Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 7 Recap: March 1-7

Another 40 mi week in the books for me. For me, 40-45 mi is about where I peak otherwise I will probably get a stress fracture. I finally learned this after my 4th stress fracture last year. I think taking a complete rest day really seems to help with my long run on Saturday mornings because I felt awesome this Saturday. It also helped that Todd was riding his bike alongside me which seemed to push me.

Monday: 8 mi (7:44 average pace) w/ 6 x 800 between 3:28-3:34

Tuesday: 30 min elliptical; total body circuit

Wednesday: 10 mi (2 mi warm up, 6 mi tempo @ 7:31 average pace, 2 mi cooldown)

Thursday: 6 mi (easy w/ 2 x 800 @ 3% grade @ GMP); lifted total body & core
1.5 hrs indoor climbing w/ Todd in the evening

Friday: REST

Saturday: 16 mi in 2:12:51 (8:18 pace)

Sunday: taught 20 min core & taught 50 min spinning

TOTAL: 40 miles

Next week I plan on running 42 mi, ending with a 20 mi run on Saturday, before taking a cut back week.

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Anonymous said...

glad you know your limits mileage wise and are willing to respect them. a great week for you as well. way to make those 40 miles work for you :)