Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fun Wedding Present

When Todd & I registered for our wedding back in the spring, there were quite a few essentials we needed or things we needed updated but we also wanted to register for a few fun items or things we knew we wouldn't actually buy ourselves. We thought of it kind of like a wish list and enjoyed adding something other than towels and dishes to our registry.

One of the items I added for fun and was really excited to get in the mail the other day was a Soda Stream! We registered for the Soda Stream as well as 4 different flavors of syrup for the pop. As soon as we got it, we got it out and started using it. It was very simply and only took a couple minutes to figure out how to use it and to actually make the pop.

Soda Stream with bottles of pop flavors

All hooked up and ready to go

Todd adding the Diet Cola flavor after added the compressed air and making it carbonated....note his wedding ring

Our first bottle is ready to go....

and it tasted pretty good!

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