Tuesday, May 28, 2013

30th Birthday/Gender Reveal Party

Todd & I spent most of the day on Saturday getting ready for our party that evening to celebrate my 30th birthday and for the big gender reveal.  We mulched the front yard, Todd cut the grass, we cleaned all the patio furniture, cleaned the house from top to bottom, and prepared food for 25 people.  It was all worth it though once everyone started arriving around 6:00 PM.  Once people started getting antsy for the gender reveal, we brought the cupcakes (from Pink Moon Cupcake Bakery who did a fantastic job!) out so everyone could find out.  Even though Todd & I didn't end up going to bed until after midnight (which is the longest I've stayed up this year), it was such a great night and fun way to tell our friends.
Part of the food spread

Todd was in charge of grilling and for some reason, doesn't look too happy here

Hanging out and waiting for more people to come

Cupcakes for the gender reveal

and more cupcakes

I brought them outside and had everyone get one

and on the count of 3, everyone bit in to reveal whether the filling was pink or blue

Action shot

And more cupcake eating

We're having a girl!
Dave & Liz who are expecting their first child, also a girl, any day
Some of the guys hanging out in the kitchen

Sexy 7 photo....Lynn on the left is due in August with a girl, Megan just had a girl in December, Lindsey has 2 boys, and Katie had a girl who just turned 1

Todd & I had found out almost 4 weeks ago that we were having a girl so it's been hard to keep a secret this long from our friends.  We told our parents and siblings right away and have gradually told a few other friends who live out of town so it's nice to finally share the news with everyone.  If you read back on my previous posts, you'll see I was convinced we were having a boy and even all the old wives' tales pointed to boy.  We both wanted a girl and Todd said I literally jumped out of the chair when we were told it was a girl.

Proof from the gender scan

The picture I posted to announce we're having a girl on Facebook and Instagram

We couldn't be more excited to welcome our baby girl in September and will be busy these next few months finishing up the pink & gray nursery.  Also, for all those who are curious, we do have a name picked out but won't be sharing until she arrives.


Shannon Dew said...

I totally thought boy for you! So happy you are going to be a girl mom! I think every mom needs a little girl ;-)

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

Yay! I wasn't sure if the party was this weekend or next, so I was glad to see your post this morning. So excited for baby girls!! :)

Nat said...

Woohoo!! Congrats!! All the old wives tales said I was having a girl but I'm having a boy- it's funny how they work out like that! So fun that all of your friends are having girls too

Fletcher @ High Cotton Style said...


BeckyJo606 said...

I definitely thought boy for you too! Congratulations! I can't wait to find out her name! :)

lindsay said...

congrats! a little girl!

emily said...

thank heaven for little girls! :)

congrats mommy and daddy.

Holly said...

So excited for you, Jenny!!