Monday, June 28, 2010

Washington D.C.: Day 2 (Saturday)

Todd, Paolo, and I got up on Saturday morning and went for a 4 mi run at Rock Creek Park. It was a great trail that was only 1 block from our hotel but unfortunately was VERY hilly and it was already 85 degrees out by the time we went. The last half mile or so was a steady incline with the last quarter mile a huge uphill that left me gasping for air at the top. Let's just say Todd & Paolo didn't attempt the last quarter mile to put it in perspective.

We got back to the hotel room to shower & found a tray of hot chocolate and orange juice outside our door. Todd signed up for the guest loyalty program when we got here and it included free drinks in the morning and free wi-fi.

Our hot chocolate even came with marshmellows

Since we were busy Friday, we decided to just relax Saturday by the pool as we waited for some more friends to arrive in D.C. Emily & Derek were already there so the 5 of us hung out all afternoon. The weather was hot, close to 95 degrees, so the pool was the perfect plan for the day.

Relaxing poolside with a drink in hand (half strawberry daiquiri & half pina colada...yum!)

After 4 hours by the pool and hanging out with the whole gang from Columbus that came for the wedding, we went inside to cool off and get ready for the outdoor ceremony. Yes, the wedding was outside and it was 95 degrees.

Todd & I waiting for the ceremony to start and trying not to melt in the sun
The gazebo where the ceremony took place
With our hotel in the background, the bride eventually walked down the staircase towards her groom
Lauren & David during the ceremony
Todd & I at the cocktail hour

All the Honda guys that work with David
All the girls who belong to the Honda guys
It was hot & I was thirsty....champagne in one hand & wine in the other

After the cocktail hour, we headed inside one of the ballrooms in the hotel for dinner, dancing, and of course some more drinking. The air conditioning inside had never felt so good! Since Lauren & David's wedding colors were red & black, there was red lighting inside which was kinda neat.

Todd was a little thirsty so he needed 2 glasses of wine, champagne, a jack & coke, and a water to quench his thirst

Lauren & David's 1st dance

Todd (on the right) & Lars dancing.....if I've never mentioned it before, Todd LOVES to dance at weddings

Todd & I at the end of the night

The reception ended shortly after 11:00 PM and although some of our friends, including the newlyweds, were heading out to some of the local bars, Todd & I were spent and decided to call it a night.

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