Friday, May 13, 2011

Heading to the Windy City

Tomorrow morning, I'll be heading to Chicago with some of my best girlfriends from high school for a bachelorette party for 2 of my other best girlfriends from high school. I'm not real sure of any definitive plans except our friend Gina is hosting the bachelorette party tomorrow evening. Knowing her, it will be nothing short of fabulous. In fact, here is the menu she has planned for us.

Once the bachelorette festivities are over on Sunday morning, Todd will be joining me for my birthday as I turn the big 2-8. Todd is actually going to Chicago on Saturday also but will be driving separately and hanging out with some friends he knows there. I wanted to make sure I had my girls' weekend before I spent the rest of the weekend with him. We have tickets to a Cubs game on Sunday afternoon and hopefully he has some other plans up his sleeve while we're there. My only request was some real Chicago deep dish pizza on Monday before we come back home. I'm pretty pumped to spend the weekend with some of my favorite people!


Anonymous said...

yay weekend! how fun :) i have a bachelorette party later this month that i'm looking forward too.

have a great time and happy early birthday!!!

Anne said...

Happy birthday! Hope you had an awesome weekend!