Thursday, April 29, 2010

Book Review

I've started reading a few books lately but haven't been able to get into them so I never finished reading them. I was super excited to start Hush by Kate White because I'd read several other mystery novels by her and she hadn't written one in a few years.

In Hush, Lake Warren is recently separated from her husband, Jack, who is suing for full custody of their two kids. She recently began working with the Advanced Fertility Center as a marketing consultant, alongside the flirtatious Dr. Keaton. But the morning after their one-night stand, Lake finds Dr. Keaton with his throat slashed. Lake is forced to lie to the police so she doesn't jeopardize her right to have full custody of her kids but they start to question her more about the murder. People at the clinic start treating her differently and she has several dangerous encounters. All Lake wants is to find out who killed Dr. Keaton so she can stop living in fear.

This book definitely lived up to my expectations and was a real page turner. I found myself saying, ok I'll stop reading at the end of this chapter, and before I knew it, 50 pages had gone by. I was shocked by the "whodunit" at the end, it was a great twist. This book held my interest from start to finish without any dull moments, and continued to be suspenseful to the very end.

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Anonymous said...

oh man. thanks. like i really need another distraction right now *inserteyeroll* haha. but this book is totally right up my alley!