Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sometimes We Need a Rest Day

With the move, "training" for a half marathon (ok, so I really haven't been training that much), teaching 5 classes/week, and working full-time, it shouldn't come to a surprise that I'm worn down. I didn't have much time on Monday to workout so I squeezed in a quick 4 miler on the treadmill in 7:39 pace. I felt awesome, it was one of those runs when you feel like you could go forever.

Yesterday, I planned to run 8 miles. We had a night of terrible thunderstorms that continued into the early morning so I again was forced to the treadmill. I knew from the start of my run that it wasn't going to be anywhere near how I felt on Monday. I was struggling to run under 9:00 pace from the beginning. My breathing felt labored and I just felt tired. I managed to run 6 miles in 8:37 pace but felt exhausted.

It truly is amazing how our bodies respond when we're worn down. I don't think I could have run any faster on that 6 mile run if I had tried yet a couple days beforehand I was banging out miles at a pace almost 1 minute faster. So, on top of everything that's been going on, I woke up this morning with a fever of almost 101 degrees. Clearly, my body is responding to all the stress & craziness going on in my life and is telling me, sometimes we need a rest day. I haven't taken a sick day in almost a year and a half, and today, I'm resting my body in hopes to be refreshed for a trip to Leetonia this weekend to visit Todd's family for Easter.


Lindsey said...

hope your feeling better! i tried to run 8 yesterday too - and ended up just running 4... some times you don't want to push your body too hard especially with the race coming up!

Anonymous said...

sometimes we need a rest week (aka the week i'm having hahah!)

hopefully you start feeling better soon! rest up :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better! I think this awful weather we are having is really getting to me because I have been exhausted for days!