Saturday, February 27, 2010

Losing My Sanity Saturday

I really think I am going insane. I mean, only a crazy person would run 20 mi on the treadmill, right? Yes, I can't believe I just did it. I ran 20 mi on the treadmill. I woke up this morning after 10 hours of wonderful sleep last night feeling a little bit better. I had also been taking sudafed like it was my job since I started to feel the congestion coming on. There's no way I want to be sick right now. Unfortunately, we got about 2-3 inches of snow during the night which normally wouldn't be a big deal but the roads were also icy and most counties in central Ohio were under a level 2 snow emergency. And I knew Todd wouldn't be able to bike with me. I sucked it up and headed to my apartment gym hoping to get in at least 16 mi (my treadmill PR) and if I was feeling pretty good, go for the full 20 mi. I somehow got lost in my running and felt good so I pushed it to 20 mi and I'm ecstatic. I really wanted to get my first 20 mi in this week because otherwise I would have to do back to back 20s the next 2 weeks and I like to have a cut back in my long run in between 20s.

Around mile 15 soaked in sweat

Todd was great and came over to my gym about an hour into my run to get his own workout in. It's nice knowing he's there even though we aren't really talking. He ended up running 5 mi, which is awesome for him, and lifting. His goal at the beginning of 2010 was to be able to run 10 mi by the end of the year. I tried to convince him to do a half marathon but he wasn't having any of that. Anyways, I know he'll easily be able to run 10 mi so I think we're gonna do a 10 mi race at the end of the summer.

I ran my 20 mi in 2:43:37 for an average pace of 8:10. I know this might seem a bit fast for a long run but I feel like it's a lot easier on the treadmill since there's no wind resistance or hills. It's a great start to the weekend!


Anonymous said...

girl you are crazy ;) and wicked fast. i'd love it if i could run 8:10s as a training pace!

i feel you though: running on the tm seems easier to me and i definitely can handle faster paces.

David said...

Your quads look so strong in that pic!! Awesome!!

lynlock said...

I was thinking the same thing about your quads since I know how you love to have defined muscles in photos :) Congrats on your long run!