Saturday, October 16, 2010

Am I Really Running a Marathon Tomorrow?

Last night, Todd & I headed downtown to the Columbus Marathon expo. The funny thing is, it still didn't hit me that I'm running a marathon tomorrow. Ok, well maybe I realized it once I got my bib and saw that I was #118. Apparently I'm an elite runner now, I must have missed the memo on that one. Actually, this is the first year Columbus is doing seeded corrals for the start and I'm in corral 1 since I've run a half marathon under 1:45 in the past year and a half.

The expo was nothing to write home about and in fact, was slightly disappointing. Of course, the last expo I went to was the best of the best, the Boston Marathon expo. At Columbus, there were probably close to 100 booths set up but there were no free samples of cliff bars, no cereal, no gu, no nothing. Most of the booths were selling clothes or promoting other races. Despite my disappointment, it didn't stop me from spending some money.

Standing next to the course map

Banners lining street with this year's slogan, "Feel the Whole City Behind You"

Purchase #1: Run Columbus t-shirt

Purchase #2: Run Cbus technical shirt

Purchase #3: 26.2 Pint Glass...I'm wearing the "free" race shirt....and by free I mean it cost $65 since that was the race registration fee

Once Todd & I got back from the expo, I made a pasta dinner and we watched the Spirit of the Marathon to get me pumped up for the race. Of course, I fell asleep about halfway through.

I just got back from my easy 3 mi shakeout run (8:25 pace) and all that's stopping me from running 26.2 mi is going to a wedding of one of my former college teammates & roommates at UD. Should be an interesting night!


Anonymous said...

no samples?! what kind of expo is this hahah? bummer but GOOD LUCK! you'll rock it. woooooot to being elite :)

Julie @ "Hotlegs Runner" said...

wow it's tomorrow already! best of luck girl! run safe, run happy and pain-free and finish strong =)

Lindsey said...

good luck tomorrow!!! i'll be thinking about you!!!