Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bachelorette Party

After helping Todd move and unpack his new apartment and clean his old place on Friday night & yesterday afternoon, I was ready to have some fun last night. I was invited to Lauren's bachelorette party hosted by Emily. Both of these girls are significant others of guys Todd is friends with from work. I have hung out with both of them on quite a few occasions, including St. Thomas last summer for Emily's wedding. Lauren is getting married this summer in Washington D.C. and Todd & I are super excited to go.

The six of us started the night at Emily's place with drinks, appetizers, and the typical bachelorette games. Emily even made a really good cocktail named the "Liu-tini" because Lauren's new last name will soon be Liu. We gave relationship advice to Lauren & she opened up her lingerie from us and she had to guess who brought what. If she got it right, the person who brought it had to drink and if she got it wrong, she had to drink. She only missed 2!

After a couple hours, we headed to Sushi Rock for dinner. Since it was also gallery hop in the Short North (first Saturday of every month) and a nice evening, it was pretty crowded but Emily had already made reservations. We even lucked out and the 6 of us got our own private room. The food was amazing too! I love sushi & highly recommend this place. We each picked a roll and then all shared so we could try 6 different rolls. They had some really different rolls on their menu too, one even had kiwi on top of it.

The bride-to-be standing out in red

Hanging out with some great girls

Some of my sushi, the one with the kiwi is on the bottom left

After dinner we headed to Bar 23 for a quick drink before going to Sugar. Now, I'm not typically a fan of Sugar because the music is insanely loud, the servers are wearing next to nothing (literally bra & panties), and people are grinding on each other everywhere, BUT when you get to sit in the roped off VIP section (and let's be honest, why do they need a VIP section at a bar in Columbus, Ohio....we're not NY or LA) with your own table & free drinks, I'm not going to complain.

Walking over to Sugar

We drank (free) champagne & danced the night away. Since Todd was picking me up & I knew he was tired from moving & unpacking the past couple days, I had him come get me around 12:30am. I was a little nervous about tonight just because I didn't know most of the girls very well, but they're great and I had a blast hanging out with them.

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Lindsey said...

haha - i feel the same way about sugar! but if you are with the right group of people it can be a good time! i'm glad you guys had fun!