezing cold outside. Not a fan of windchills in or below the single digits. I usually rest the day before a long run but for some reason felt like getting up this morning & getting moving. Tomorrow is my "first" long run of my training. Now I know I've said I've been doing long runs every week already, but for some reason I don't really think of any of them as being long until I get to 16 mi. I think it's because it takes me more than 2 hours to do and if I was only training for a 1/2 marathon, I would be doing long runs up to 14-15 mi so to me, a 16 mi long run is the start of marathon training. I'm still debating if I'm going to do this 16 mi outside or on the treadmill tomorrow morning. It'll probably be a game time decision. And yes, I've done 16 mi on the treadmill before.

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Anonymous said...

purse party? that sounds pretty awesome. i don't have as many "fun" bags but i love getting those recycle ones, like the kind youd take to a grocery store? weird i know BUT my family gets me cute ones all the time haha

and i know what you mean about long runs not really being long until you hit a certain distance. i have my first 20 tmrw! eek. assuming i want to get out in the frigid weather :)