Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Surprise 60th Birthday Party

My dad turned 60 last Wednesday so in honor of his birthday, my brother, mom, and I threw him a surprise birthday party on Saturday night.  I had initially started talking about doing this before I got pregnant so hosting a party with a 2 week old baby ended up being slightly more challenging but it also gave my family who came in town for the party a chance to meet Lucy.
So my dad wouldn't be suspicious of the party, Todd & I had my mom & dad over on his actual birthday last Wednesday for presents & cake.  His favorite present this year though was Lucy.
Opening presents with Lucy

Birthday cake

Lucy helping my dad blow out the candles

My parents, Lucy, and me

On Saturday morning, my brother flew in from San Francisco to surprise my dad (although I think my mom ended up telling him a few days beforehand that he was coming).  Todd & I spent all day cleaning the house, making some food, and taking care of Lucy.  Around 5:00 PM, my dad's siblings (who came from Pennsylvania & Kentucky) showed up at the house as well as my Great Aunt and a family friend.  The party was small and we only had 12 people which ended up being the perfect size.  My mom & dad showed up at 5:30 PM and I think my dad was surprised!

Walking in and seeing everyone hiding in the kitchen
Hugging his sister

and his brothers

Hanging out & still surprised


We made some food but also had City BBQ for the main dish

Hanging out in the kitchen

Lucy being held by her Great Great Aunt

Again, Lucy helping my dad blow out his birthday candles

Opening gifts & watching the Alabama vs UK football game

More gift opening
Whenever we have a party at our house, I never do a good enough job of taking pictures and I realized that I'm not in any of the pictures from this party.  All in all, it was a really fun night and I'm glad we did this for my dad.  

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