Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sangria Tasting

Last night, Todd & I went to Barcelona Restaurant in German Village for a sangria tasting. For those of you who don't know, sangria originated in Spain and is a fruit-based wine "punch." It is typically made with red wine, fresh fruit, and some sort of bubbly water or citrus-flavored soda. If you remember from a few weeks ago, I mentioned Barcelona was one of my favorite patios in Columbus. Unfortunately, the sangria tasting was held inside the restaurant but at least our table was facing right towards the full length windows to the patio so we had a great view.

There was a limited number of reservations for the tasting so it was a nice group of around 30 people. We were sitting at a table with 7 other people and met a few very interesting people, including one man who had worked in the Virgin Islands a few years ago and had plenty of stories to share.

Throughout the tasting, we tried 3 different sangrias (full glasses too!) paired with light tapas. After they served each glass, the manager of the restaurant explained how they made the sangria and talked about the ingredients.

Our evening started with a glass of their red sangria along with cheese & crackers. I typically like white wine and white sangria, but this was my favorite of the evening.

Red sangria with cheese & crackers Next, we tried the white sangria with chorizo & peppers

Our last glass was the peach sangria with a mini flatbread pizza that had caramelized onions, spinach, and cheese. The sangria was very light and they actually make it with peach soup from their restaurant menu.

Peach sangria with my favorite tapas of the night

At the end of the night, they gave us all the recipes so Todd & I decided we’re going to try to make our own sangria this summer!

A very happy couple after tasting some delicious sangria

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Anonymous said...

the spanish tas hosted a sangria party last semester and it was awesome. it wasn't for their students (frosh & soph =/= 21 and they had to retain some decorum) but i pushed my way into the party haha!