Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekend Plans

Todd & I have a fun, busy weekend ahead of us. In fact, we'll have quite a few of those coming up as we're traveling 5 out of the next 6 weekends.

Tonight, we're heading downtown to the 1st annual Columbus Beerfest. I will be buying a DD ticket to let Todd fully enjoy what the beer tasting festival has to offer. There will be over 150 craft beers from Columbus as well as from all over the country and Todd will get 25 tasting tickets each good for 5 oz. of beer.

Tomorrow we'll head to Cincinnati for a wedding of one of my good friends from grad school, Sheri, and hang out with Alyssa, who is also invited & a good friend from grad school and former co-worker.
Sheri, Alyssa, and I at Alyssa's Wedding Shower a few years ago

We'll be staying the night since it's about a 2 hour drive from Columbus and Todd already suggested stopping at the outlet malls on the way home on Sunday. No arguing by me on that suggestion!

Since Monday is Memorial Day, it means we also have a 3 day weekend! If the weather is nice, I'm hoping to be able to lay out by the pool, relax, and maybe even grill out.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


LYNN said...

And if there's pool time, I think I should join you!

Anonymous said...

beerfest?! i want to come :) hope the weather is nice and perfect for grilling!