Thursday, March 25, 2010

26 Days Till Boston

With only 26 days till Boston, I've decided to prepare & get more excited for the race by reading a chapter in this book everyday up until race day.

I bought this book last year in Boston at Bill Rodger's running store the day after the marathon. It talks a little bit about the history of the marathon but has a lot of anecdotes from personal experiences during the race. Part I is an intro section leading up to race day. The reason I'll be reading one chapter everyday until April 19 is because part 2 describes each mile of the race in its own chapter so today I already read about mile 1 and in 26 days, I'll be reading about crossing the finish line. Since I ran Boston last year, it's cool reading through the book trying to remember parts of the course it's describing. It also makes me very nervous to think about the race. In fact, I was actually getting butterflies reading about the start of the marathon and mile 1.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I had to be at work at 3:45am but on the bright side, I was done by 12:15pm...and that included my workout! Since we only had a couple police officers to fitness test, we were done around 5:30am and our normal workday doesn't start until 7:30am. Since we had a couple hours to kill and needed to stay awake, my coworker & I left to go to the gym to get our workouts in. Yes, we were basically getting paid to work out. I had another great elliptical workout but the best part was when I did my total body circuit afterwards. I added some cardio in between every few strength training exercises by doing jump rope, jump squats, and mountain climbers and the jumping up and down didn't bother my leg at all! I'm very very happy about this! Looks like I should be back to running by this time next week.

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Anonymous said...

such a cool book and i love the idea of reading a chapter a day for each mile! we're getting so close :)