Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Todd & I started the weekend going to Beerfest on Friday night at the Columbus Convention Center. We met up with Derek & Emily and headed downtown so the boys could start drinking some beer. Emily & I had both bought the DD ticket because we knew we weren't going to be able to drink enough beer to justify spending $35 for 25 5-oz. beers. As it turns out, the people taking the tickets didn't even bother to check that we had only spent $10 on a DD ticket and ended up giving us a wrist band and 25 beer tickets. Looks like we made out on this deal!

Enjoying a beer
Since I was going to drive Todd & I home, I only had a couple beers. Todd & Derek thought they'd be able to drink all 25 of their beers plus the 25 extra beer tickets Emily & I each had. They were wrong. I think they each only ended up drinking 15 or so. It probably didn't help that we never ate dinner & Todd had taken the red eye from LA earlier that day and was going on very little sleep. Despite all that, we had a great time. There were 150 different beers to chose from including some local beers (Elevator, Columbus Brewing Company) as well as some from all over the country.

Todd & I with Derek & Emily
On Saturday, Todd & I drove down to Cincinnati for Sheri & Ryan's wedding. Their ceremony & reception were both at the Bell Event Centre in downtown Cincinnati. The ceremony was nice & Brayden, Sheri's almost 3 year old son, stole the show as he couldn't stand still and was running up and down the center aisle. After the ceremony, we headed out to the courtyard for cocktail hour while they transformed the inside of the building to get ready for the reception.

Alyssa & I waiting in line for a cocktail
Todd & I hanging out before the reception

Todd & I with Alyssa & Joe during dinner

Our place card along with our gift, bamboo

Alyssa & I with the beautiful bride, Sheri

After a great night of dinner, drinks, dancing, and hanging out with Alyssa & Joe, we headed back to our hotel. Unfortunately, a ton of streets downtown were closed because of "A Taste of Cincinnati." It took us close to an hour to go a couple miles from the wedding to our hotel. In this time, we started to get hungry so we decided to head right outside from our hotel to check out "A Taste of Cincinnati." We walked around a few blocks but my heels were really starting to hurt so we settled on some fries & a slice of pizza.

I'm pretty sure Todd was the most overdressed person at "A Taste of Cincinnati"
On our way home from Cincinnati on Sunday, we made a quick stop at the Jeffersonville Outlet mall. Todd ended up quite a few good deals at Banana Republic and Nike, but all I ended up with was a candle from Yankee Candle. Since it was almost 90 degrees out, as soon as we headed back to Columbus, we threw on our swimsuits and went to Todd's pool for an hour before going to a cookout.

Todd relaxing & reading a magazine
Since we had yesterday off because of Memorial Day, I was hoping to go run together at Sharon Woods metro park but the weather had other ideas. It was thundering & raining on and off all morning so we managed to run 4 mi on the treadmill instead. After hanging out at my apartment for a bit and planning a little for our trip to Oregon in August (we booked a one night stay at the Ocean House Bed & Breakfast which I pretty excited about!), Todd & I went to the furniture store where he bought a new couch & chaise. We ended our long weekend seeing Iron Man 2 and eating dinner at BJ's Brewhouse.

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Anonymous said...

totally a good weekend. that beerfest sounds awesome. too funny that the boys thought they'd be able to drink alllll that beer!

love the pictures from the wedding. you and todd are such a gorgeous couple!