Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our Wedding: Favorite Photos

As promised yesterday, here is a glimpse at a few of my favorite people pictures throughout our wedding day. I know this might seem like wedding overload but it was hard to narrow it down to just a few for this post.

My bridesmaids & I in our matching tanks & running shorts (and gray & pink heels)

Doing push ups to get ready

Todd's family

My family

All eyes on the flower girl

Todd as he watches my dad & I walk down the aisle

My dad giving me away to Todd

Todd & I talking during our ceremony...and I pretty much had that huge smile on my face the entire day

First kiss after our vows

Again, HUGE smiles!

Walking out of the church & onto our wedding trolley

Bridal party toasting

Strike a pose

Kissing in the garden at Schiller Park

In front of the trolley

First dance

My dad being a jokester & pretending this was his speech

One of my favorite pictures of the entire day....there's always lots of laughing in our relationship

Hugs from my matron-of-honor & best friend since 1st grade

Shoving cake in Todd's mouth

Mother-Son dance

Father-daughter dance

Todd's cousin & nephew (our ringbearer) dancing the night away

Sexy 7 theme song dance

Todd & I finally getting a chance to dance


lindsay said...

They're all so fun and gorgeous! Looks like the perfect day. Love the bridal party pre-wear.

Sara said...

Love Love LOVE all of these! Such a beautiful wedding and a beautiful bride - perfect! :)