Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Recap: July 22-28

Running seemed a bit easier this week since the temps were a lot cooler outside...instead of being almost 80 degrees early in the morning like last week, it was only about 60 degrees.  I also subbed a class on Sunday morning so I ended up teaching 3 classes & running 4 days.

Monday: 3 mi (8:48 pace)

Tuesday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Wednesday: 4 mi w/ Todd (8:48 pace)

Thursday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Friday: 4 mi w/ Todd (8:49 pace)

Saturday: 4 mi (8:52 pace)

Sunday: taught 75 min Spin/TRX

TOTAL: 15 mi

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