Friday, October 14, 2011

My Life Planner

After reading rave reviews for the past couple months about Erin Condren Life Planners, I knew that I had to have one. The only problem was the expensive price tag. I did a little research and found that I missed out on quite a few opportunities through Groupon and other various deal sites. I searched everyday for about a month for a deal and finally came across a 20% off code. Most of the deal sites were offering 50% but I figured 20% off was better than nothing. **Side note--I am later regretting being so anxious to order my Life Planner because a couple days ago, they had a 50% deal on One Kings Lane but that's besides the point.**

I ordered my Life Planner on September 26 and was awaiting for its arrival on October 11. I was beyond excited when I got home from work on Tuesday and found it on my doorstep. Yes, I was one of those kids who loved getting new school supplies at the end of the summer.

It's heeeerrree!!!

I can't believe I actually took the time to take a picture before breaking into it

I loved the packaging and I even received free personalized gift tag stickers and a $10 off coupon for my next order

My planner in the Fleur Feliz pattern in the Splash color scheme

Inside cover

Pages to put birthdays and other special dates

Weekly view with boxes for morning, day, and night

Lots of fun stickers to use such as birthdays, doctor's appointments, vacation, girls night, etc. as well as blank stickers to create your own

Perhaps one of my favorite parts of the planner is the Keep it Together folder and zippered pouch with extra personalized labels and cards

So here's what I love and don't love about the Life Planner:


  • Super cute....enough said

  • The free gift labels were a nice surprise

  • The outside covers are laminated in hard plastic so they won't bend easily or tear

  • Lots of space to write down stuff I need to do for work and personal commitments/events I have....there are 3 main sections: special dates, monthly view and the weekly view (Monday-Sunday)

  • I ordered it at the end of September and the planner included the rest of 2011 (Oct-Dec) as well as all of 2012

  • My current planner is always stuffed with extra papers and with the folder and zipper pouch, I'll be able to store these more carefully and be more organized

  • Cons

  • The was $50 and with my 20% discount it brought it down to $40; however, shipping I believe was almost $8 so really my discount only covered the cost of shipping

  • The planner itself is a bit larger and heavier from what I currently use and more than I expected

  • The monthly tabs are only made of cardstock and not laminated like the cover and I'm afraid with wear and tear, they will eventually bend and rip....good news though, a lot of people are having this issue and I already found a solution from another blogger!

    Even though it was expensive, I think the planner was well worth the money and I can't wait to sit down and switch everything from my old planner into this one.
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    Sara said...

    I had not heard of this planner, but I AM OBSESSED with planners - no joke. I sometimes go through more than one in a calendar year trying to find the right one! I want to look into this one - thank you! I like the pros you pointed out for sure - especially the extra storage. Do you find it fits in your purse/bag?

    Also, are you running CBUS? If so, GOOD LUCK!