Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Falling Back an Hour

The girls & I started off our weekend with a busy morning on Friday.  We met Lynn & Brody at COSI for a little bit then had to go to the girl scout store to buy Lucy's daisy uniform for her first meeting tomorrow.  After, we headed to our favorite little lunch spot, Krema Nut Company, for peanut butter sandwiches and a milkshake.  By the time we got home, it was nap time for Cece while Lucy & I worked on a school project.  We had a low key night in on Friday since Todd & I had a babysitter lined up for Saturday night.

They started to play immediately as we walked in to COSI

 Checking out the new hot wheels traveling exhibit with Brody

Racing cars

Changing a tire (wish Lucy would've been with me last Monday morning when I got a flat tire and had to call AAA!)

Cece getting in on the action

They also had a special model trains exhibit that was there only for the weekend

Ready for lunch!

We all split a peanut butter & nutella sandwich and a peanut butter & marshmallow fluff sandwich

Love my lunch dates with these girls

And Cece was loving the buckeye milkshake

Cece had to go to the bathroom when we were there and their only bathroom is located through the factory; Lucy thought it was hilarious that we had to wear these red hats to go through the factory to the bathroom

For once, we didn't have any set plans for the weekend (except our date night) and since it was a little chilly out in the morning, we decided to head indoors for a play area.  Unfortunately, a lot of the indoor play places close to us are closed for open play on Saturdays due to birthday parties but we found a place in Sunbury, Fun in the Jungle, to check out.  It was about a 25-30 min drive from our house but was well worth it!  The girls played for close to 2 hours and probably would've stayed longer--plus it was only $11 for both of them to play!  They loved going down the bumpy slide and riding the train.  

Like I said earlier, we had our babysitter come over on Saturday night so Todd & I could go to dinner & a show.  We went to Hudson 29 before seeing Disney's Aladdin at the Ohio Theatre as part of the Broadway Across America tour.  The show was amazing (the actor/singer that played Genie really made the show spectacular) and I was glad we bought tickets months ago for it.

Part of the play area

Cece going down the bumpy slide

Lucy going around on the train

Cece's turn on the train

Surf & Turf Sushi was a delicious appetizer to start with for our date at Hudson 29

Proof of our date night

Couldn't resist the Texas sheet cake

Outside the Ohio Theatre

Waiting for the doors to open so we could take our seats

Our view of the stage from our seats

We were lucky that we got an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night with the time change since we were up later than normal.  The girls didn't skip a beat either; Cece was up a little before 7:30 AM and we had to wake Lucy up so we could eat breakfast and get ready for church.  We're very thankful that the time changes never seem to mess up the girls' sleeping patterns.  We spent most of Sunday at home after church and running some errands which was nice.  Lucy started working on her Thanksgiving place cards she wanted to make and we read a bunch of books while Cece was napping.  It's fun now that Lucy is starting to read because she can practice reading to me now!  She still needs quite a bit of help but it's amazing to see how quickly kids pick up things at her age.

Had to get a picture of the girls dressed up for church (and it's crazy to think that the dress that Cece is wearing was a dress that Lucy originally wore for family pictures when Cece was only a couple months old!)

We have another busy week with work, school, a girl scout meeting, and dance classes but I know the weekend will be here before we know it!

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