Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekly Recap: August 30-September 5

After doing Hood to Coast and still being on vacation in Oregon for most of the week, I knew my mileage would be low and I was totally fine with that. I had run hard during HTC and didn't want to risk injury with doing too much this week. I ran with Todd all 3 runs since I wasn't concerned with time, mileage, or pace. We took the red eye back from Portland Friday night and landed in Columbus early Saturday morning. Since the weather had cooled off dramatically, we slept for a few hours and didn't run our 10 miler until late in the afternoon. Todd's goal was to run 9:00 min/mi for his longest run EVER but I think the combination of lack of sleep, running later in the day, and not really eating that much took it's toll because he had to stop and walk several times. I'm not going to lie, I struggled to run with him the whole time just because I'm used to run a little bit faster but I also didn't want to leave him behind either. I have a big week coming up with some higher mileage on top of working at 4:00 AM twice....ugh.

Monday: 5 mi w/ Todd in Portland (8:38 pace)

Tuesday: 45 min elliptical; lifted total body (hotel fitness center)

Wednesday: 6 mi w/ in Portland (8:10 pace; 5 mi w/ Todd and 1 mi by myself in 7:26)

Thursday: 45 min elliptical; lifted total body (hotel fitness center)

Friday: REST

Saturday: 10 mi w/ Todd on Olentangy bike path (9:35 pace)

Sunday: taught 20 min core & taught 50 min spinning

TOTAL: 21 mi

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