Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Laptop

In 2005, I bought a laptop when I graduated from UD because I figured I'd want to take it to OSU when I started grad school. It was a great decision especially because my desk top ended up dying about a year later. I'm not exactly the most computer savvy person (i.e. I somehow get random viruses on my laptop and at one point had like 10 different virus scans on my computer which was really slowing it down) and I lugged my laptop to grad school everyday for 2 years as well as on random trips I've taken so needless to say, I was probably going to need a new laptop soon. A few weeks ago, the top right hinge on my laptop screen came partly unattached which made it difficult to open and close. This was the deciding factor in buying a new one ASAP.

My old laptop (note the hinge slightly unattached on the right hand side)

Todd emailed me one day at work because he had found a really good deal at Dell for a new laptop. When it comes to a big decision like this, I like to take my time in deciding to make sure I'm buying the right thing, but I had to decide by that night in order to take advantage of the deal. Since it was a great deal (almost half price), I couldn't pass it up and went ahead and ordered it. I also ordered a wireless printer for almost half price. One week later, I had my new laptop & printer and I absolutely love it! It's very light weight, thinner, and sleek looking. My other laptop always made a humming noise, kinda like it was working really hard to run, and this one makes no noise and runs a lot faster.

My new laptop

The screen is shinier and the colors are a lot brighter on my new laptop

Happy Wednesday! I have a rough day ahead of me tomorrow since I have to be at work at 3:45....ugh!


Anonymous said...

ugh i need a new laptop STAT. yay for getting one! hope wednesday isn't as rough as it sounds. 3:45!? well at least you get out early right? :)

Anne said...

So I feel like I'm totally stalking you now by reading through old posts - but I have a question - what kind of Dell did you get - and how do you like it? I am in search of a new laptop as well (your old one looks exactly like mine).

P.S. - saw a few posts ago you like UK basketball - me too! I feel like we are friends already :)