Monday, July 17, 2017

Summer Lovin'

After a lot of rain last week, it finally dried out and we had a perfect summer weekend.  On Friday, I took the girls to Polaris for their weekly KidX Club event and then we got donuts from Peace, Love and Little Donuts, a cute new donut shop in Old Worthington.  In the afternoon, while Cece napped, Lucy & I hung out outside and she played with her water table.

At Polaris, they had tables set up with activities and crafts for the kids as well as some free treats

They also have fountains the kids could play in (I didn't have swimsuits on my girls so we avoided that area)

We walked around to see what there was to do and Lucy decided to color/decorate a cow puppet first

Her finished puppet (pretty sure she gave up coloring after about 5 minutes)

They had someone there painting faces which we didn't see until it was too late and the event was starting to close down but the highlight for Lucy was getting a balloon animal!  She wanted a bunny and Cece got a puppy (the balloon guy had it as an extra one because another girl changed her mind and he was trying to get rid of it so he gave it to Cece)

Outside of Peace, Love, and Little Donuts

The inside

They have close to 50 different flavors and while the actual donuts are already made, they put the toppings on as you order; they are smaller than regular donuts which I liked because then I didn't feel quite as guilty eating one or two.  We got chocolate icing with sprinkles, Boston cream, birthday cake, Samoa, maple bacon, and apple pie

They even give plain cinnamon sugar donuts out while standing in line so Lucy ate hers once we were done buying our box of donuts

Playing with the water table

So excited that our huge hydrangea bushes are almost blooming!

On Saturday, the girls had swim lessons in the morning and then we went birthday shopping for Cece to get a few presents for her.  Lucy was very opinionated about what we picked out because of course she wanted to make sure it would be a toy she'd be interested in playing with too!  We had Cece's 1 year pictures in the late afternoon at Inniswood Metro Gardens with Laurel from Laurel Coffey Photography which also included some family photos.  Afterwards, I went to late dinner at Local Roots in downtown Powell with a couple girlfriends, Sara and Abby.  It was a relaxing night out and the first time I'd been out with girlfriends (and no kids) since my annual gift exchange with my high school friends at Christmas time!

After our family pictures, Lucy wanted to go back to the kids' area and play for a few minutes; Cece enjoyed sticking her hands in the water

Love these three!

Sunday flew by as we spent part of the morning getting "chores" done and then we went to Zoombezi Bay for a couple hours.  We couldn't stay as long as we would've liked because I had a staff meeting in the afternoon for the fitness studio I teach at.  We ended the weekend with a family walk/bike ride (for Lucy) on our neighborhood bike path.

Lucy always needs to stop and sit in the big chair on our way into Zoombezi Bay

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