Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 6 Recap: March 8-14

Well, after a great 10 weeks of training, my left shin started to bother me Thursday morning when I woke up. It probably didn't help that I had run 3 days in a run. My main concern now is getting to the starting line healthy on April 19 (or healthy enough that I can push myself through 26.2 mi). Apparently my body isn't made to run marathons. I will continue to cross train like crazy the next few weeks and see where it takes me. I can only be optimistic that everything will work out. I have also decided that this will be my last marathon for awhile because I can't keep getting injured. Looks like I'll have to start focusing on a half marathon PR.

Monday: 6 mi (progression run; 8:06 pace); 30 min elliptical

Tuesday: 15 min ellliptical; lifted total body; 45 min spinning
7 mi easy (8:19 pace) w/ Sara after work

Wednesday: 45 min elliptical; lifted core
8 mi (3x1 mi @ 7:27, 7:19, 7:21) after work

Thursday: 30 min bike; lifted total body
1.5 hr indoor rock climbing w/ Todd after work

Friday: REST

Saturday: 60 min elliptical; 2 x 45 min spinning classes back-to-back (total workout time 2:30)
Sunday: taught 20 min core & taught 50 min spinning

TOTAL: 21 mi

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Anonymous said...

it's so tough to realize that we're not superhumans! i'm dealing with something similar and it's such a bummer. i think being optimistic is 100% the right thing to do. i am a total believer in the mind/body connection :)