Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sneak Preview of the Mustache Party

I got in a great speed workout yesterday morning. I did 7 mi total with 1 mi warm up, 3 x 1 mi @ 7:18, 7:15, and 7:11 with 1 mi easy in between. I ended my workout with some stretching. I've been feeling really good lately with my running & hope that with this cutback week, I'll continue to feel great! I have to switch my long run again this week because of the big mustache party on Friday night. Since it's at Todd's house, we'll be up late and I know I won't want to get up on Saturday to do a long run so I'm doing my 14 mi tomorrow morning.

Now, onto the preview of the mustache party! This will be the 3rd year that Todd and a bunch of his coworkers at Honda have their mustache competition/party, but it will be my first year attending since last year we were at a wedding. Todd and his coworkers (all guys) have been growing out their beards & mustaches since about Christmas, although some have been rocking them for a bit longer in hopes of winning this year. They will all come to work on Friday only sporting their 'stache, no beards or goatees allowed. That night, everyone will come to Todd's house to vote on the best mustache & creepiest mustache (but let's be honest, aren't most creepy anyways) and have a good time. From what I've heard in years past, people get really into it, even showing up in full costume. Significant others are always welcome but they too must show up with a mustache whether it's drawn on or a fake one glued on. There is even a category for best female mustache.

My outfit for the party: a fake mustache & t-shirt w/ my Dad & his mustache from the '80s
Todd with his mustache at the rehearsal dinner for the wedding we had to go to last yearYikes!

I'm so excited for the party and can't wait to see what everyone looks like....or how creepy they look! I will definitely be posting pictures next weekend after the party so stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

awesome speed session! way to rock those repeats. and that mustache. what a fun party idea. have fun :)

chale said...

What a great shirt! You are bound to make everyone jealous. I'm glad your dad is such a good sport. Have fun!