Friday, January 22, 2010

Wine Tasting at House Wine

Since Todd & I have today off from work, we decided to go out last night with Derek & Emily instead of going rock climbing. But don't worry, we'll go back to climbing next Thursday night. We planned a wine tasting at House Wine, a local wine shop. If you hadn't noticed a pattern yet, Todd & I love wine....ok well let's just say that I love wine and Todd will drink anything. The neat thing about House Wine is that aside from their weekly Thursday night wine tasting, they also have wine dispensers that you can try different wines in either 1 oz, 3 oz, or 5 oz samples. It's fun to just sit around with some friends, hang out, and drink wine. A couple doors down from House Wine is a little Italian cafe, Caffe Daniela, that has a deal where you can order food but take it back to eat at House Wine while you're drinking. The food was delicious!

The five wines they were offering during the wine tasting
The wine dispensers

Our meals (3 paninis and a lasagna)

Todd & I with Derek & Emily

My 8 mi tempo run is in the books. I felt a little sluggish the first 2 or 3 miles but eventually found my rhythm and felt good. Average pace was 7:55 min/mi and I finished off with core & push ups. Now we're heading up to Cleveland for the day/night!

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Anonymous said...

great tempo run. it's always tough for me to find a rhythm and it takes me a few miles too. and woot to wine tasting! looks like it was a great night