Sunday, March 21, 2010

An Afternoon with My College Roommates

I was lucky to spend my Saturday afternoon with a couple of my best friends, Dana and Shimmer (not her real name but a nickname she's gone by since she was born so no one actually calls her by her real name, Michelle). I met both of these awesome ladies my freshman year of college at UD because we were all on the cross country team together and lived in the same dorm. I ended up living with them (and a few other wonderful girls) the next 3 years in college. After graduation, Dana moved to Ft. Collins, CO to get her master's degree in Occupational Therapy, where she also met her now husband. They got married last July and still happily live in Ft. Collins. Shimmer moved to Florida to go to med school after graduating from UD but moved to Columbus last year after her and her husband (also a doctor) got placed for their residency at a hospital in town. They've been married for almost 3 years and just had their second son. They have a very busy life and I have no idea how they ever get any sleep!

Pretty flowers I picked up at Trader Joe's to give to Shimmer
Shimmer made Dana & I a wonderful lunch of manicotti, garlic bread, and salad along with some of the best cookies I've ever had. Yes, I cheated during lent and had dessert but I couldn't turn them down since Shimmer had slaved away all morning making them.

Me, Shimmer & Dana
By the way, Shimmer just gave birth to her 2nd child 3 weeks ago...she looks amazing!

We hung out for a few hours just talking and catching up (and watching Shimmer's cute kiddos). I really miss hanging out with these girls and it's funny that now instead of talking about what party we're going to go to or how stressed out we are about school, we're talking about marriage and kids. Definitely a sign that we're getting older! I had a great time visiting with them though.

Besides hanging out with my friends yesterday afternoon, I've had another busy weekend. Friday night Todd & I went to dinner at Claddagh's for some fish and chips before coming back to my apartment to watch basketball and to get my new laptop and printer set up. More on the laptop this week....

New laptop & printer still in the boxes

Todd & I after dinner

Yesterday morning, I woke up bright & early to do 2 hours on the elliptical since I was suppose to run 14 mi. My 2 hrs on the elliptical ended up being close to 16 mi but obviously that's not equivalent to getting outside and running. If I didn't get so bored, I could've gone a lot longer than 2 hrs.

Since Jay's house is up for sale (where Todd lives), Todd and his roommate frequently have to be out of the house when there are showings, which is super annoying & inconvenient for them. Todd hung out at my apartment Saturday afternoon setting up my laptop and doing his taxes while I went and hung out with Shimmer & Dana. Afterwards, I went and babysat for 5 hours.

We don't really have anything big planned for today. I had my yearly review at the gym this morning as my boss watched me teach my core class. The past 2 years, she's watched & reviewed my spinning class but today she watched my core class. It's always a little nerve wracking knowing my boss is watching but it went great. She gave me a hug afterwards and told me it was one of the best core classes she'd seen and she was very proud of me. Not to toot my own horn, but I was ecstatic about this! It's nice to know I'm actually doing a good job.

I think this afternoon Todd & I are going to go furniture shopping for a couch for his new apartment he moves into next month. We'll end our weekend, which went by super fast, making dinner and watching a movie.

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