Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness

2 games went into OT

1 game went into 2OT

9 of the 16 games were decided by 5 points or less

A #14 seed beat a #3 seed and a #13 seed beat a #4 seed on a last second shot

AND Kentucky won by 29 points and had the largest margin of victory (I’m just sayin’….)

Yes, this is why I love college basketball. This is why I love March Madness. And this is only from the first day of tournament play.

On a different topic, I feel like since I haven’t been running the past week I don’t really talk about my training for Boston because, let’s be honest, running workouts are more exciting than cross training workouts. Today was a rest day in preparation for a 2 hour date I have with the elliptical tomorrow morning. Let’s hope for something good on TV at 7am!

In terms of my “injury," I've been up & down all week about how my performance will be in Boston. I’m really nervous to go 5+ weeks without running and then try to break 3:30—probably not gonna happen. I’m really hoping to run a few times during the last 2 weeks of training, which unfortunately should be when I’m tapering.

I decided to look back in my running log from last year (I've been keeping a running log since 1998 when I started running cross country in high school) to compare & see how long I had to take off for a similar injury I had in my other leg in October. Let’s just say I wasn't exactly smart about it 6 months ago because even though it hurt, I would take a few days off then try and run again, which in reality, just kept making it worse. Three weeks after I initially went to the doctor and he told me to stop running, I went back again and everything was healing nicely so I was allowed to start walking briskly and then start running if my leg didn't hurt. I gave myself about another month on top of that because I wanted to make sure everything was healed before I started training for Boston. In total, I took about 6 ½ weeks off.

The good news after reading this in my running log is that this time around my leg doesn't hurt as bad as it did 6 months ago and I haven’t tried to keep running on it. So what does all this mean? Hopefully it means that I should be able to start running 3 weeks after my leg started hurting which would put me at April 1. Fingers crossed! And if worse comes to worse, Boston will be 5 ½ weeks after my leg started hurting so even though I might be running slow (or not as fast as I’d like to be), my leg shouldn't hurt during the 26.2 mi race.

Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

fingers crossed for you! youve put in the hard work for 11 or so weeks and i think youll do better than you give yourself credit for. youre going to rock :)