Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Weekend

We had a relaxing but busy weekend.  I know that sounds like an oxymoron but we had a few things planned and still had plenty of time to enjoy the weekend and take it easy at home. 
Friday night started with an hour maternity tour of the hospital we're planning on having our baby at.  My doctor only delivers at this hospital so we didn't really have a choice in where we went but I'm glad we took the tour to see where we need to park, register, what the rooms look like, etc.  I got nervous once we got there that we were taking the tour too early in the pregnancy at almost 31 weeks but learned all the other couples were also due in either September or October with the exception of one couple who are being induced today. 
After the tour, we drove downtown to the Jazz & Rib Fest.  I think last year is the only year Todd & I have missed going to this since we've been together.  It seems like this festival is always on one of the hottest weekends of the year and while I thought it would be the case again this weekend, it rained a little bit Friday afternoon and actually cooled things down a bit.  Plus, the sun wasn't beating down on us which was nice.  We packed a blanket and some drinks and after getting our food, we found a spot to sit, eat our food, and listen to the band playing.
Lots of long lines for the food but they moved at a decent pace

Tons of barbeque & rib vendors in either direction

We got some ribs, coleslaw, baked beans, and cornbread from Jack on the Bone....

as well as some ribs, cornbread, and mac & cheese from Lick My Ribs

We got taster sizes of the ribs so it was just enough food for us to share

Todd digging into the ribs

We both though Lick My Ribs was better than Jack on the Bone

We walked around a little bit more & spotted Greg Oden in line (tall guy in the yellow shirt)

Todd had to go into work both Saturday & Sunday morning this weekend so I  met up with my friend, Tracy, at Antrim to run on Saturday.  She brought her 1 year old daughter with her to push in the jogging stroller and we ran an easy 5 miles chatting the entire time.  Even though I just saw her last weekend at my baby shower, I feel like I didn't really get a chance to talk to her much so it was nice to have 45 minutes just to catch up.

Back home after the 5 miler

It ended up storming pretty bad in the late morning/early afternoon right when Todd was coming home from work.  Now, this normally wouldn't be a big deal but of course he decided to ride his bike to work when he saw there was only a 30% chance of rain.  I started to get a little nervous when I saw the lightening and the pouring rain but he made it home safely.  He was soaked down to the bone though when he pulled in the garage...his underwear was even soaked!
You probably can't tell from this picture but trust me that he was wet...in fact, it took almost 2 full days for his motorcycle jacket to dry out

Once he got home from work, we hung around the house before heading to Easton to shop and go to dinner.  We hadn't been to Easton in quite some time and wanted to check out the new family/kid area they recently opened with a bunch of new stores.  We also ate dinner at Flip Side.  Funniest thing of the night was when after Todd ordered a beer, the server turned to me and asked if I wanted a beer or cocktail.  Apparently my 7.5 month pregnant belly still isn't noticeable to everyone!
Burgers & fries for both of us with a beer for Todd and chocolate peanut butter pretzel milkshake for me

Bump picture by the new area at Easton

We also made a stop at Homage so we could get our little girl her first Ohio State outfit.  Since she'll be born right in the swing of football season, we figured she needed something to wear on game days.

Script Ohio onesie
On Sunday, I ran a few miles on the treadmill in the morning, cleaned, and did laundry while Todd was at work.  After he got home, we went to the fitness studio I teach at, PAI Yoga & Fitness, for their 3rd Anniversary party.  They were giving away some great prizes (lululemon gift cards & Trader Joe's gift cards to name a few) but sadly Todd didn't win anything.  I ran into Lynn & Nathan there so we hung out for a bit and I talked with some of the other instructors and clients that come to my classes.

Chan, the owner, raffling off some prizes
 The rest of the afternoon was spent grocery shopping and hanging out at home.  We had our typical Sunday night pizza before meeting my parents are Graeter's for National Ice Cream Day. 
Doesn't look sunny but it must've been bright out with how much I'm squinting...and the ice cream hit the spot for this prego
Todd & I ended our weekend watching Django Unchained.  I didn't really know what to expect but thought it was a pretty good movie despite the extreme goriness of all the people getting killed.


emily said...

i LOVE that you took a picture of greg oden! :) my 'celebrity' stalkerness is rubbing off on you.

Nikki said...

What a great way to spend the weekend. We didn't get to make it to the Jazz and Ribs fest this year and I missed it.