Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cecelia at 1 Month

1 month on August 18, 2016

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous to have to go through the newborn stage again because it definitely wasn't my favorite with the Lucy the first time around.  This time however, I've really been trying to soak it all in, partly because I know this is our last baby and everything she does will be the "last" while with Lucy it was always the "first" and also because Cecelia has been just the sweetest baby and has been fairly easy.  I don't know if it's because we've been through this before and I'm not as stressed about everything or if she truly is an easy baby.  I mean, don't get me wrong, she has her fussy moments (typically between 6-8 PM) but for the most part, Cece's very laid back and chill (much like her dad....and I'm pretty sure Lucy takes after me).  She already takes a bottle and pacifier, can nap pretty much anywhere, sleeps either in her crib or rock 'n play at night, is sleeping long stretches and falls right back asleep after eating, and will let anyone hold her.  All of those things were issues we struggled with when Lucy was a newborn.  We've already been out and about quite a bit with Cece and she does well in her car seat and stroller.  The only issue we've had with her is that she spits up...it's definitely not an abnormal amount and she doesn't seem to be uncomfortable but we just have to change clothes (her and ours), sheets, and burp cloths a lot more frequently!  We've also had to clean up quite a few blowouts already too.

Weight: 9 lbs 15 oz; 63rd percentile (at her 1 month appointment on August 23)

Length: 22 inches; 75th percentile (at her 1 month appointment on August 23)

Clothes: Newborn diapers and clothes although we just ran out of newborn diapers within the past couple days and switched her to size 1 diapers

Eating: Breastfeeding has been going well again and doesn't seem as stressful this time around which is probably partly due to doing this a second time and also because Cece already takes a bottle so I'm not as stressed out about not being able to leave her.  I tend to think I have an oversupply because I can feed her and then turn around and pump another 3-4 oz in just a matter of minutes.  It's been nice because I've been pumping once a day and already have 100+ oz. in the freezer. The first couple weeks, Cece was eating about every 1.5-3 hours during the day and 3-5 hours at night.  The past week or so, she's been eating about every 2.5-3 hours during the day (she does cluster feed a few hours before going to bed at night) and then is sleeping straight through the night (anywhere from 8-11 hours) so I'll get up around 4:30 AM to pump.

Sleeping: My big fear with having a second child is that she wouldn't sleep as well as Lucy did at night, who started sleeping 10-11 hours straight at night around 7-8 weeks; however, we somehow ended up with another amazing sleeper!  Cecelia has been even better than Lucy too which I didn't think was possible!  She naps well during the day, typically taking 3-4 naps that last around 1-2 hours each, and then will go to bed at night around 9:00-9:30 PM and has been sleeping 8-11 hours straight!  I definitely don't think she's such a good sleeper on our account or because of anything we did because even that first week at home, she was only ever waking up twice at night and already going 3-4 hours in between night time feedings.  In fact, the first night we were home we actually had to wake her up!  During her naps, Cece will typically sleep in the swing or bouncy seat (just because they're both downstairs and that's where I am most of the time) and then in the evening, we keep switching her between the crib and rock 'n play.  She sleeps well in both (which should hopefully making transitioning her out of the rock 'n play a lot easier) but she tends to spit up after her last feeding before bed so we sometimes prefer the rock 'n play since it sits more upright.  We also swaddle her at night.  Another thing that has been so great with Cece is that she can already fall asleep on her own (not all the time but there have been multiple occasions where we'll lay her down at night or even for a nap when she's still awake and will fall asleep on her own) and also she was pretty easy to put back down at night after she'd wake up to eat.  Lucy would just cry for hours on end those first 6 weeks at night and Cece doesn't make a peep.

Likes: Eating & sleeping

Dislikes: Being gassy or having trouble going to the bathroom, when Lucy gets a little too close for comfort

Milestones: Met lots of family & friends in her first month, well visit with pediatrician, first time in stroller, umbilical cord fell off at 7 days old, first bath at home, took her first bottle, first trip to the pool & Zoombezi Bay, and becoming more alert & aware of her surroundings

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