Friday, August 12, 2011

Beer Tasting at House Wine

A couple nights ago, Todd & I ventured over to House Wine in Worthington for a beer tasting. I know, kinda ironic to go to a beer tasting at a wine bar but House Wine supports a lot of local businesses, such as Rockmill Brewery. I'd heard about this new microbrewery last fall but it is run by one guy and he doesn't have the right liquor license for tours so when we found out there was a tasting at House Wine, we jumped all over it. Or rather, I told Todd and he jumped all over the chance to go. I actually had a glass of wine while we were there. Anyways, the tasting was $15 for 4 beers as well as a cheese or chocolate pairing. Todd really enjoyed the beers and I'm sure I'll be seeing some show up in our fridge soon.

Inside of House Wine

The owner of Rockmill Brewery pouring the beer and explaining what kind of beer it is (he makes all Belgium beers)

The cheese & chocolate pairings....I might have snuck a piece or two from Todd's plate

Todd enjoying one of his beers

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