Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birthday Weekend Recap Part 2

After a great day on Saturday, Todd still had more birthday plans on Sunday. I had talked about going to COSI (Center of Science & Industry) to see the Titanic Exhibit a few weeks ago so Todd surprised me with a trip there.

Titanic Exhibit Poster

You couldn't take pictures inside the exhibit so this had to do

The exhibit was incredible! It's amazing to see how many artifacts they've recovered from deep in the ocean decades later. They had dinner plates that weren't broken that had been used to serve food on board, wallets from passengers, and even bottles with alcohol still in them. One neat thing they also did was when you first walked into the exhibit, you're handed a boarding pass with the name & info of one of the actual Titanic passengers. At the end, you get to see if you lived or survived. Todd & I were both first class passengers so we figured we'd both live and we were right.

Our boarding passes

Aside from the Titanic exhibit, COSI has a ton of other science exhibits, such as Labs in Life. I was especially interested in this because it's a collaboration between OSU & COSI and features the exercise science & nutrition departments, which is what I was a part of when I was in grad school at OSU. OSU has 3 lab spaces in this exhibit that they actually use for research projects. The 3 lab spaces include VO2max testing, body composition via Bod Pod, and DEXA, which measures body composition and bone density. There were big crowds gathered around the VO2max testing as they were testing some elite cyclists.

The VO2max testing lab space
The Bod Pod

Another exhibit we checked out was Progress where you travel back in time to see the technology in 1898 and then turn the corner and see the same town in 1962. I didn't take pics from 1898 but Todd & I had a blast hanging out in 1962.

The diner
Todd playing pinball in the diner

Pretty sure this was meant for someone under the age of 6 but Todd felt the need to go for a ride.....and it was hilarious!He had a little trouble getting back out & I couldn't stop laughing
Gas station in 1962

Clearly, I've got my race face on

Our weekend ended with dinner at my parent's house. We had a great summer meal of barbecue ribs, corn on the cob, baked beans, fruit salad, and of course, wine. The weather was still nice so we were even able to eat on the back porch.

Our meal

After dinner, I opened birthday presents from my parents followed by more cake & ice cream.

My parents know me well & wrapped my presents in pink
I think Todd wants his own Coach purse
Todd & I

I would have to say this was probably the best birthday I've had. It was an awesome weekend and I was sad to see it end but am looking forward to lots of fun things planned this summer!


LYNN said...

So glad you had a great birthday weekend! I love that you went to Titanic and took a picture of one of the printed PCG pieces...I think I actually designed that poster!

Bethany said...

Progress is my favorite exhibit at COSI!! I'm going to take my girls there next week I think so I can't wait to see the Titanic exhibit!