Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekly Recap: November 3-9

I just realized I never did a recap for October 27-November 2 but it was probably for the better since I had a few extra rest days that week and didn't have any real exciting workouts to note.

I was officially released and cleared by my orthopedic surgeon almost 2 weeks ago to pretty much do whatever in terms of exercise which includes running.  I'm extremely hesitant and cautious to start running because he did tell me if I happened to herniate the same disc again, I'd probably be looking at a fusion since there isn't much disc left to cut out.  I wanted a second opinion on the situation so I went to my family doctor last week, who is a sports med doctor, and he recommended waiting a few more months before I start running (which is what my orthopedic surgeon originally told me immediately after my surgery but then changed his mind and said I should be healed by now).  I also have some SI joint dysfunction and will be starting PT this week. 

With all that being said, Lucy & I joined the local YMCA last week too.  I needed more options of exercise that I could do (elliptical, swimming, stepmill, etc.) since all I have at home is a treadmill and I'm getting really sick of walking.  Since I'm an instructor at PAI, I can take classes for free there but I'm really limited on the classes I can actually get to since there's no child care for Lucy and the classes have been pretty full lately too.  With all that being said, I went to the Y last Friday on my day off and took Lucy to the child care area and she did great!  It was actually the first time she'd been watched by anyone other than family and I don't even think she realized I was gone.  Hoping that'll be the trend so I don't feel bad leaving her in there while I work out.

I also made it to yoga yesterday for the first time in a year!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Wednesday: walked 3 mi on treadmill; 20 min Strength/Core circuit at home

Thursday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX

Friday: 45 min Spinning

Saturday: 15 min Stepmill, 30 min elliptical

Sunday: 75 min Hot Power Flow Yoga

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