Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chicago Part 2: Birthday Celebration

After not getting to sleep until after 3:30 AM after the bachelorette party on Saturday night, I was a little tired when I got up on Sunday morning for a quick workout before meeting up with Todd. Now, I probably would've skipped the workout but since it was my birthday, I really wanted to start my day off right. Todd met me at the hotel around 11:00 AM and we were able to say goodbye to several of my friends before they headed home. The weather was still cold and rainy so we checked the Cubs website to see if the baseball game was going to be cancelled that day. We didn't see any info about it so we assumed the game was still on & bundled up to head to Wrigleyville. Once we got off the L, we walked around the stadium and saw this:

Today's game is postponed

What a bummer! We were really disappointed not only because we wanted to go to the game but also because we didn't have anything else planned for the day. Looking back, I'm kinda glad we didn't have to sit outside in the cold rain for a few hours so maybe it was a blessing in disguise. The game is rescheduled for Tuesday, June 28 in the afternoon so Todd & I both decided to take a couple days off of work next month and head back to Chicago for the game. Hopefully the weather will cooperate next time around!

Since we didn't have any plans for the afternoon, Todd picked up lunch at the Cheesecake Factory for us and we cuddled up in the hotel room eating & celebrating my birthday with cheesecake and presents. Todd had brought a couple birthday presents with him to Chicago and I was like a little kid on Christmas when I saw them. I had absolutely no idea what he had got me and was excited to find out.,

Todd definitely outdid himself...lululemon yoga crops, headband, and a Tiffany's necklace!

Close up off the necklace

After warming up and getting some food in our stomachs, we ventured back out to Michigan Avenue to do some more shopping. We hit up Niketown, Garmin, Express, and Crate & Barrel. Even though we could have gone to some of these stores at home, we actually had time in Chicago to just shop, spend the whole day together, and enjoy each other's company. It really was a wonderful birthday.
Our hotel, the Westin

Our hotel was right next to the John Hancock building

I was pretty excited to see a Garmin store & even got to see the new Garmin 610 (which was awesome!)

We shopped for a few hours and then went back to the hotel for dinner. Todd had found a great Italian place to go to but we also wanted deep dish pizza and didn't think we'd have time on Monday before heading back to Columbus so we ended up going to Giordano's for pizza.

Giordano's on Rush Street

Todd picked fried zucchini for our appetizer

I picked pepperoni & sausage for our deep dish pizza

Lots of toppings & a delicious thick crust

After dinner, we walked back to our hotel and crashed for the night. We were both exhausted from traveling and being up late the night before.

Monday morning we got up and went for a 4 mile run on the hotel treadmills. The weather was still miserable outside but once we checked out of the hotel, the sun started to shine. We drove around the city and past Navy Pier before hitting the highway and heading back to Columbus.

Navy Pier

Around 2:00 PM, we started to get hungry for lunch but weren't really in the mood for fast food. After some quick internet searching, we decided to stop at Broad Ripple Brewpub in Indianapolis. It's the oldest operating microbrewery in Indiana and I knew Todd would love to sample some new beers.

Todd couldn't resist getting a flight of beers

I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of vegetarian options they had the menu and Todd was happy to get a deep fried chicken sandwich. The boy loves his fried foods, what can I say?

We arrived back home early Monday evening and despite several minor setbacks, it was a fantastic weekend with my friends & fiancee. Todd & I are pretty excited to be able to head back again in a month or so for the Cubs game. I think we're going to have to try another deep dish pizza place while we're there too!

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Anne said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I love Giordano's - reading this post makes me want to go to Chicago right now.