Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Post: How Todd & I Met

In honor of Valentine's Day (one of my favorite holidays but only because everything is favorite color!), I thought I'd share the story of how Todd & I met.

In short, we met at a mutual friend's wedding. But I prefer the long story....

At the end of 2007, Sara started working at the same place I did (and ironically I was also her TA at OSU when I was in grad school). She was also a marathon runner and we got along really well. She was engaged to Jay, who lived with 2 roommates. Sara knew I was single and had told me how Jay's roommates were single too and she thought that I'd really hit it off with one of them. Her reasoning was that we have the same sense of humor & we were both Catholic. A few weeks later in January, she invited me to go to dinner with her, Jay, another girl, and Jay's roommates. Unfortunately, only one roommate showed up to dinner because the other one was sick. I had a good time at dinner and never really thought again about Jay's roommates (mainly because I wasn't interested in the one I met and forgot about the one who didn't show because he was sick). Fast forward a few months to June and Jay invited me to Sara's surprise birthday party at his house. I was planning on going but I also had a wedding earlier that day in Dayton and didn't make it back in time for Sara's party. Again, another missed opportunity when I was suppose to meet Jay's roommate.

I was invited to Sara & Jay's wedding on July 12, 2008. As I was sitting there at their wedding ceremony, I noticed one of the groomsmen looked really cute. He also gave the Best Man speech at the reception. At some point during the reception, I asked Sara who he was and she said that was Todd, Jay's other roommate that she was trying to set me up with! Well, apparently Todd is a little shy around girls, which is crazy to think about because he is really outgoing normally, so Sara & Jay had to tell him about me and that I was the girl Sara had been trying to set him up with. We ended up dancing & hanging out the rest of the night. Three days later we went on our 1st date and 1 year & 7 months later, we couldn't be happier. It's funny to think that there were two times before Sara & Jay's wedding that we were suppose to be "set up" and meet but never did and then I saw him at the wedding and without knowing who he was, I was interested in meeting him.

I should also note that because of Sara, I not only met Todd, but also the girls I ran the Boston Marathon with. Sara worked part-time at a running store and there were several girls from the running store that would train together. She asked me if I wanted to join them one weekend for a long run so I did and that's how I started running with her, Emily & Tracy. I guess I have a lot to thank Sara for!

Our first picture together: Jazz & Rib Fest on July 25, 2008

Todd & I with Sara & Jay at an OSU tailgate during the fall of 2008

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Anonymous said...

what a serendipitous story! very interesting that you picked him out without knowing that you had been set up with him in the past