Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cece's 1st Birthday

On Tuesday, we celebrated Cece's birthday as a family.  We're celebrating her birthday with friends and more family on Saturday at her "One in a Melon" birthday party but I always like to do something special on the girls' actual birthday as well.  Todd & I both worked on Tuesday and I picked Cece up from my mom after lunch.  Lucy has been going to camp every day this week from 9:00 AM-2:00 PM at Mango's Place so after I picked Cece up, we drove over to Gigi's Cupcakes to pick out some treats for that evening and then we went and picked Lucy up from camp.  Both girls napped that afternoon (which hardly ever happens in our house any more) so I was able to work on some things for Cece's party as well as start getting dinner ready.  Todd got home from work as my mom was getting to our house for dinner, presents, and cupcakes so we sat right down to eat Ham & Cheese Sliders, Spinach & Artichoke Dip served with pita chips and pretzel crisps, and fruit salad.  Cece loved it all & Lucy liked it all except for the dip.  After dinner, Cece (and Lucy) opened presents, we sang happy birthday, and had cupcakes and ice cream.  Perfect way to celebrate our baby turning one!

Someone was happy for their birthday!

Checking out the presents

Lucy was being a good big sister and helping her open her cards and get the wrapping paper started so Cece could open them 

Lucy was excited to show Cece the Minnie Mouse card she picked out

Ripping paper is fun!

Pulling out tissue paper

Clapping for her new toy

 Climbing all over her presents

Me and the birthday girl

Family pic

Yummy cupcakes!  The icing was huge on these too!

Lucy picked the pretty pink princess cupcake...

and Cece got the birthday cake cupcake

No wasting time, she dove right in!

At first she was carefully sticking her fingers in the icing and eating each sprinkle one by one

Then she just smashed it up and started to eat it all

Loving it!

Sugar high

She pretty much polished off the entire cupcake by herself except for some of the icing and bite of cupcake that I had

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