Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekly Recap: May 24-May 30

I'm officially back to running & injury free! It's kinda nice not having any major race plans in the immediate future so I can just go out and run whatever I feel like and not have to follow a specific plan. I think this will also help in not getting injured again....hopefully. This morning Todd & I are off for a 4 mi run at Sharon Woods, one of the metro parks in Columbus. I'm excited to run some easy, shorter miles with him since I feel like all I'm ever doing is training for half or full marathons.

Monday: 30 min elliptical, ran 1.5 mi (8:37 pace); push-ups

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: ran 3 mi (8:26 pace); total body circuits

Thursday: 45 min elliptical; core

Friday: 45 min spinning

Saturday: 40 min elliptical; lifted total body

Sunday: 30 min elliptical; core (at the hotel in Cincinnati)

TOTAL: 4.5 mi

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Anonymous said...

woot to injury free! and it's so mentally refreshing to not be training for anything