Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yes folks, this is my bib number for the Boston Marathon that is quickly approaching and I expect you to be stalking me come April 19. I've been anxiously awaiting my number and checked online yesterday and they were posted. For those non-runners or those new to running Boston, your bib number basically tells you when you're going to start the marathon because there are 2 start times. Wave 1 goes off at 10:00am and Wave 2 goes off at 10:30am. Your bib number also tells you how fast or slow your qualifying time was because this is the order they put you in, which means 14,026 people are faster than me. The field is also getting faster every year because last year I was #13840 and I used the same qualifying time (3:34:16) since it was good for 2 years.

So where does this put me? I'll be toeing the line at 10:30am because I missed Wave 1 by 27 stinkin' people which probably means I missed it by 1 or 2 seconds. The cut off between waves is at bib number 14000. Last year, I just barely squeaked into Wave 1 but since I was running with my friends, we all started in Wave 2. I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to start at 10:00am this year for a couple reasons: 1) I can hardly eat anything before a marathon (basically half a Cliff bar) so by starting earlier, I would finish earlier and wouldn't be as hungry (yes, my main concern is food, if you know me pretty well, you already knew this) and 2) I feel like I'm kinda fast if I can run in Wave 1 because that's where all the fast people are, right? After some thinking though, I realized I probably have the best start in Wave 2 for a few reasons: 1) The waves are also broken up into corals per 1000 people so I'll be starting in coral 1 so once the gun goes off, I'll be starting the marathon and don't have to wait 10-15 minutes to actually cross the start line and 2) the Athlete Village where you hang out before the race will clear out a little bit after the first wave leaves which means shorter lines for porta potties. It's the little things in life, isn't it?

No running for me still but I've been living in my compression sleeve so hopefully that's working a little bit. I know this isn't going to fix itself overnight, especially if it's the first stages of a stress fracture, but I'm hoping 5 week is enough time to make it manageable. So, it's just cross-training for me. Yesterday was 75 min on the elliptical (or 10 elliptical miles which is what I was suppose to run) and today was 45 min on the bike with strength training. Tomorrow will be a cross-training double with elliptical and core in the morning before work and another cardio session after work with Emily. Please continue to think good thoughts for me!

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Anonymous said...

OMG I need to go check my number but it looks like i'll be in wave 2 with you as you have a faster time :)

still sending good vibes your way. hope the compression sleeve is working. i've been living in my socks forever too.

and wow on 75 mins on the elliptical. and 10 miles? i think i only go a few miles in 60 minutes. what is you secret for getting in those miles and so quickly too?