Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 13 Recap: January 18-24

I had to switch my long run to Wednesday this week since Todd & I were in Cleveland Saturday morning. I would've done it Friday morning but I wanted to sleep in a little bit since I had the day so I did a medium run that day.

Monday: 6 mi w/ 4x400 @ 4% grade (tempo/hills @ 7:59 pace; did this on the treadmill so I could control the incline), lifted upper body

Tuesday: 50 min elliptical, lifted core
45 min elliptical w/ Em after work (She was in town & I miss working out w/ her so I did a 2-a-day)

Wednesday: 12 mi (long run @ 8:09 pace; did this on the treadmill before work b/c it was too dark & icy outside)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 8 mi (tempo @ 7:55 pace); core & push ups

Saturday: 3 mi easy run w/ Em in Cleveland, Spartacus workout (did circuit 3x for 30 sec)

Sunday: taught 20 min core & 50 min spinning

TOTAL: 30 mi

Feeling great & can't wait to do some of my longer runs in the upcoming weeks!

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