Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekend Plans

Well, another work week in the books! I feel like this year is just flying by and I can't believe we're already halfway through May. I started my weekend a little early today. I headed out of the office around 1:00 pm to meet my Mom for lunch and then ran a bunch of errands afterwards. The nice thing about working those crazy early or late hours is that we can save any hours over our normal 40 hour work week and use those hours whenever we want since we don't get paid overtime.

I have yet another busy weekend ahead of me but I actually don't know all the plans because tomorrow is my 27th (!) birthday and Todd has some plans I don't know about yet. Tonight, we're heading to Digger and Finch Grille & Pub for a going away party for one of Todd's friends & coworker.

Tomorrow morning, Todd & I have to get up bright and early to head downtown for the Race for the Cure 5K. I signed us up for my work's team which meant an extra pink t-shirt (my favorite color!), a place to park, and a free breakfast. It was weird picking up my bib number the other day and seeing that my age on it was 27 and not 26. I'm pretty excited to do this race because, surprisingly, I have actually never done this race. Last year, there were over 45,000 people who either walked or ran it. Since I haven't run really in the past couple months, there's no way I'd go out and actually run the whole 5K because that would be dumb. My leg is feeling 100% and even though I'm not really planning on starting to run again until June 1, I think I'm gonna try to walk/run this 5K. I have a feeling I'm gonna get bored walking 3 mi and would rather just get it over with. Luckily with so many people doing the race, my pace will be slow, which is good since I haven't been running.

Race for the Cure Shirts & Bib Number

After the race, Todd & I are going to shower up and then go on our annual birthday picnic....and by annual I mean we did it last year and decided to do it again this year. The rest of the day is up to Todd so I'll have to let you guys know next week what we ended up doing!

Sunday will be spent teaching my core & spinning class, hanging out, and then Todd & I are heading to my parent's for BBQ ribs on the grill and birthday cake, which will be followed by working at 4:00 AM on Monday morning....ugh.


Anonymous said...

i totally agree about this year just flying by! crazy. good luck tmrw in the 5k and happy (early) birthday!

Lindsey said...

i hope you have a wonderful bday jenny!
i will be doing race for the cure tomorrow morning as well... get ready for a crowd - there is supposed to be 50,000 people this year!

Anne said...

Happy Birthday! Can't wait to hear about your day of fun :)