Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fried Food & Football

Our weekend plans changed on Friday night since Todd had to work late and then check in with work until about 1:00 AM. We ended up just ordering pizza and watching wedding shows on TLC....ok, I was watching wedding shows on TLC and Todd was working.

Todd did surprise me with this gorgeous fall bouquet though

After we ran an easy 4 mi on Saturday morning and Todd finished some more work from home, we headed down to campus to meet up with some friends to watch the Ohio State vs. Purdue football game. Sara & Jay were in town from Nashville and I hadn't seen them since Todd & I got engaged. I was pretty excited to show off my ring and talk about our wedding plans with Sara since, without them, Todd & I wouldn't have met. Todd and I met at their wedding in July 2008. We watched the first part of the game and ate lunch at Eddie George's Grill. Since it was a blow out, we walked around campus after halftime to show Sara & Jay the new student union. All four of us went to OSU but I went there for grad school while the other 3 went their for undergrad.

Todd & his lunch...a deep fried bacon cheeseburger

Yes, this thing is for real...the bun and burger are deep fried with the toppings placed on top

Todd & I with Jay & Sara
Sara & I in front of the Ohio license plate artwork
Todd & Jay with Brutus the Buckeye
One of Archie Griffin's Heisman trophies

We had a great afternoon catching up and laughing with Jay & Sara. I definitely miss them but was glad to spend some time with them.

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Lindsey said...

oh my gosh - the bacon fried cheeseburger.. where in the world did you find such a thing? Eddie Georges?