Saturday, February 20, 2010

Long Run & the Weekend

Since I did 18 mi last weekend & I have my first 20 mi of this training cycle next weekend, I opted for a lower mileage long run with 14 mi. I haven't been feeling very motivated this week in terms of my running so I wasn't really sure what to expect for this run although I was hoping to run between 8:15-8:30 pace. I ended up running it in 1:57:24 for an average pace of 8:23! I was very happy with this because I felt like I was going a lot slower and was pleasantly surprised. The weather was great this morning too despite the snow still covering all the sidewalks so I spent a lot of time making sure I wouldn't get hit by a car.

Last night, Todd & I went to a going away dinner for Lars & Julie at J Liu's. Lars is one of Todd's friends from work and just got a job in LA so he's moving at the beginning of March. Julie will be moving out there after their wedding in April...which Todd & I are going to miss because we'll already be in Boston. It was a great turnout at dinner though, I think about 30 people came and the food was really good (although a bit pricey...but that might have been Todd's $10 beers).

Today, Todd & I are meeting Alyssa & Joe, one of my friends from grad school who I also worked with for over a year and her husband, for lunch in German Village at the Olde Mohawk. They're known for their turtle soup so I'm kinda hoping someone gets it just so I can have a taste. I have no idea what turtle would taste like...probably chicken. Other than that and teaching core & spinning tomorrow morning, we have no real plans. I'm sure some of the weekend will involve watching a movie and the Olympics.

I also had great week at work. A few weeks ago our boss told us he got another position within our hospital system so he'll no longer be our boss as of March 15. We were all super bummed at work and are worried about who will be replacing him. So needless to say, the past couple weeks have been kinda weird but this week was a lot better. We met with our boss's boss earlier in the week and discussed some responsibilities we would be taking over while they are hopefully hiring someone new (our hospital system is notorious for not approving positions to get filled so let's hope it does otherwise we'll be understaffed) and most of us feel comfortable now with the fact our boss is leaving. We also are very close to signing a contract with another smaller fire department in the Columbus area for medical & fitness testing which is great news for us! We already test 6 departments and are eager to take on another challenge. I also gave a presentation yesterday to a small company about incorporating exercise into a healthy lifestyle. I love giving presentations because I enjoy public speaking and it gets me out of the office for a few hours. It went very well & they had a lot of good questions to ask so all in all, it was a great week at work.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Anonymous said...

great long run. good call cutting back, can you give me some of that smartness? i tend to just push and push and push!