Friday, February 12, 2010

Running & Weekend Plans

Knock on wood, my running has been going really well recently! I have my longest run of my training so far tomorrow with 18 mi. My goal pace is 8:30-8:45 but we'll see since I haven't done a long run outside in a few weeks plus it depends on how icy and/or slushy the roads are. It's crazy to think that just 2 months ago, I had just started running again after my injury and now I'm already up to 18 miles. Don't worry though, I've been coming back slow and really watching my mileage. Let's hope it all pays off on April 19 when I'm injury-free and breaking 3:30.

I had a great speed/tempo workout on Wednesday morning. I ran 2 mi warm up, then 2x2 mi (1st set was 7:32, 7:24, 2nd set was 7:27, 7:18) with 1 mi easy in between and 1 mi cool down. I think I ended up running the "easy" mile in between sets and my cool down mile a little fast because my average pace for the total 8 mi was 7:43. I also ran an easy 4 mi yesterday morning before getting in a good total body lifting session (with jump rope added in). Todd & I also climbed last night after work. I can tell I'm improving there too!

I'm pretty excited for the weekend because it's Valentine's Day! Yes, I know it's every guys least favorite holiday but I like it because it means I get to spend some good quality time with Todd. Tonight, Todd & I are making basil pesto pasta so I can carb load for my run in the AM and then watch the Olympics. Tomorrow, we're going to "celebrate" Valentine's Day by going to the movies to see Valentine's Day (and eating lots of popcorn), hanging out at my apartment, and then making fondue later that night. I can't wait! Emily & Mark will also be in town this weekend so we're planning on hanging out with them for a little bit on Sunday. It'll be a nice & relaxing weekend after our 3 party weekend last week.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a great training week. good luck with your LR. and 830 pace is smoking fast :)