Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boston: Day 4

Tuesday morning, Todd and I slept in a little bit before working out and grabbing some breakfast in our hotel. We sat in the lobby and watched all the runners hobble by--I definitely remember that feeling last year! Around noon we set off to Sam Adams for a brewery tour and tasting. Unfortunately, we didn't count on everyone also having that same idea the day after the marathon. We weren't going to be able to go on a tour until 2:30pm so we got our tickets and headed back to the hotel for some shopping at the Prudential Center. Of course you know I wasn't going to leave empty handed especially since there was a Lululemon!

We went back to Sam Adams for our tour. The first 20 minutes were spent on the floor of the brewery learning about the brewing process. I found out that Sam Adams actually does a majority of their brewing in Ohio & Pennsylvania. The next 30 minutes were spent sampling 3 of their beers.

Sam Adams Brewery Tour

Learning about the brewing process

First, we tried the Boston Lager
I think Todd liked this one
Then we had their seasonal Summer Ale
Followed by Boston Brick Red

My favorite was definitely the Summer Ale!

We've been on a lot of other brewery tours before (Anheuser Busch, Coors, etc.) so Sam Adams didn't quite live up to our expectations but we still had a good time and you can never complain about free beer.

Tuesday evening we headed over to Fenway for the Red Sox game against the Texas Rangers. We walked around Fenway for a little bit taking in all the sights. It's pretty cool because there are lots of bars, restaurants, and food vendors all around the outside of the ballpark.

We hadn't really eaten much that day either so when we went into the stadium, we walked around so we could get an idea of our options for food and take a couple pics.

Hanging out with Wally the Green Monster
We finally bought some food and headed to our seats. Todd tried a Fenway frank and an Italian sausage and I had some pizza and a pretzel. We had great seats in the outfield and were excited to cheer on the home team.

Apparently I was very excited for my soft serve sundae I got during the game

Our view of the game from our seats
The Green Monster

The Red Sox didn't play that well most of the game but they hung in there. Todd & I ended up leaving during the 8th inning and when we got back to our hotel, we turned on the game to see who won and the Red Sox hit a home run in the bottom of the 9th to win! We were kinda bummed we missed all the excitement but still had a great night.


Bethany said...

Have you ever considered doing "Beer School" at Cleveland's Great Lakes Brewing Co? I believe it's only held once per month and it's always on a day in the middle of the week which stinks for your work schedules, but I promise you it's well worth the tour! It costs a little $ (I forget exactly what we paid) but you get to sample 5-6 beers after an extended tour and as you're sampling the beers you are told detailed information about each. I think the whole process was an hour and a half or two hours, and we got shirts as part of the ticket price too! If you do the beer school tour, you should also have dinner at the Great Lakes restaurant attached to the brewery. They have great food!

Anonymous said...

i think youve done more stuff in boston than i have! that brewery tour sounds awesome. glad youre having such a great trip! bummer about missing the end of the sox game though