Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Cookie Tradition

Every Christmas since I can remember, my mom has made sugar cookies and my dad and I have iced them.  When we were younger, my brother obviously helped as well and since Todd & I have been together, he's been added to the yearly tradition.  My mom had warned me last year that 2014 would be her last year making them and that it was up to me this year.  I had planned to make them this past weekend and my dad was going to come over to help ice them with us.  As it turned out, my nephew was born a couple weeks earlier than expected so my parents booked a last minute flight out to California to go meet their new grandson this past weekend so my dad had to miss out and it was up to Lucy, Todd, and myself to get the cookies made & decorated. I made the cookies on Saturday with Lucy's help and then on Sunday, we iced them.  I made them a little thicker than my mom typically does so we didn't get quite as many cookies as I was hoping but they tasted the same so that was a win in my book!

Rolling out the dough

Lucy using the gingerbread man cookie cutter

She was having a blast cutting them all out

I see many future baking adventures in the kitchen with this one

Quite pleased with herself! (My mom found this old apron she had made for me so we passed it on for Lucy to use)

Adding some (or a lot) of sprinkles to her cookie

Icing another cookie

Excited about icing cookies

Hard at work

I think someone was eating all the sprinkles

Caught ya!

Like mother like daughter (enjoying some leftover icing by the spoonful)

The cookies that Lucy decorated (I was actually quite impressed with how well she did!)

The cookies Todd & I decorated

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