Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trip to IKEA

When Todd and I bought our house, we knew a trip to Ikea was going to be necessary.  We were living in a townhome previous to our house and before that, we both lived in apartments or in houses where we were paying rent to the homeowner and didn't need a lot of furniture.  Basically, we didn't have any furniture to fill the majority of our house.  While we know it's going to be a long process of filling our house, we did need some items sooner rather than later.  We obviously would have loved to made our purchases at Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware but our budget suggested otherwise so we decided to make the 2 hour drive to Cincinnati this past weekend to shop at Ikea.

Since Todd & I both drive Civics, Todd was able to rent a car from work for the weekend (one major benefit of him working at Honda is $10/day car rentals!) so we could haul our furniture home.  We had looked up a few items online ahead of time so we had an idea of what we wanted but we ended up buying more stuff than anticipated.  We got some great deals and Todd has already built one of the items so our house is coming along quite nicely.

We're here!

One desk, one bookcase that will be turned into an alcohol cabinet, one bookcase/storage unit, and a bunch of random stuff

I had to sit in the backseat on the way home and we really couldn't have fit much more in there

What we bought:

 Storage Combination for our family room

Todd already put it together and I spent Sunday night unpacking our DVDs and adding some pictures & my wedding bouquet

Desk for one of the spare bedrooms we're going to use as an office

This is the add-on that goes on top of the desk for more shelves/storage

Todd found this bookcase and thought it'd be perfect to store his liquor bottles and drinking glasses

The bottom few shelves will be covered with glass doors which is perfect to store all the glasses


emily said...

i love ikea! i need to get down there soon so i can finally get my new bedroom furniture! :)

lindsay said...

i've never been to an ikea but i've seen so much cute stuff online! i was trying to find your bouquet in that picture - did you dry them out and just put them in a vase? jw, b/c i'm still trying to decide if i should keep mine and if so, what to do with them!

lindsay said...

oh! i just figured out how to zoom in on the picture -- you put them in a shadow box it looks like -- what a great idea!!!