Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shakespeare in the Park

Last night, Todd & I headed down to Schiller Park (yes, the same place I teach my boot camp) for Shakespeare in the Park. Every summer, the Actors' Theater of Columbus puts on three different outdoor plays, with one or two actually being written by Shakespeare. Todd & I have gone the past two summers and decided to go again. We invited two other couples but both backed out so it ended up just being Todd & I seeing Treasure Island.

Since we were planning on six of us going, we had prepared a bunch of appetizers to snack on to go along with our sandwiches from Katzinger's Deli. Even though it was only Todd & I, we had a great night with perfect weather and probably a little too much food. Treasure Island was also fantastic, there were lots of sword fighting scenes and neat costumes. It was a great summer night!

Some of our appetizers and yes, of course Todd brought his cheese knives & cutting board
First up, a bottle of wine to quench our thirst
Todd & I before the play started
First scene of Treasure Island....not a bad view!
Hummus with peppers and some smoked salmon dip Todd made to go with pita chips

Basil, provolone, and olive oil on bruschetta chips

I forgot to take pictures of our delicious sandwiches!

Cheryl's sugar cookies for dessert

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